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Video: Why the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 should be yours

The Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 will be available in the U.S. June 17 (unless you live in New York City or attended Google I/O), and Samsung wants to show you just how much this Honeycomb tablet will improve your life. This video does not discuss the specs in depth, which is usually the type of videos we like. Although we’d be more satisfied with a more detailed video, it’s probably easier to lure the common consumer with simpler commercials like this one.

Samsung simply shows the major features that differentiate this device from the competition. Want to know why Samsung thinks its product is better? Here’s some of the main features:


Samsung compares a Galaxy Tab user to a book reader, showing that the Tab can bring much more entertaining media (and books as well) than the old-school paperback.

Adobe Flash

Ouch, Apple! Things get interesting when the video compares the Galaxy Tab to an Apple tablet. As most of you know, Apple iPads do not have Adobe Flash support, which highly limits access to web content and, by today’s standards, may be necessary for many.

This is no small thing. Considering the problems Apple and Samsung are currently going through, such a low blow will really upset the guys at Apple’s HQ.

Books, magazines and other literature

Having a tablet can expand content further than ink and paper alone. Take this example, as shown in the video:  When trying to cook something, a tablet can make a recipe book much simpler and more interactive. A tablet provides videos in the recipe e-book, links to sites and/or additional recipes and other functions that exceed the capabilities of paper resources.

HD Display

With a 10.1-inch WXVGA (1200×800), Samsung claims your content will be displayed as crisp and defined as real life. This tablet will be able to play HD videos, images and games without a problem.

Form Factor

With 8.6 mm of thickness, and weighing 565 grams, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is actually one of the only tablets that can rival Android’s nemesis, the iPad 2. This tablet is actually a bit thinner and lighter than the iPad 2 (portability is something that Apple has always prided itself on), making it one of the most portable 10-inch tablets on the market.


If you’re a gamer, this tablet has everything you need. The NVIDIA Tegra 2 1GHz dual-core processor has enough juice to play any current game without a hitch. And let’s not forget that some games are available only for Tegra devices, so your portfolio of available games is larger with this device.

A very important part of gaming is portability. Though this tablet is not small, it is very thin and light; hence, easy to carry. If you’re willing to give up your pocketable gaming console, this tablet will bring along other benefits.

The size of the screen is definitely a plus if you want to lose yourself in the game. The 10-inch screen is also beneficial for those used to playing games on their Android smartphones, since this provides a larger area for on-screen buttons.

Wrap Up

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is one of the most anticipated of the announced Honeycomb devices. Will it hold up to your expectations? Check out the video and tell us if you’re getting one of these bad boys. If you already have one, help out your fellow readers and tell us what you think!

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Source: Samsung Mobile USA (Youtube)

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  • Jeffroid

    My money’s ready

    • http://Website Jon Garrett

      mine is already spent !! I got my tab 10.1 yesterday and I feel like a kid with a new toy.

      • luc

        You could not described it better! I feel exactly the same and I already have 5 days with it!

  • Chris

    anyone who buys a tab 10.1 thinking they can get their cat out of a tree with a video of a goldfish will be sorely disappointed… and should instead give it to me so I can actually put it to good use.

    • http://GalaxyTab10.1 Lamar

      Calm down Chris the cat in a tree it’s not real dude……I mean really

  • http://Website Your mom is done

    iPad 2 is better…dunno just saying

  • http://Website Brando56894

    I’m about a nanometer away from getting an eeepc transformer and ditching my eeepc 1005ha.

  • http://Website timi

    I need it for all but using it to get cat out of tree, but I can use it to get my wife in the mood to cook up some nice dishes.

  • http://Website Vance

    My ASUS Transformer arrives today. I’ve been holding out for the perfect Android tablet but finally had to crack down and buy what I thought was the current best bang for the buck. I was very curious about the 10.1 galaxy tab, especially after seeing the keynote address at I/O, but ultimately I decided the Transformer was the tab for me. I’ll let you know how I like it if UPS would just get here already!!
    If I read the specs right on the 10.1 tab (found here http://gadgetian.com/10288/samsung-galaxy-tab-10-1-specs-price-2/) there is no HDMI port??

    • http://Website jrizk07

      No hdmi and no micro sd slot on the galaxy tab.

