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Swype wants you to stroke and poke its 3.0 Beta update, now with tablet support

If you have over-sized fingers like me, you’re probably a big fan of Swype. For those of us who like the alternative keyboard, Swype is really a life saver. That’s why I’m happy to tell you that it is now getting even better.

The guys and gals behind the popular keyboard just pushed out version 3.0 of Swype Beta. Although the page seems to be down right now, you can get the app here once they get everything in order. This new version of Swype brings a handful of new features, like Predictive Tap and a horizontal word suggestion bar.

But most importantly, Swype now supports Honeycomb devices. Which you can even change the position of now. As you can see in the video below, you can place the Swype keyboard on the left, center or right of your tablet. While not the most mind-blowing feature ever, I bet some people out there will find it useful. This new version of Swype also adds support for a few more resolution sizes. Which now includes: HVGA, WVGA, FWVGA, QVGA, WQVGA, WSVGA and qHD.

What say you, is this update enough to make you a Swype believer? Or will you stay a stock keyboard kind of guy? Or maybe you use another alternative keyboard? Let us know in the comments. Meanwhile, you can watch these overdramatic and funky demo videos from Swype and get your stroke and poke on.

Via: MobileCrunch

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  • http://Website Beta My Ass

    so….are they planning to stay on Beta forever?

    And why don’t they just put it on the market?

    • M

      the beta is only a side product. they make money by distributing it via oem’s.
      source: forum.swype.com

      • http://Website Beta my Ass

        You didn’t get my point…. Since swype do not put the product on the Google Market, when the OEM’s get the Beta version of the Swype for their phones the consumers are stuck with the Beta version too….

        I understand that Swype wants to get a dip per devices sold by not putting it on the market for consumer’s direct purchase, but at least make it upgradable thru the market……freaking stupid of Swype’s excutives.

        • http://beta.swype.com Brian Resnik

          Swype rep here.

          Just to clarify, the version we ship to OEMs is NEVER beta. OEMs only get a fully tested, release-ready version. The beta is just that: a beta branch. New features that we haven’t set to OEMs yet.

          • http://Website Beta my Ass

            Oh I c….. apologizes for saying Beta, however it doesn’t change the fact that consumers are stuck with certain version.

            If you are a Swype rep, let me ask you this. Why isn’t there no update available for consumers???

          • http://Website Terence Cruz

            Are you going to be updating the resolution to support the TMobile G-Slate aka LG Optimus Pad at 1200 (1280?)x768.. or something like that.. Please say yes!

    • http://Website Frank C

      No sh!t! Lmao! You said exactly what I was thinking.

  • keridel

    i do love a bit of swype.

    however i now have the eepad transformer so have a physical keyboard which means i can type at full speed with no issue :D

  • http://viciouseats.com Andrew

    Still using HTC keys on my rooted miui run myTouch 4G. I have swype on my tablet. Still not a fan though. And agree with the prior comment. Why are they still timid and not in market. They’re beta almost as long as twicca lol.

  • keridel

    ha just seen the video. the first one is epic.

    i love companies that dont take themselves too seriously.

  • M

    ‘secret’ flickering at 1:44 :0

  • Drakon911

    I got frustrated with all the hoops you had to jump through to get a new version since it’s stuck in beta. Flex T9 is MUCH better than Swype and it gives you the best of both worlds, swiping, voice, typing normally and even drawing.
    For tablet I’m really torn between Thumb Keyboard and Swiftkey. Really starting to use Thumb more since they added macros/quick keys. No more typing email addresses over and over.

  • http://Website Sarah Palin (the republican hood rat)

    I hate swype…lots of dropped calls!!!!!!

    • http://Website Obama (your token politican guy)

      I’m not 100% sure what a smart phone is. but i promise i will use them to lower gas prices. I promise if it has the ability to, we will use it to stop the war in Afghan. I promise to use it to make sure that women, and men will get equal pay in the work places. And to use it to make sure Blacks and Whites will get equal pay in the work force. (Notice no mention of Asians or Hispanics). We will use this phone for Change!!!! Can we use it for Change, you ask? YES WE CAN ! ! ! ! ! ! !

      [thought process begins]
      Man i hope they bought that load of crap
      [/thought process ends]

  • http://Website Yay

    Good timing, just got my ASUS Transformer in the mail and was looking for a keyboard :)

  • http://Website Jenny

    i like swype, used to use it, dont really like how i was having to get the updates cuz it would expire and not alert me it was going to, sort of annoying when it all of a sudden becomes completely unusable w/o any notice, i do not use it anymore tho cuz i discovered flexT9 when it was free in the amazon app store, i love it, more so than swype.

  • http://Website Conrad

    I can’t get it installed on my G-Slate :(

    • http://Website Terence Cruz

      I know, I tried but it says that it doesnt support the resolution we have on our G-Slate.. GRRRR.. I downloaded Flext9 or something like that in the app store.. I like it better…

  • http://Website lady gogo

    video chat sucks on swype….microsoft made a huge mistake

    oovo is better

  • http://Website iLoveLiveUnqiue

    I just wish they could of changed the skin and had the boxes sharper. The entire keyboard just seems fat. Works well and always has for me, but I think the cosmetic side can be better.

  • http://Website Greg

    Yeah, I love Swype but it’s damn annoying to jump through all the hoops to get it, reinstalling it all the time, etc.

    If only there was a good product that combined Swype and Swiftkey…

  • http://www.appsbybirbeck.com/ Stewart

    If I have Swype beta on my Nexus S, how can I also get it on my Xoom or Galaxy Tab 10.1? I did the one time transfer from my Evo 4G to the Nexus S after it came out via OTA update, and I hope that the Evo 3D will still ship with it, but I still cannot use it on my tablets with the once device per account and one device transfer restriction. Make a separate account?

  • http://Website Dh

    Can u use the beta version on a phone that has the oem version installed? (assuming I won’t get an official update)