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Sprint HTC EVO 3D pre-orders available, teases us with user guide

Are you guys tired of EVO 3D news yet? We sure aren’t. And we know our friend Richard Yarrell isn’t either. So, here we go! Wondering what the benefits of being a Sprint Premier customer are? Well, aside from discounts, updates and all that good stuff, you also get to pre-order your HTC EVO 3D early! That’s right. The EVO 3D was made available for pre-order[1] straight from Sprint last night, but only for Premier users. (Here are the requirements to become a Sprint Premier customer).

Soon after the pre-orders went live, Sprint started sending emails to all their Premier users. (Click the image for more details). This took no small toll on Sprint’s website, as it was almost unreachable most of the night. But if this wasn’t enough to build some hype about one of the most anticipated devices of the year, the next news will surely make you drool over your keyboard for a while.

This morning, Sprint made the HTC EVO 3D user guide[2] available for anyone who wants to start learning the device early. Yeah, you know. The paper “stuff” that comes with our phones that we never read. If you’re interested in it this time, just head over to Sprint’s site and snatch that PDF flie.

If you’re one of those guys who doesn’t like dealing with third parties (and are a Sprint Premier customer), this may be great news to you. Go ahead and pre-order this bad boy. You should already have an email notifying you about the pre-order. And you’ll get free shipping and the upgrade fee waived. Talk about great incentives!

As for us peasants, we’ll have to wait until the 24th and/or take advantage of some pre-order offers the third party retailers offer.  Any of you guys able to pre-order your HTC EVO 3D straight from Sprint? If not, will you be pre-ordering somewhere else? Where? Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section. The wait is almost over, guys. Hold on tight!


  1. Source: Sprint Via: Android Central
  2. Source: Sprint Via: Android Central
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  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    Oddly enough I never recieved any email that’s surprising but understandable. I will be picking my Evo 3d up from bestbuy since my preorder has been in since May 8th. My appointment time at bestbuy is 8:45am I will be there when they open at 8am..

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    Until Friday I will look over this user guide just for any new information. Otherwise I am ready to go I have spent time at tmobile with the Sensation playing with it so I will be very fimilar on day one with my Evo 3d…Enjoy this video everyone.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQwXsgdFNrI&feature=youtube_gdata_player

  • http://Website martin rodriguez

    that pdf says it comes with a 2GB micro sd card

    that can’t be right, right??!!

    • http://Website Richard Yarrell

      Another typo…It comes with a class 4 sandisk sd 8gig card.

  • Dave K

    Pre-ordered mine from Sprint Premier early this morning. The order confirmation email didn’t mention when it would arrive.

  • http://Website ♥

    iPhone looks much better (i have an iPhone)

    • http://Website Richard Yarrell

      Imagine that the current iPhone isn’t close to being better than my current Evo 4g so anybody with common sense knows your drunk. Whatever comes out iPhone wise in September could never beat the Evo 3d in anything….

      • http://Website ♥

        Drinking isnt forbidden, i love drinking, Charlie Sheen does.
        Personally, i think the evo looks fat and awkward.
        I couldnt live without the iPhone.

        • http://Website event

          Not being able to live without an electronic device is incredibly pathetic. You are pathetic.

  • http://Website Bob Smith

    Ummm…I reserved my Evo 3d at the Sprint store on June 11th. Not sure why this is news? They even called me to ask me to pick the day I will be coming in as if I don’t come in they will sell it to someone else.

    • http://Website chell

      Yeah I pre ordered mines with Sprint 3 weeks ago.they called me last week and asked me what day I wanted to come pick it up and I said Friday.I also asked again on Sunday and they said that even though you pre ordered it you still have to want I’m line with everyone else.wth.but they are giving you $150 for your evo 4g trade in.wooohoooo.gona be able to get my evo 3d for $50.

  • http://Website Miguel

    I am currently using Evo 4g, I want this upgrade so bad… but I am just wondering, will it be worth getting this awesome phone right now or wait for the quad core ones that supposedly will come in by the end of the year???

