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Sony Ericsson to add NFC support to Android devices

Remember when we told you the Android world was about to be flooded by NFC-enabled devices? Well, Sony Ericsson just took a shot at the dam. The company is partnering with NXP–the same guys that build the NFC chip inside the Nexus S–with the goal of adding NFC support to its Android devices.

Neither company specified whether all or just some future Sony Ericsson phones will have an NFC chip. When talking about which NFC chip Sony Ericsson will use, NXP said:

Sony Ericsson intends to use the NXP PN65 NFC solution in their Android-based smartphones, which includes the NFC radio controller, the embedded secure element and NFC software.NXPNXP Press Release

NXP’s PN65 chip is the same one used on Google Nexus S 4G. So presumably, Sony Ericsson’s fans will be one of the first to be able to take advantage of Google Wallet. Hopefully, Sony Ericsson won’t take its sweet time to release these NFC-enabled phones. Seeing how the technology is about to become a must-have feature, it’ll benefit Sony Ericsson to be one of the first companies to support it.

Now we just need Motorola, LG, Samsung and HTC to jump on the bandwagon. With a bit of luck, most Android phones will have an NFC chip by this time next year. Google certainly hopes so. The company is working on a bunch of features for Ice Cream Sandwich that’ll use the NFC chip. But without NFC support, all these features will go unnoticed by most Android users.

What do you guys think? Does NFC support make Sony Ericsson’s phones more attractive to you? Let us know in the comments.

Via: GigaOM

Source: NXP

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  • http://punmobile.net punzz

    yay, a bit late for soner

  • http://Website 1nd

    never heard of sonny ericcksson what is it who is it

  • vmsplay

    Sony Ericsson phones will have an NFC chip. …Sony Ericsson intends to use a NXP PN65 NFC resolution in their Android-based smartphones,


  • http://www.teazle.co.za Tsepz

    Great news, i already like SE phones a lot, have a Xperia X10 and now waiting for their multi-core Xperia so im excited, it’ll have NFC. :)

  • http://Website JayMonster

    Sony is nothing but an Apple wannabe, who always borks up their products by trying to include some “exclusive” feature… usually one that nobody wants. Add to that… have they released ONE Android phone yet that doesn’t have SOME major flaw? Whether it be Timescape, cheaping out on the screen part of the Xperia Play (it is like they perfected their control pad, but to bring it in at a certain price they had to forego any quality on the top half of the device), the inclusion of the pointless “PlayNow” software (one of those “exclusive” features nobody cares about). Not to mention, with Sony’s recent track record on security. And naturally I expect every SE phone in the future to now attempt to force Qriocity down every users throat.

    In short… no, this doesn’t change my mind about SE.

  • http://Website OnemileHigh

    It’s the looks of the SonyEricsson phones that hook me, they have slim and sleek handsdown! great look for both professional and social. I’ts a shame they couldn’t have put NFC into the phones earlier i.e. before I invested into a few Arc handsets,(by invest I mean invest…couldve got an ipad for the same price almost!) but I will be keen to see the inclusion of this NFC feature in the next phones. As long as they continue to lead the pack in style aswell. But we need more education on NFC first…