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OTAs galore: Motorola Droid X and ASUS Eee Pad Transformer updates start rolling out

Wednesdays always come with very little excitement, and if you are feeling some midweek depression, we have some good news for many of you. Today is a lucky day for all Droid X and Eee Pad Transformer users! OTA updates are rolling out.

If you are a Motorola Droid X[1] user, you are getting an update to Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread. On this device, this upgrade will mostly consist of a boost in performance, VoIP support, and a slight change in the overall look & feel.

On the other hand, the Transformer[2] is not getting as big of an upgrade as the Droid X. The Transformer is simply jumping from 3.0 to 3.1, which is still Honeycomb. The differences will not be very noticeable, at least aesthetically. Once you start using your device for a while, you should notice an improvement in the UI responsiveness, better graphics, and more seamless Flash performance. There is also the addition of USB peripherals support, which will allow you to connect to keyboards, mice, and USB flash drives for file transfer.

If you own one of these devices (or both), check for your update and get ready for some new Android love. Do let us know how you feel about your update and give us your first impressions.


  1. Via Android Central
  2. Via Android Central

Via: Android Central

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  • http://Website kazahani

    I want an Eee Pad Transformer so freaking bad. I’m poor though…

    • http://Website level380

      I’m with you! but I’m not poor…. waiting for a 3G version!!!

  • http://Website dmbass

    Make that drastic change in the look and feel of Blur.

  • http://Website Adam

    Several of my friends have gotten the 2.3 upgrade on their X’s. I’ve only managed to play with the one, and it’s a lot faster (and prettier) than my D2G running fission. I hope this also gets pushed to my phone quickly! With this update, VoIP is supported, so does that mean that Google Voice will no longer use minutes? Because I have a OG Droid running CM7 without service, and I’m not able to place calls via google voice. Thanks for your future responses!

    • Edgar Cervantes

      VoIP on Gingerbread works something like this. It is basically a native SIP client, so you would need a SIP account, which is sometimes free and sometimes not. The main difference is that the calls use data, so if you get a SIP account, and put the credentials on your phone, you can use it with or without google voice. This would allow you to use your OG Droid as a phone via WiFi (in case you don’t want to use your carrier data/minutes. Some services like Sipgate offer SIP credentials. This specific service has free incoming calls, and outbound calls at a low rate.

  • http://Website Zac H

    I have both devices, its like Christmas and Google is Santa. The updates to both also add resizeable widgets to the native home apps. The one for the Droid X is great simply because of the better text selection, which is similar to what you get in Honeycomb. Its why I’ve been running the leaked version. That and the much improved UI, with customizeable dock.

    • http://Website 3William56

      Zac (or anyone else with a Transformer or other tegra2 pad)

      I’m teetering on getting an android pad for travel (shooting dive movies), and one thing I want to be able to do is view the days HD filming on the pad screen. Now that it has the ability to link to USB drives, has (or can) anyone try viewing a 1080P AVCHD file (.mts) on it and see if it has the grunt to play it decently?

      (Rockplayer on the market will play these files, just at slide show speed on my poor overworked Nexy One, and I got busted at the local shop trying to install it on the demo pads :P )

      Same question applies to anyone else with a USB capable pad, like an Iconia.


      • http://Website Zac H

        No unfortunately. I just tried two 1080p clips (one an AVCHD .mts clip) on the 3.1 Transformer and the framerate was slow and audio cutout after a few seconds. Unfortunately the grunt isn’t there yet. Hopefully Tegra 3 will give us that.

  • http://Website mossrock

    I got the Gingerbread update today..I like it! The feel seems more responsive, I like the tweaks, nice job. Always good to get something new!

  • http://Website Anish

    I have tried downloading & installing the official update almost 10 times since yesterday, but still no luck… I dunno how to get Gingerbread on my Dx (non-rooted, w/ stock 2.2.1 & 2.3.340 version)

    Any advice?

    PS: did factory reset once, as i mentioned w/ no luck.

  • http://Website Joshua

    You really don’t notice much on the Transformer. Nice to be updated right away though since I only received the tablet last week.

  • http://Website Jon


    The ota update bricked my Droid X. I’ve been reading that this has happened to many people. I can no longer do ANYTHING with my phone. Its now useless. I can’t even begin to vent my frustration!

  • http://Website Will

    I tried the update yesterday like Jon above and it bricked my phone also. Verizon is overnighting me a new one. Hopefully the software upgrade will be easier.