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T-Mobile comments on the merger, saying it’s necessary

The AT&T / T-Mobile merger dilemma has been going all over the internet since March. While some people don’t care and others like the idea, it seems most Android fans hate the thought of this merger taking place. T-Mobile brought the first Android device to the market (T-Mobile G1), as well as the Nexus devices, MyTouch phones and others. The fact that T-Mobile has a long history with Android is definitely one of the main reasons Android fans have grown to love this carrier so much.

This topic has spurred an onslaught of comments and opinions. And we tend to forget a very important factor amongst all this chaos:  T-Mobile’s opinion on the matter. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that AT&T is not doing this alone; T-Mobile has decided to go through this, as well. Here’s T-Mobile’s official comment for those opposing the AT&T / T-Mobile merger:

The opponents of the AT&T-T-Mobile merger have had their final say as part of the FCC’s formal pleading cycle and, not surprisingly, they have failed to offer any credible arguments to support their view that the Commission should deny the transaction. What is surprising, however, is their repeated head-in-the-sand insistence that no spectrum crisis exists. As part of their application, AT&T and T-Mobile provided a compelling showing of their need for more spectrum to continue to provide quality service to customers and roll out new technologies in the future. And the two companies have demonstrated that a combination of their networks and spectrum holdings is by far the best way to solve this problem and ensure improved service and enhanced innovation. The FCC has long acknowledged the harmful consequences of ignoring the spectrum crunch, and we are confident it will approve our proposed market-based solution.Tom SugrueT-Mobile Senior Vice President of Government Affairs

Sprint’s official merger opposition mentions there’s no such “spectrum crisis” and that AT&T has simply not been managing its business well. According to Sprint, AT&T has not been preparing well enough for future consumer growth. Instead of purchasing a carrier, they should invest in improving their network more efficiently, as Sprint claims to be doing.

Both AT&T and T-Mobile seem to be quite positive this merger is be the best option to continue providing quality services to customers. If you’re wondering what the “spectrum crisis” is all about, we smartphone users actually have a lot to do with it. Not only are there a bunch of new customers everyday, but our needs are higher, too. Smartphone users are data monsters, and 400,000 Android activations a day will definitely take a toll on those towers. This is basically what AT&T and T-Mobile are claiming. Consumers’ needs are exploding, growing faster than these companies can handle, and the merger is necessary.

Get ready, guys, because AT&T and T-Mobile seem to be very positive about the merger being passed. In fact, AT&T has even advertised it already. What do you guys say? Do you agree with Mr. Sugrue from T-Mobile? It seems we’re trying to save a company that doesn’t want to be saved. Share your opinions with us in the comment section, and keep your eyes open for more details on the AT&T / T-Mobile merger.

Show Press Release
T-Mobile Comments on New FCC Filings by AT&T/T-Mobile Merger Opponents

BELLEVUE, Wash — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Today, Tom Sugrue, T-Mobile Senior Vice President of Government Affairs, issued the following statement:

“The opponents of the AT&T-T-Mobile merger have had their final say as part of the FCC’s formal pleading cycle and, not surprisingly, they have failed to offer any credible arguments to support their view that the Commission should deny the transaction. What is surprising, however, is their repeated head-in-the-sand insistence that no spectrum crisis exists. As part of their application, AT&T and T-Mobile provided a compelling showing of their need for more spectrum to continue to provide quality service to customers and roll out new technologies in the future. And the two companies have demonstrated that a combination of their networks and spectrum holdings is by far the best way to solve this problem and ensure improved service and enhanced innovation. The FCC has long acknowledged the harmful consequences of ignoring the spectrum crunch, and we are confident it will approve our proposed market-based solution.”

Hello, I am Edgar Cervantes. I am an avid Android fan, and keeping myself updated on the topic is part of my daily life. I will always work hard to give the best of me to our community of Android enthusiasts, and I am very honored to be part of this ship. Hopefully we can all enjoy sharing our knowledge and opinions!

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  • http://Website @neidlinger

    I think it’s 100% pure BS.

    I’ve been a long time user of T-Mobile, I’ve purposely shopped at AT&T store, and yet their customer service SUCKS. I know people who have ATT and cannot get a signal for the life of them, and get charged out of the ASS for it. I know people who have VZW and love the service but complain about the price they pay for it. And they are doing away with unlimited data.

    There is one company who is worried about this, who shouldn’t be. Sprint. They will get tons of customers from this. Their prices are close to the same as T-Mobile and with offering the Evo line and the Nexus line they will have a hacker following.

    There is one company who is not worried about this, and shouldn’t be. VZW. ATT will have to spend every last resource they have to bring T-Mobile’s network [in certain areas] up to par with ATT”s. And they will gain customers from the merger. They have the most power house Android phones on the market.

