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Sprint HTC EVO 3D review roundup, America’s first 3D Android phone

Are you, like Richard Yarrell, obsessed with the upcoming HTC EVO 3D? Sprint’s follow-up to their best selling Android phone hits stores June 24th for $199, but the early reviews are already beginning to roll in. Edgar covered 7 reasons to trade in your EVO 4G for an EVO 3D, but does the phone actually live up to the hype? Read on after the jump to see what experts are saying.

We already know all about the EVO 3D specs, so how is the overall user experience? I read through all the reviews, and it sounds like the 3D display is a gimmick, battery life is better than the EVO 4G, the dual-core Snapdragon offers speedy performance and the call quality has some issues.

  • Myriam Joire of Engadget: “While the EVO 3D looks solidly built and feels substantial, the materials used fail to convey the same sense of quality as the Sensation … After topping off the EVO 3D, it only took 14 hours and 44 minutes to drain the beefy 1730mAh battery down to 7% … The EVO 3D’s qHD touchscreen is a mixed bag … While 3D is fun and whimsical, we can’t help but think it’s just a gimmick … Ultimately, we’ve come to think of the EVO 3D as a Sensation with a lesser camera, cheaper materials, worse battery life, and without the ability to roam worldwide.”
  • Sam Biddle of Gizmodo:  “I particularly loved (and, by the handset gods, demand this of all phones) the thick hardware camera shutter–hold to focus, click to shoot … The EVO 3D is the first phone to ever literally hurt my face … It gave me a headache. I wanted to look away. And for what? A 3D effect that just isn’t very good.”
  • Ross Miller of This is My Next:  “A few editors on staff complained of minor headaches after more extensive use … Still, when the 3D works, it’s impressive, and everyone I’ve shown it to feels the same way.”
  • Jonathan Geller of BGR: “After using the device for around 10 minutes on and off, I finally got the hang of the perfect positioning, and 3D content looks good, not great … Using the phone on the EVO 3D hasn’t been the best experience … At the end of the day, the EVO 3D is a better, faster, thinner, lighter, and more capable EVO 4G.”
  • Bonnie Cha of CNET: “The 3D features are a fun addition, but it’s the HTC Evo 3D’s zippy performance and improved battery life that make this Android smartphone one of Sprint’s best … The HTC Evo 3D’s design is updated but familiar, and anyone upgrading from the Evo 4G should feel right at home with the smartphone … We also got a bit of a headache after a while, and, more often than not, 3D photos just made our eyes hurt … Starting with a full charge in the morning and with moderate to heavy use (including playing 3D games and video), we were able to go a full day, sometimes early into the next day, before needing to recharge.”
  • Eric Zeman of Phone Scoop:  “The material – mostly plastic, rubber, and glass – are of the best quality and feel fantastic in the hand … The camera button itself is perhaps the best camera button on any smartphone, ever … Call quality, however, wasn’t so great. Voices were often garbled, making me ask those with whom I spoke to repeat themselves … It is, without doubt, the fastest Android handset I’ve ever used … Viewing 3D content on the EVO 3D’s screen gives me a headache, plain and simple … My biggest gripe with the EVO 3D is the wireless performance. It’s bad enough that the WiMax radio barely worked, but add to that poor 3G performance, and poor voice performance, and you’ve almost killed off all the reasons to buy any phone.”
  • Roger Cheng of The Wall Street Journal:  “You might get dizzy staring too deeply into the Evo 3D, but Sprint Nextel Corp.’s newest flagship phone is worth risking a little motion sickness … I was able to go through nearly an entire work day, while keeping the 4G radio on for most of the time, running it as a hot spot to power a tablet, and making a few phone calls … While the Evo 3D has several strong points, working as a phone isn’t one of them.”

If you’re on Sprint, please let me know what you think of the early reviews. Is this your next phone? Does it live up to the hype? Will all the 3D headache claims make you reconsider your purchase?

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  • http://Website Mustin

    Already have mine reserved. Mostly looking forward to the dual core. My EVO has been great actually until this recent Gingerbread update. Hoping the 3D can handle it!

  • http://Website iloveliveunique

    Well, Richard you made the post.

