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Verizon dubbed fastest mobile network in America by PCMag

PCMag came out with their second annual internet connection speed test yesterday. This year, the folks at PCMag set their sights on mobile networks, setting out on a 21-city cross-country road trip in hopes of crowning a mobile internet speed champion.

As expected, Verizon’s implementation of a nationwide LTE network in late 2010/early 2011 propelled them to the top. It’s actually almost sad to look at the results; Verizon trounced the competition in nearly every category, often with download and upload speeds that were 2-4 times faster than the closest competitor.

The only place Verizon didn’t come out on top? Rural America. Because Verizon’s LTE network is predominantly found in larger cities, the winner of the Rural America category would have to win on the strength of it’s 3g network alone. Rural America was the only category not won by Verizon in a landslide. Instead, AT&T took the crown for non-city-dwellers.

Sprint and T-Mobile have been lauded as the two most aggressive carriers when it comes to Android. How did the networks for the #3 and #4 stack up against each other? T-Mobile comes away with bragging rights in this contest, as their HSPA+ network bested Sprint’s WiMax network in nearly every region.

It comes as no surprise that, due to their early adoption of LTE, Verizon Wireless has the fastest network in America in 2011 by far. This may change over the next few years as the other carriers build out their HSPA+/LTE/WiMax networks. But we can be sure that, for 2011 at least, Verizon is the premier network in America when it comes to mobile.

You can check out the full results inĀ PCMag’s article. Otherwise, boast (or complain) about your network’s performance in the comments below.

Source: PCMag

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  • LukeT32


  • Galen20K

    Verizon is Awesome!! T-Mobile didn’t do too bad itself either with its HSPA+, even tho it’s not true 4G standards it really can compete. : )

    • http://Website Chris B

      TRUE 4G MINIMUM download speeds are 100 mps.
      So until verizon can achieve that it isn’t true 4g either.

      • http://Website metafor

        Perhaps not, but there is still a league of difference between LTE and everything else. The latency, bandwidth and coverage provided by the spectrum and protocol that Verizon uses is simply astounding compared to the other networks. AT&T may rival this soon with their LTE network but based on their past behavior, I’d expect their LTE network to be riddled with the same backhaul problems they had when the iPhone first came out.


    ill trade that for the ability to talk and surf on Tmo. I was in NYC last week and was getting 8 dl and 1-2 ulon my sensation.. good enough for me

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      THat’s one thing I do miss switching from ATT to Sprint. Folks don’t understand how freeing it is unless they’ve had it. On the other hand though I’m pretty sure now verizon is allowing Voice+Data starting with the THunderbolt. . . and it works on Sprint if You’re on Wimaxx

  • http://Website snowbdr89

    And thats why i dont mind payin more for vzw, smokin fast data and coverage everywhere!! Thats awesome tmo out did that pathetic wimax im curious to see that moron dick yarrells comments.

  • http://Website jbn

    I have been taking advantage of the free 4g hotspot with vzw and i average 18 to 21 mbps!!

  • http://Website Joshua

    I’m happy with T-Mobile results in second place considering the difference in cost to Verizon and more freedom to mod out my phone.

  • http://Website snowbdr89

    Correct me if im wrong but it seems like people complain about verizons lack of 4g devices but to me it seems like their main focus is their network and when the lte is up n going all over then they will start pumpin out awesome devices!! All the sprint devices comin out seem useless if they are switching to lte down the road!! Again just an opinion

    • http://Website Richard Yarrell

      Personally I can’t wait TILL JULY 7TH 2011 when your tiered DATA KICKS INN what a grand day that will be for all of us. Lets see you turn to XDA or your MOD world to fix that…CRAPPY DEVICES ON A FAST NETWORK MAKES A LOT OF SENSE i GUESSS ONLY YOU WOULD FALL FOR THAT. THIS MUST BE JUNE 2010 ALL OVER………

      • http://Website snowbdr89

        I will still have my unlimited data dick but you enjoy your new evo on the NOW slower network and ill enjoy my unlimited lte. Its a shame to have a device like that evo on such a pathetic network!!

      • Uncemister

        You say it will kick in, but if common sense serves me right, he is already a VZW customer, which means he as well as I will continue to enjoy our unlimited data until we ourselves change it. Instead of being a sore loser for having the slowest coverage in the country, you could at least be more professional, being a high up there member of this site.

  • Drew

    I keep on waiting to see when Verizon’s speeds start to drop when more people get on the LTE network, but be damned, the speeds are still fast as a bat out of hell. Unfortunate that “The Network” is being greedy and moving towards tiered prices.

  • http://Website snowbdr89

    Here is a challenge for dick (head) yarrell, please explain to everyone why people need a dual core phone? If sprints so awesome why is their network so slow an their coverage so small? I know you cant answer these questions because you’re not that smart but its worth a try.

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    Why don’t you explain to us why does LTE drain so much of the battery life out of your thunderbolt what you might get 3hrs tops in LTE..HTC gave Verizon a LEMON if it wasn’t for the android community coming to the rescue of the thunderbolt it would be so much worse. Enjoy your battery sucking overpriced network with those phones from 2010 other networks have moved on.

    • http://Website snowbdr89

      Poor dick i get 18 + hours on my tbolt moron as i recall i asked you a couple of questions so stop being a pussy and answer them but i know you cant because your just a pathetic troll who has 0 friends and your jealousy of verizon gets the best of ya haha dumbfucker

  • http://Website Darren

    The LTE network really is extremely fast.. Im driving from New York to Indiana right now. So far, I’ve crossed two 4G LTE networks. After a speed test, I’ve come out with 20 mbps download speed and 4 mbps upload speed for both areas.