    • http://Website Richard Yarrell

      Whatever quadcore device comes out it won’t be made by HTC or it won’t be part of the Evo brand on sprint. The QUADCORE EVO won’t be out from HTC until July of 2012 and will be announced at CTIA in May 2012. Bottomline PICK UP THIS DEVICE AS SOON AS YOU CAN YOU SHOULD WANT THE VERY BEST FOR THE NEXT 12MONTHS. The only way I would ever abandon the evo family is if HTC made the next GOOGLE NEXUS 3 and it would have to have every spec better than my current Evo 3d OTHERWISE I WILL WAIT FOR THE QUADCORE EVO IN JULY 2012

  • http://www.kablowie.com Greg

    If you’re really keen on the 3D, then go for it, otherwise I say wait. Photon and Droid 3 are supposed to launch in less than 3 weeks (along with tiered data pricing on Verizon… boo).

    Personally, I’m seriously considering either suffering through with my Samsung Moment until Tegra 3 phones begin shipping in Q4.

    • http://Website Paul Atreides

      Good luck with that. I’ll take Sense 3.0 with the strong chance of an unlocked bootloader over The UI formerly known as Motoblur that will be encrypted. If I find that the 3D is not to my liking, then I’ll return it and hold out for something else.

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    Bought mines this morning. About 4-5 customer service calls later, and it should be arriving in 3-5 business days. That email was a nice way to start my day, but c.s. almost stole my thunder with problems changing my shipping address and the website went down at one time. Can’t wait to lay hands on this bad boy. I have a brand new EVO 4G Sprint was replacing. Think I’ll use my old one until the EVO 3D arrives, then send it to sprint and sell the new one for a pretty penny or two.

    • http://Website Paul Atreides

      Soon as that tracking number hits my inbox tomorrow, I’ll be tracking it like a bloodhound!

    • http://Website Paul Atreides

      You can also trade in your EVO 4G for $150 credit here http://www.sprintrecyclenow.com…just found out about this from a chat rep. I’ll be sure to remember this for the future or if I’m too lazy to try and sell it.

  • http://Website SelketXimenna

    I pre-ordered my EVO 3D 2 weeks ago from the Sprint store on Mission between 4th and 5th street in San Francisco. That’s where I’ll be this Friday. Yay!

  • http://Website RyuKen

    Getting my this Fri
    Sprint called me and said even though I was number 2 on the waitlist,
    it’s first-come first-serve Friday morn @ 8am. Hehe.

    I don’t really read in to the reviews too heavily. Will do hands-on myself on
    Fri and find out for myself if it’s worth it.

    See u guys on Fri. LOL

  • http://Website E

    Only got one small worry wif this fone I hope there will b an update that let’s you shut the 3D off at times I’m hearing it gives headaches but I’m pretty much sold tho I love my EVO n outta all the UI I love HTC sense the new one is even better

    • http://Website Richard Yarrell

      Just hold the device from a distance from your face and you will be fine. This is not as seriuos as people are making out to be. This is a feature that htc/sprint wanted to provide for their customers and I respect that. With all the content on this device technology wise plus the overall speed of this device everyone will be surprised come friday.

      • http://Website E

        Thanks for da tip … Richard

  • http://Website Paulin3D

    I don’t even have to leave the house, just got my UPS NDA tracking number, will be delivered wed. 6/22 from Sprint!!!!! I’m glad Premier stands for something.

    • http://Website Paul Atreides

      Yes it’s official, they are shipping overnight but didn’t note it probably because they didn’t want to be inundated with calls if people don’t get them today. I received my tracking number last night with a promise of shipment today.

  • http://Website alonso

    Ill be getting mine at best buy. But damn if I can’t understand why it comes with only a 8gb SD card. Wat ever happened to 16 gb

  • http://Website koiutree

    I got mine today :-) and i am happy i did the upgrade from the evo 4g. The build seems better than the evo 4G but i am not to crazy about the 3D part of my new evo. But i will continue to test it out. It did had an example 3D game of spider man but it was too short and the movie “The Green Hornet” i have not been able to play because it is missing from the HTC store thing. For the first time i am liking some of the new improvements that Sences3.0 has!! The call quality is not too good but when i rooted my old evo 4g and installed CM it did improve a lot.