    • http://Website Noriega713

      I actually re-read that because I saw his name in there…lol

      In all honesty the Evo 3D will be a great phone…but for me…I choose T-mobile “G” Series or Nexus Family…hell I want a Samsung Galaxy S II because of that Super Amoled Plus screen.

    • Pat Magroin

      Thanks Captain Obvious

  • http://Website CJ

    I don’t trust reviews; most are written by idiots that don’t know their a-holes from their elbows. I prefer to finger bang a piece of tech for myself. To that end I pre-ordered this dual-core, 3D, WiMax, Android beast to take it for a test drive.

  • http://Website Zak Jones!

    Yeah, I preordered mine the day they opened it. :) Super excited.

  • Jaymoon

    As a devoted Sprint user who’s not switching carriers anytime soon, the EVO 3D sounds like a clear choice for me.

    The EVO 4G is still the phone to beat on Sprint, and it’s a year old now. So a dual-core version with more memory and faster speed? I’ll take it!

  • http://Website Mark

    The only reason Richard hasn’t commented yet is because he’s still jacking off to this post.

    • http://Website Oreo

      You made my night lol to freaking funny. Ha ha.

  • http://Website josh h.

    While I’m a little disappointed by the poor reviews I still going to buy this bad boy next Friday. If the 3d sucks I don’t care, it just 3d. Everything else about it rocks. I can’t wait to put cyanogen on it and see what it can really do. I’m guessing the 3d wont work with CM7 for awhile anyways. 8 days and counting…

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell…Awaiting my Evo 3d

    My thanks to Taylor on the above mention it’s truly appreciated. I read many reviews but the one that has stood out to me is the Engadget review which was a total joke filled with such biased opinion and truly a blatant attempt to mislead people or persuade people not to purchase this smartphone, Everyone one knows ENGADGET STANDS FOR Apple fanboyism which in today’s world will always exist. I love the way you decided to do this review posting all the various opinions and thoughts on this unreleased device that was definately the best way to deal with the many opinions people will have. As a current Evo 4g owner we all have learned how to deal with the battery life on our current Evo 4g’s so the bottomline here is if we continue to do the same thing on the Evo 3d then that alone will make the battery life unmatched on any android device. It simply stands to reason that if the Sensation has great battery life then so will the Evo 3d espically with the fact that htc has installed a battery management feature that gives the user total control over how to preserve the battery on a daily basis something not seen on any other htc device till the Sensation. Htc/Sprint decided to go the route of innovation doing there best to give something different to their customers as far as i am concerned they accomplished that feat but rather or not it’s appreciated or wanted by everyone that is soley opinion. I am purchasing this device because (1) it’s my time to upgrade and 150.00 given plus the selling of my Evo 4g makes this a slam dunk sale. 2. Specs alone this is the best device on the market and I am not discussing 3d that in my mind is just an extra feature to have just like all the other features and technology that comes installed on this device. All in all rather you like 3d or not it just doesn’t matter because as of June 24th 2011 no other device will have better specs than the Evo 3d. The Samsung Galaxy S2 has the same specs so in my book nothing will be better till the Nexus 3 if made by HTC or the next version of the Evo in 2012 which will be QUADCORE. I personally love the design of the device I love the new htc sense 3.0 as well as the lock screen and I appreciate the dedicated camera button that alone is the best made camera button on any device on the market according to the many things i have read and heard from others. Many people have said that the Evo 3d is the FASTEST DEVICE ON THE MARKET wall street journal, phoonscoop, cnet, Bob Kovac over at wirefly.com so based on that I will have to believe that. Plus technology as well as content wise people purchasing this device will be extremely happy with the selection installed on the device. Content was king on my current evo 4g that is why it was a beast and with the processor on the new evo 3d content as well as the overall performace should be something unseen by current Evo 4g owners as well as just android users in general. Profolio wise sprint has done a great job in 2011 bring selection to their customers I applaud that because at the end of the day that is exactly what android means to most of us having the ability to choose and just enjoy your device. On June 24th I will have my Evo 3d regardless of any review or thought from anyone else and that’s because I know exactly what HTC has brought to the table. You never know I just might do my own review just to set the record straight.

    • http://Website Mark

      China called. It wants its wall back.