    All in All if ATT leaves my plan the same as it was, and will not alter it. I’m okay, once they say you need this or you need that. We’re dropping this, this is no longer valid. I’m gone. i mean like right now. The only thing that would keep me loyal to them, is a lifetime guarantee on my current plan.

    • http://Website Tuanto

      Verizon is quiet for a reason. If the merger happens, guess who is in a world of trouble? It will be Sprint. Guess who is going to gobble them up? That’s right… Verizon.

      • http://Website cb2000a

        Possibly, but I think Sprint will pick up a bunch of new Verizon customers (including me and my GF). And also from T Mobile if the merge goes through.

  • http://Website Noriega713

    All I want to know is will the T-mobile customers be able to keep their unlimited data once we try to renew… Or will we be forced to get limited data…

    • http://Website reddragon72

      I already asked that question and T-Mobile has put out to similar FAQ’s. The short answer is that if you walk in one month prior to the merger and lock a 2 year agreement you will be granted that agreement till it ends at which time you will have to “upgrade” to an ATT plan.

      If you are not on a plan then your account will be transferred over to the closest plan if you wish.

    • Anonymous

      I have a feeling that is why T-Mobile has dropped their 5GB throttle limit to the 2GB throttle limit.
      Bc AT&T will not allow the 5GB throttle to stay.

      T-Mobile is trying to get every customer to upgrade their contracts right now at the 2GB throttle, bc AT&T can’t have the 5GB throttle. Sitting at the T-Mobile store this past week, and every customer there was told pretty much the same thing, “you should really renew your contract now, we have this great plan that gives you 2GB of unlimited data, and you can get any of these awesome 4G phones.” How ridiculous!

      AT&T will probably have to honor all grandfathered accounts, until you change something on the account. Adding a line to a current family plan means the whole plan will probably have to be changed to accommodate the newly added line, so the Death Star can rob more customers of their already skinny wallets.

      • http://Website v8dreaming

        They still have the 5gig plan. The 79.99 is just a promo. You can still change to the other data plan.

  • http://Website sick of this

    this shit has been discussed forever, enough with it.

  • http://Website Baron Von J

    When people say they want to save T-Mobile from AT&T, what they need to first understand is that AT&T is the one who is saving them. Deutch Telekom has been trying to get rid of T-Mobile USA for years. Sprint was in talks for a long time but couldn’t close the deal. I would prefer that it wasn’t AT&T, but I’m glad someone finally got it done. I do think the new network that they’ve outlined will be a very competitve one, so I’m also glad for that. I will be very sad to see T-Mobile be assimilated. Even with my coporate discount my T-Mobile plan costs less and includes more, so that’s going to suck ass. But AT&T is the only alternative when international compatibility is a contributing factor (because devices with both CDMA and GSM are few and far between and the selection sucks ass). Hopefully the FCC will impose some protections with regards to plans and pricing options.

  • http://AndroidActivist.com Scotty Brown

    Correction: TMO did NOT go along with the sell. I’ve had first-hand discussions with corporate level TMO employees, and even the TMO corp team didn’t find out about the sale until the first PR went out from Deutsch Telekom.

    Deutsch Telekom is making the sale, regardless of what TMO corporate staff think about it. If TMO had their way, this wouldn’t be happening.

    • http://Website roosay

      Considering that Robert Dotson former CEO of TMO USA, left in Feb, for Philipp Humm (former CEO of T-Mobile Deutschland) to take the reins. I’d say that you are correct. How long did it take for the acquisition to be announced? Just about one month after Humm stepped in they were selling us out to AT&T..

  • Drakon911

    I really don’t think it will happen, but if it does then Verizon will gain a new customer.

  • http://Website obama bin laden

    wait, what, t-mo usa is merging? when? why? with whom?

    this fake, bloody hoax, i wont trust this website!

  • http://Website Hunt’s ketchup

    What happens if
    Kroger, Meiijer, Wal-Mart merge,
    Save-a-lot, Trader Joes, Aldi and Safeway to come over-the-top???

    Entirely possible, it will happen sooner or later!!!!!

  • http://Website THE BUTCHER IS A KILLER

    VERIZON forever

    • http://Website Diordna

      What a fool…. they nickel and dime you to death, their 3G is deathly slow and they are going to rape everyone on LTE. Oh yeah, their Android selection sucks.

      • Uncemister

        I for one enjoy Verizon now that I left tmo. I find their 3G speeds to be pretty similar and above all, a LOT more reliable than Tmo will ever hope to be.

  • Uncemister

    All I can say is I’m glad I left T-Mo. I lost all respect for them now.

    • Uncemister

      Yay negative votes! I guess the majority here are still on tmo and are pretty butthurt about it :3

      • http://Website Edgar

        I also left tmobile. Im on Sprint now. I have no regret! Im extremly happy with my Evo and the service that sprint has to offer!