      Currently writing this from my asus transformer running HC 3.1, best tablet so far imho.

      Fyi – you should change the article to say 720p HD video because 1080p videos on the tegra 2 don’t run smoothly. Google and nvidia need to fix the encoding, same story for all tegra HC tablets.

  • http://varemenos.com/ Varemenos

    Well, they wont get my money cause maybe it will cost like 300-400$ in US and the countries market but in my country it will cost at least 700$

  • http://Website Jason

    That should say “NVIDIA Tegra 2 1GHz” not 2.1 GHz, no?

    • Angie Strickland

      thank you :)

  • http://Website Biggie Smalls

    The Toshiba Thrive tablet is the one you should get. Holy jesus is that machine a well thought out gizmo.

    Full size SD card (finally), HDMI, and USB. Speakers should be facing the front of the device, not on the sides or back. I just hope it has an unlocked bootloader for AOSP Ice Cream Sammich.

    • luc

      i reallyn wnted that toshiba thrive, and the only reason i didnt get THAT ONE WAS BECAUSE THE LACK OF 3G CONECTIVITY!!! I NEED INTERNET ACCESS ON THE GO NOT WIFI ONLY

  • http://Website louis

    I just pre-ordered a white wifi only version from best buy. Can’t wait!! I wish they can including an HDMI input in these tabs though. Connect it to my DSLR rig and i’m set!!

    • http://Website Aaron

      I picked the exact same thing up from the Union Square Best Buy – it’s pretty spectacular and well worth the wait.

  • http://Website David


  • http://Website ryan

    Already pre ordered mine :)

  • http://Website paul

    I like it, But i dont think it will replace may work laptops, as we have 20 laptops in our business & half are 16.5″ screen & the rest are12″ screen All the 12″ laptops sit on a docking station with a 19″ monitor attached & some of the 16.5″ ones are also on a docking station.

    I so do want this tab though. Hope it has a dock with keyboard though.!!!

  • http://Website paul

    I hear a very very bad rumor that samsung will be putting touchwiz on this with a future update, which is really really BAD>

  • http://Website Tristan

    why the hell is touchwiz bad? I think it looks good and gives a different feel than other tabs. don’t like it? go root it and put a aosp rom or custom rom.

  • http://Website Hans

    Why the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 shouldn’t be yours: No ports.


    That makes me a sad panda. If it did, I would’ve bought it on day one.

  • http://Website hi

    I have the ipad 2 right now which i really really regret, im going to give it to my mom when a tegra 3 or nexus tablet comes

  • http://www.tabletaholic.com Tabletaholic

    Getting great reviews, I cant wait to for it to come out, should be a competitor

  • http://Website Henry

    Pre-Ordered mine from Best Buy last week.. Just waiting for it to ship.

  • smjms6

    As Samsung’s first follow-up to its 7-inch Galaxy Tab, the new 10.1-inch model will offer a 1GHz dual-core processor, front and rear cameras, and stereo speakers. which will be easily the best competition Apple’s iPadand Motorola Xoom have ever seen .Moreover, the Samsung Tab 10.1 tablet supports 1080p HD video playback with 1280×800 capacitive display, which will bring us an exciting movie enjoyment.Thus when we are away,we can put and play our favourite movies BD/DVD and videos on it.BTW,When Galaxy Tab 10.1 refuses to play your videos and movies fluently,you need convert them to Galaxy Tab 10.1 compatible formats before transferring (Googling Guide: http://www.pavtube.com/hot-mobile-phone/transfer-video-bluray-dvd-to-galaxy-tab-on-mac.html )


    This is the IPAD Killer, The lines for this Android Tablet will be insane, I suggest people order at least 3, you can resale 2 of them and make your money back, The Galaxy will sell out in minutes, Apple is finished, the Wall Garden is Closed, Apple Stock will sell for pennies, Today is a good Day, IOS is no more,

  • http://Website GetANookColor

    Dont waste your money, we dont actually need a tablet, go to ebay and get a used nook color under 170 usd and then root it and get a FULL unlocked android tablet for less than 200 usd.

  • http://samsung101.net Andre

    Galaxy Tab 10.1 is still the best if you compare with Acer Iconia A500, but how if compare it with A501. A501 had SIM Card slot like Galaxy Tab 10.1 but still heavier.