    • http://Website noriega713

      I want to hear Richards review of this phone…lol

  • http://Website Mr. high hopes SHATTERED

    SORRY but no deal Sprint.
    Seems like HTC droped the ball.
    Photon 4g really looks like the real evo 2.

    • geniusdog254

      Except for the shitty UI. And if it’s anything like the Atrix, shitty feeling materials too.

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell….Awaiting my Evo 3d

    Here comes all the copy cat Richard Yarrell’s now…It is what it is

  • Andrew Garlinghouse

    I think it would be good for this website to require membership in order to post posts.

  • http://Website Irvin

    If your buying the EVO3D for.. 3D, and saying the phone isnt worth it, lol. Its an upgrade to myEpic EVO, with a side of 3D, I couldn’t ask for more. Bugs will be gone eventually, they usually are. ;)

  • http://Website Jaythan

    I also preorder my evo 3d the first day the preorder opened and i am definitely going to love this phone no matter the reveiws. 3D is feature and is not the sole reason for me getting this phone. HTC had already won me over with the first evo and the evo 3D is a no brainer in my opinion.

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    Guess you won’t be able to copy being me NO MORE NOW…Now we can get down to real business…Be yourself people….

  • http://Website chell

    I pre ordered my evo 3d last week.can’t wait to get this beast in my hand.evo 3d will be the best phone to beat,hands down.EVO 3D all the wayyyyyyyyyyy…………………..

  • http://www.itrush.com IT Rush

    Waiting to hold one before throwing some head to head roundup with my favorite phone.. Looks cool though.

  • http://Website Miguel

    Looks like the Sensation is winning the early reviews. 3D is a gimmick of course. But the phone looks like a good choice for Sprint users who plan to stick with Sprint.

    I know the Sensation and Evo 3D use slightly different dual core processors. Does anyone here know what the main differences are?

    • http://Website swazedahustla

      The only difference is the radios used in the chipset, otherwise they are exactly the same.

  • http://Website AceoStar

    TIL that to get recognition in a post you must be supa obnoxious :D

  • http://Website Giggles

    Sounds like typical Sprint then. Fail phone on a fail network that costs extra. Enjoy being in last place.

    • http://Website anon

      DO you even read the news? Sprint isn’t even remotely in last – now maybe rephrase to be constructive so I can understand your point about the fail of a phone?

  • http://www.kablowie.com Greg B

    I’ve pretty much resigned myself to moving to Verizon so long as they keep the “unlimited” data train rolling (or prices their inevitable limited plans better than AT&T or T-Mob have). Sprint just keeps the ho-hum phones coming and keeps failing to give me a reason to stay when my contract is up. With their price increases, my family plan on Sprint will only be $10 a month cheaper than a reasonably comparable plan on Verizon once I upgrade my phones.

    I’m waiting until the iPhone 5 announcement (predicted to be in early Sept) to see whether Apple will FINALLY make an iPhone that interests me or my wife, or if it’s going to be HTC or Moto’s latest Android (will *not* buy Samsung again after they screwed me so royally with the POS that is the Samsung Moment)..

    • http://Website Miguel

      I don’t think Verizon has a true “unlimited plan”. They charge you after so many GBs…. Only Sprint has true unlimited (i.e. no cap, no throttle)

      • cj100570

        Um, no…. I’m a Verizon customer and consistently use over 10Gb of data each month, using Doggcatcher to download hd video podcasts and streaming music using Pandora and Slacker, on my Droid X and have yet to be charge any kind of overage. I started my data habit with the original Droid, moved on to the Incredible, and have continued with the X.

    • http://Website Karnage9

      You’re gonna wanna make the jump to Verizon before July 7th. That is when they are changing to tiers plans, similar to AT&T-Moble.

    • Anyo

      Amen. I had a samsung behold and loved it, but the moment just had so many glitches. As for me im enjoying my evo 3d (first htc ive ever had.) just sucks theres still not much free compatible 3d content.

  • http://Website Matt

    Was thinking about getting this especially after having the awesomeness of the EVO. However since they have come out with the Nexus S 4G on Sprint, I think i’ll wait to see what the new Nexus will bring. Not a big fan of 3D, tried the 3Ds and wasn’t all that wow’ed by it.