        Yay for switching! And sorry to those that sink with the ship…

  • http://Website mmalakai10

    im truely disappointed in t-mobiles comments, choosing to merge with the death star. i honestly think this is a bunch of BS so t-mobile will not have to compete with other carriers bigger than them. the thing that just popped in my head as im typing this is. if t-mobile and at&t is have spectrum problem with the growing amount of customers and smartphone user gobbling data. if this merge goes through…god knows i dont want it to. how is merging 2 companies that is complaining about spectrum going to cure the spectrum crisis? the way i look at it is at&t has the same problems as t-mobile in spectrum, merging sounds like a disaster to customers service proformance. to make this simple:

    AT&T = spectrum problems + T-Mobile = spectrum problems + Merger of companies = TOTAL DISASTER AND CRIPPLING SPECTRUM FOR THE COMPANY AT&T IN THE END.
    thats if the merger goes through…god knows i dont want it to:-)

    so really what is AT&T trying to do seems simple. kill the competion below u that is taking ur customers for lower prices. by making a offer that they can refuse, when they infact know it would be cheapero spend some of that money to better there towers and service overall. also killing the only other company that uses sim card so they can raise prices kill the unlimited plans. not support android so apple will be proud of there fanboyism<— i know i know lol. i have more to say but im just to upset to continue typing beyond this point :'-(

    • http://Website JayMonster

      Simple answer, at&t is not buying T-Mo for is customers ( though they wil gladly take them), but for the spectrum that T-Mo has. They use T-Mo to build out their LTE infrastructure, and in the meantime just shove everybody over to use at&it’s overtaxed towers for 3g in the meantime. at&t is already known for their lousy service and dropped calls, do what’s the difference if they have a few more once they add T-Mo inserts to the mix? Bad before, bad after..not like their users will notice.

  • http://Website kazahani

    Deutch Telekom signs this guy’s paycheck. What is he supposed to say?? Catch him off the record and I bet he sings a much different tune…

    • http://Website viking

      Deutsche, not Deutch. Porsche, not Porche. Is it that difficult?

      • http://Website Mark

        Douche Telecom

      • http://Website Kazahani

        Sorry. Just a typo.

  • http://Website metafor

    Honestly, I would’ve preferred it if T-Mobile simply branched off from Deutsch Telecom rather than be swallowed. The spectrum limitations are an issue in some areas and will only get worse in the future but having less players is not a way to solve that.

    Whatever gains you will get from consolidating spectrum will in no way offset the lack of competition this would result in in a wireless market that already has far too few players.

  • Tangent

    What I still want to know and that has never been answered is what will happen to my T-Mobile @Home VOIP service if the merger goes through. T-Mo hasn’t offered it to new customers in quite a while but continues to support it for existing users. I kind of doubt AT&T will bother with that…

  • http://Website E.T.

    DT said they wanted to concentrate on their 13 other T-Mobile branches in Europe mainly and they got rid of their non-profitable US branch. Its a simple reason. Blame the customers who didnt make the switch , instead staying with the big two. Moreover, the united states are not a key market any more, growth is a problem. Nobody cares about the states anymore, china , india, russia, brazil, middle east ,asia in general are the new boming markets.
    Sometimes you have to realize you dont cut it. it happens all the time, so get off and regroup. Wal-Mart and Toyota entered the german market, but both failed horribly, with wal-mart becoming an epic desaster with a rapid retreat. Thats business folks.

    • http://Website metafor

      Nobody is disputing that from a business standpoint, this isn’t good for DT. However, that doesn’t mean the concerns that consumers may suffer from this aren’t valid.

      This consolidates the market for which there are already too few players. The question we really need to ask is why a carrier like t-mobile USA wasn’t profitable and how we can change the environment that telecoms operate in to encourage more players to compete against one another.

      And no, it isn’t just a matter of “that’s the free market”. The telecom industry is anything but a free market. It’s primary resource (spectrum) is handed out like manna from heaven by the government.

  • http://Website moschops

    Is that really the best comment T-Mobile can come up with? Saying your case is compelling isn’t very compelling. The greatest tricksters and social engineers can be very, very compelling while pulling the wallet from you pants and the watch from your wrist…

    How about a factual objective argument that can be proved or disproved, and if their basis for the merger proves to be invalid or even worse, illicit, they pay penalties and a broken up again as ma bell was once before?

  • http://www.neilcalvin.com ncalvin

    That press release is a friggin’ lie. The spectrum crunch *is* total BS.

    1.) The FCC can release more frequencies for use.

    2.) As radio technology advances, individual frequency usage can be refined, allowing more handsets to simultaneously use a given range of frequency.

    3.) What about AT&T’s unused range they would have to hand over in the event that the merger doesn’t go through?

