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Samsung, Sprint announce the Conquer 4G–a new kind of budget-friendly phone

Remember Sprint’s Samsung Conquer 4G? You certainly should ’cause we showed it to you barely two weeks ago. Well, Samsung and Sprint have stopped the foreplay and just announced the thing. There’s no info on pricing and availability, but I’m guessing Sprint will let us know in the very near future.

Like we told you before, the Conquer 4G raises the bar for what a low-priced Android phone should be. While the phones’s 3.5-inch screen and 3.2 MP camera might tell us that this is just another cheapo Android device, its 4G speeds, front-facing camera and 1 GHz CPU tell us otherwise. Here’s a summary of the Conquer 4G’s hardware specifications:

  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread
  • 1GHz single-core Qualcomm MSM8655 processor
  • 3.5-inch screen with a 320×480 pixel resolution
  • Slider QWERTY keyboard
  • 3.2 MP back-facing camera with LED flash
  • 1.3 MP front-facing camera
  • 4G support
  • Sprint ID

It’s hard to believe this phone can go toe to toe with the once mighty Nexus One. At this pace, I expect to see low-end Android phones next year with 3D screens, NFC and dual-core processors. The Conquer 4G will be competing with other affordable phones on Sprint (like the Optimus S. And from this moment on, I hope every other OEM recognizes the Conquer 4G’s specs as the new blueprint for their future low-end Android phones.

We’ll keep an eye out for the Conquer 4G’s price and availability, and we’ll update this article once we have them. If the Conquer 4G launches with a price below $100, will any of you guys consider buying one?

Samsung_Conquer4G_1 Samsung_Conquer4G_2 Samsung_Conquer4G_3 Samsung_Conquer4G_4 Samsung_Conquer4G_5 Samsung_Conquer4G_7

Via: Phandroid

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  • http://Website Mardenator

    So are there any pictures of the keyboard? Oh, and it’s a 3.2MP camera on the back, not 3.1 :)

  • http://Website Craig

    I’d still buy an Optimus over this or the Epic. A dumbphone is better than a Samsung smartphone.

    • RonWeez

      You must not have had your hands on a nexus s yet…

      • http://Website Alopez_45

        I got the Evo 3D on launch day, I gave it to my parents and kept my Nexus S! <3

  • RonWeez

    tthey have no choice but to make em cheaper. Yesterdays super phones will be tomorrow’s low end / entry level phones.

  • http://Website Nick

    Well when it comes to Android I’ve decided its best to get the best phone out, they get software updates faster, and will take longer to become obselete.

  • http://Website Nick

    And why list Sprint iD as a feature? It’s one of the most useless things ever.

  • http://Website DgDeBx

    Kind of weird that it has the pre-Gingerbread status bar and icons.

    • geniusdog254

      Could just be a crappy rendering

  • http://Website Techrocket9

    If the price is under $100.00 without a contract I may get one to replace a family member’s palm pixi

  • http://goo.gl/tQ2E wwJOSHdo

    ooooooo! Cyanogen is now supporting the original galaxy s phones and they are developing for the Galaxy S2 phones! So with a 1ghz processor and keyboard, this phone might be pretty freaking awesome!

  • http://Website thom


  • http://Website ZRod

    WHY?! Ugh, we’ll be receiving a billion calls about this one… I work at Sprint and most phone issues w/ Android device happen with Samsung devices. People who call in with HTC phones just don’t know how to operate a phone. I think we should just ban Samsung devices :( Then again, Samsung’s crappy phones keep me in a job. So… thank you Sammy?

    • http://Website Cole

      Amen brother. I cringe every time I hear a Samsung smart phone is launching.

    • http://Website Hans

      I’ve only had a problem with my Fascinate once, and that was because of my dumbass flashing something incorrectly.

  • http://Website Lucian Armasu

    Depends what you mean by low-end. If you mean a $200 phone, then yeah. But prices are dropping, and there will soon be under $100 unlocked Android phones. Also, I can’t wait until Cortex A5 appears – a chip that is even cheaper than the ancient ARM11, and almost as powerful as a Cortex A5. It should really help to make $50-$100 Android smartphones, that are almost as powerful as a Nexus One. I heard it’s getting out by the end of the year, so we’ll probably see them next year mostly.

  • http://Website Cole

    Hello? Can you get off of Sprint’s nuts for 5 seconds? T-Mobile already has a Samsung 4G phone for under $100 with a front facing camera. Do you actually perform any type of investigative journalism, our is this your personal blog to try and get business for your employer?

    • http://Website Hans

      This post isn’t about the android world in general. It’s about Sprint and only Sprint. This may be the first 4G android phone from SPRINT that might launch for under $100.

    • geniusdog254

      Only T-Mobile’s isn’t 4G.

      “But it’s just as fast!”

      So what? It is NOT a 4G technology. It’s upgraded 3G.

      “But WiMax & LTE aren’t ‘true’ 4G either!”

      Yes, but they ARE 4G technologies at their core, they just don’t support the speeds required for 4G. No one needs 100Mbps mobile & 1Gbps fixed wireless connections in a phone. Not yet anyway.

      “You’re just a T-Mobile hater & a troll”

      Maybe I am, but when every network has 3G in my area 45 miles outside of St. Louis (a city of 2 million people) except for T-Mobile, I tend not to think much of them. Their EDGE coverage is even spotty.

      There, now you don’t even have to argue with me.

  • Mike blunk

    Ive had the conquer for 3 week and I have no complants about it, i had an iphone3 and a blackberry, and the conquer beats them both.