  • http://Website jr

    was looking forward to this phone but since i have nexus s ill wait for the next nexus

  • http://Website snowbdr89

    Id still take a rooted single core phone runnin cm7 and put it up against this phone. : )

  • http://Website EVOlutionized

    @Giggles- You sound ignorant and uneducated with your comments. Back up your statements with a rebuttal. Sprint has some of the best Android phones currently available, at the best prices and NO OTHER MAJOR carrier has a better service plan than sprint.

  • http://Website Hans

    Seems like the Sensation and Galaxy S II got better reviews than the Evo 3D. It’s pretty bad when the main selling point of a phone(in this case, 3D) causes you to NOT want to use it. Also taking into account that only EVO 3D owners will be able to share 3D photos with each other, while 3D video can probably be uploaded to Youtube. I wonder if the browser lag seen in the Sensation made it to the Evo 3D.

    All in all, the Evo 3D seems like a decent phone. The main competition it has at the moment, aside from the Sensation, is the Galaxy S II. It matches the Evo 3D spec by spec, except for the cameras. All it’ll come down to will be speed.

    • http://Website Richard Yarrell

      Yes speed is the issue Mr. Hans…After looking at reviews Cnet, here with androidandme, as well as the review completed at Androidcentral and throw in Mr. Walt Mosberg over at The Wall Street Journal The Evo 3d has nothing but the best speed out of anu android device. Truthfully it comes down to being present at the store to feel this device for yourself. I spent time a tmobile today playing with the Sensation cause I wanted to see for myself exactly what I will be dealing with and the Sensation was a total joy to play with something truly refreshing. I have a good feeling that people OVER REACTED ON THE EVO 3D and will be found to be TOTALLY WRONG…I am waiting for June 24 gladly….

      • http://Website snowbdr89

        You are going off what a dipshit at the wall street journal said? What hell would he know about android u dumbfuck

  • http://Website Coop

    I’m not sure if I am going to pick this up or not. I’m interested in seeing when the Photon comes out what the reviews look like. I am also interested in seeing when the galaxy s2 comes out for Sprint. Till then, my evo is plugging along fine.

  • http://Website PrismaticCore

    Check out this analysis and opinion-based article on recent reviews of the EVO 3D: http://wp.me/p1BlyQ-32

  • http://Website Dman-77

    Look everybody, member or not, EVO owner or not or Sprint lover or hater…
    Wait till the the 3D comes out and check it for yer damn self!!!
    Stop talkin smack and give yerself a reason…
    I’m a Sprint customer and have been for a long time. Haven’t always been
    overly happy but they are still the (for the most part) cheapest and best plans
    out there. Take a look sometime, you will see. I have the Epic and love it.
    Tried the Nexus S and was a little lack luster only faster and smoother than the Epic.
    Gonna try the 3D my self and let you all know.

  • http://Website David

    Ive had many phones over the past few years… I had the samsung intercept, blackberry 8530, blackberry torch, htc evo 4g, samsung epic 4g, and even an iPhone 4, i go through phones like crazy and can tell whether im going to get bored with a phone within the first hour of playing with it. Ive had this phone for over 36 hours and am TOTALLY in love with my EVO 3D.The fact that its one of the first 3D phones to hit the market is what got me interested in it… so i actually gave my current phone(epic 4g) to my girlfriend and opened a new family plan line to get the evo 3d… Price isnt really an issue i paid 200 for the phone plus taxes and other charges blah blah blah. I prefer this phone over allllll phones ive ever had.. The 3d take a little getting use to but once you figure it out you fall in love with it.. the screen is just amazing. even just regular 2d images are amazing. i LOVE the gingerbread and HTC sense 3.0 I really wanted to review this phone on the sprint website but can figure out how haha. so i figured id review it here. All you people who talk poorly about this phone seriously dont knock it till you try it….. it is amazing…. My favorite phone manufacturer WAS samsung but HTC won me over with the evo 3d… I hope you all shell out the 200 for the phone and see what im talking about… you wont regret it… and if you dont like it you can return it within 30 days no questions asked!

  • http://Website Dude