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Rumor: Motorola and Sprint are working on a new version of the XPRT, blessed with Gingerbread and 4G speeds

If a horde of Android devices won’t kill RIM, then a bunch of Motorola Blackberry clones will surely do the trick. Motorola already got its feet wet in the business-ready, portrait-QWERTY keyboard game with the XPRT. But according to a rumor out of PopHerald, the company is not quite done yet.

It seems Motorola and Sprint are hard at work on an updated version of the XPRT. The phone is said to launch with Sprint’s 4G support and Gingerbread on board. Also, this new device has a much more “curvier” keyboard than the XPRT. Aside from that, this phone’s keyboard looks pretty similar to the original XPRT’s, which was already a lot like the Blackberry’s.

Looking at the photo below, this rumored XPRT 2.0 also seems to have smaller screen than the XPRT–unless my eyes are tricking me. I’m not a big fan of phones with small screens, but I always felt like the XPRT was a bit too long due to the hardware keyboard. This new version on the other hand, feels slightly more natural with its smaller screen.

Of course, even if this phone is much better than the XPRT, we’ve yet to see if anybody will buy it. I don’t know a single person that bought a XPRT, but I guess there’s a market for them. Will any of you buy one? Or am I asking the wrong crowd?

Motorola Sprint portrait QWERTY keyboard

Via: PopHerald

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    I am a Helpdesk Technician at my job. I help manage the company Sprint account at my job and we have purchased about 10 XPRT’s so far (Including one as my company phone). We made the transition after receiving so many complaints about the Touch Pro 2. Not only is it cheaper than the TP2, but its faster, more durable, and its Android not WinMo 6.5. They could have used a better LCD Panel but I guess it serves its purpose enough. They are perfect for our needs because of the 1800Mah Battery. Even with push email enabled, these suckers can last up to 2 days on one charge.

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    Well, get ready for another round of fragmentation!

    • GRAW

      How about a mug of shut the fuck up?

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      Clueless Troooooooll… in the dungeon! Just thought you should know,

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    Sprint just continues to roll like no end. It’s a great feeling