    Honestly. This “spectrum crunch” crap is a misdirect to take attention away from the fact that AT&T is purchasing T-Mobile for a ridiculous sum of money (almost 2x it’s net worth) in order to monopolize GSM and slip a fat one to us, sans lube.

    Wonder how many days it’ll take after this merger is approved before an FTC chairman takes a senior position at AT&T, a la the Comcast/NBC Universal merger.

    F*** this, I need another beer. This is depressing.

  • http://Website dee

    I’ll wait this out and see where the market is once my contract ends…

  • http://Website Machika Kara Kuro

    THis is just bull shit. T-Mobile is getting paid if they merger goes threw, that means this guy is going to get a big ass check to his bank account of course he wants the merger to go threw. I think something else we need to think abotu is why we only have a few big cellure companies. If you look at the rest of the world they have lots of GSM carries, the issue comes from that you have to buy specturm in the usa you dont rent/share the specterm thats. So ATT SPRINT TMOBIL AndVWZ rent the specturm to all of these prepaid and reginal companies. its pretty messed up.

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    This is HONESTLY A VERY SAD CONCLUSION the fact that tmobile has been white washed into thinking that this is a benefit…..HOW MUCH MORE OF A FARCE CAN THIS BE….I guess getting paid is more important to tmobile instead of saving there own networks. Tmobile customers should JUMP SHIP TO SPRINT where the little guys get treated properly and recieve a great service good bang for the buck. Plus with GOOGLE SUPPORTING SPRINT as well as the best android devices out of any carrier YOU SIMPLY CAN’T GO WRONG. Think of this profolio line up 1.Evo 3d, 2. Photon 4g, 3. Galaxy Within 4g, 4. Nexus S4g, 5. Evo 4g, 6. Epic 4g, 7. Evo view 4g, 8. Blackberry Playbook 4g, 9. Motorola Xoom, 10. Galaxy Tab 4g, and the iphone in september WHAT MORE WOULD ANY ANDROID LOVER REALLY WANT PLUS ALL UNLIMITED…

  • http://Website paul atewart

    @moschops I’ll give you just INE, simple fact : pricing. According to my most recent info, my current rate plan @ */- $55/month will be +/- &115 MINIMUM at att. I don’t know about you or anyone else, but a 100% INCREASE of my cell bill is simply UNACCEPTABLE, period. A recent post suggested that the AVERAGE TMO user will see a +/- 80% INCREASE of their cell bill. That ONE FACT alone should rattle the FCC & the Millions of customers on TMo.

  • http://Website Myrmidon

    To be clear, T-Mobile’s opinion does matter but make no mistake it was not T-Mobile’s decision to be sold to AT&T. The deal was brokered by DT and AT&T, not T-Mobile.

  • http://www.avaqom.com HackNet

    the only way you can get rid of your competition is to win them with war, or pay them to leave.

    new world order?

  • http://Website ////////

    i have Verizon, which is much better

  • http://Website grant

    You just realized that T-mobile does not want to be saved? They agreed to be sold in the first place.

  • http://Website Glenn

    At this point, I don’t see an option but to jump ship to Sprint. They’re the only decently priced option left. Verizon is coming out with a tiered data plan next week that will make At&t’s data plan look like discount pricing. Spectrum crunch or not, taking competition out of the market place is bad for the consumer. Prices will soar and service will suck. AT&T is notorious for trying to build a monopoly, they’ve done it once, they will do it again.

  • http://Website wiseguyy

    Its allready been said, less competition is bad. Once this is done VZW will piss in there cheerios and begin to cry foul to the fcc. They will then argue they need to gobble up Sprint to compete and lobby the feds to give them a green light. When the offer is made to the sprint shareholders they’ll take the money and run. Most likely $2-6 over the current share price and the rich get richer. The aftermath is all of us lose as ATT and VZW push the rates higher because the infastructure-bandwidth needs expansion and the each take turns raising rates ..my turn ….your turn…and all we get are two sets of balls bouncing on our asses, sans no grease but sand for lube. And that will be that..

  • Bach Lee

    now that ATT and T-Mobile are not merge, T-Mobile is going down badly; the company hired bunch of people from the street and lying to customers. These people said one thing and report to the company another thing. Well, I would not invest any money in T-Mobile for the next few years to make sure it still standing.

  • Rex McRickner

    T-Mobile has another smart card up their sleeve. It’s called Solavei – a re-seller of T-Mobile service in which individuals are paid to bring in customers who enjoy unlimited everything for $49 per month with no contracts. When you give people the incentive to earn “mailbox money”, they will drive the business and bring in customers like no slick ad campaign ever could. I know – I introduced just 5 friends (rather casually) and that has turned into more than 1,350 customers in just two months. While most people are paying for their cell service, my cell service is paying me, and rather handsomely at that. Check out my site and join us! mobile49er . c om.