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Video: 7 reasons to trade in your EVO 4G for an EVO 3D

The official price and release date for Sprint’s HTC EVO 3D were finally announced a couple days ago, and it’s just crying to be picked up. Announced at CTIA 2011, this device has been one of the most anticipated of the year. And it only has a few worthy competitors. (Mostly the HTC Sensation and the Samsung Galaxy S II).

Soon after the EVO 3D’s price and availability were made official, multiple companies started announcing pre-order offers. Target seems to stand out amongst the crowd, since they’re offering a $150 credit if you’re willing to trade-in your HTC EVO 4G. And Radio Shack is willing to give a $100 credit for it. Why should you give up your beloved EVO 4G? Here’s 7 reasons why the upgrade is very much worth it:


If you thought your HTC EVO 4G was fast, wait ’til you see the power of the EVO 3D. Packing one of the best processors to-date, the EVO 3D’s 1.2 GHZ dual-core Snapdragon will surely impress. Not only is this CPU clocked higher, but the dual-core factor should also substantially improve the performance of the device.


Though this might be a battery drainer for some, (we all know Android devices have bad battery life anyway–especially ones with HTC Sense), this device does have 1 GB of RAM, which will greatly improve your multitasking experience.

3D Camera and Display

Though many think a phone should not be 3D, it’s actually very nice to have the option. Being able to record and watch 3D video (glasses-free) can definitely improve your media experience. 3D is growing–slowly, but it is growing–and this feature makes your device just a bit more future-proof. But if you just can’t get used to 3D, it’s very simple to turn the feature off. Even without it, this is a great phone.

Android 2.3 Gingerbread

It’s mid-2011, and you’d expect all devices to be released with Android 2.3. But that’s not always the case. Many devices are still being released with Froyo, which is simply not acceptable at this point. The HTC EVO 3D, however, does come with Android 2.3 Gingerbread out of the box, making it one of the very few to have the latest Android OS.

HTC Sense 3.0

If you guys haven’t seen the improvements in Sense 3.0, you’re really missing the action. It’ll only take the first power-on for you to see how much HTC Sense has improved. Literally the first thing you see, the lock screen is among the most exciting features of Sense 3.0. (At least it’s my favorite). And that’s only the beginning.

TV Connectivity

The HTC EVO 3D features DLNA and HDMI (MHL port). This will prove amazing for those who want to take their entertainment to a bigger screen. Plug in your device via HDMI or simply sync it wirelessly, if your TV is DLNA capable. It’s that simple to play your HD–and 3D–videos on your living room big screen.

Price/Trade-in Credit

While some other high-end devices are being released with a price tag of $250-$300, the EVO 3D is breaking the rules, with a price of $199.99 on a two-year contract. So, if you trade in your EVO 4G at Target and get the $150 credit ($100 at Radio Shack), it adds up very nice. (We’ll let you do the math). Although, if you try to sell your EVO 4G through a site like eBay or Craigslist, you might end up getting even more for it.

Pre-orders are up and running, so make your decision and be sure to get your device by the 24th. With the popularity of the EVO 3D, supplies probably won’t last long.

EVO 4G, I love you, but people (and technology) change. It isn’t you, it’s me…

As always, we’d love to know what our readers think. Let us know your opinions! Are you pre-ordering your EVO 3D? If so, are you trading in your EVO 4G for the store credit?

Radio Shack has put together this closer-look video of the EVO 3D, as if you needed any more prompting.

Via: Radio Shack (YouTube)

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  • http://Website Miguel

    “Though this might be a battery drainer in some cases, we all know that Android devices have bad battery life anyways, specially ones with HTC Sense. This device does have 1 GB of RAM, which will greatly improve your multi-tasking experience.”

    Waiting for EVO owners (or others) to rant BLASPHEMY! Their phone lasts for “days”, even “weeks”, on a “single charge” and “regular” usage!!!

    • http://Website David

      Juice Defender Apps has Help alot, I actually purchase their whole line, at times it doubles the battery life… at times stand-by mode I can get 2-3 days, when before had to be plugged in at night..

  • mikevo

    I’m sure it will be a great device. Let me say that I’m not interested in 3d tech at all. I’m also not due for an upgrade till Oct 1. I’ll be waiting for the 3rd Gen Nexus. Also I can sell my rooted Evo for about $330 privately or through eBay. That being said my buddy is a manager for a radio shack and will be calling me when they unbox it.

    • http://Website Miguel

      Sounds like logical plan. However, there is no guarantee that Google will release the Nexus 3 first on Sprint, despite their cozy relationship as of late. The past 2 Nexus devices have been launched on T-Mobile first, with a second carrier being added around 6 months later. So you may not see a Nexus 3 on Sprint until 2012.

      This and the fact that the two rumored manufacturers for the N3 have great relationships with T-Mobile . HTC with the MyTouch 4G, G2, and Sensation and soon MyTouch 4G Slide. And LG, who launched the the world’s first dual-core phone on T-Mobile, the G2X. Plus T-Mobile seems to be much more willing to release phones with stock Android, so Google must like that.

      But with this whole AT&T/T-Mobile deal.. who knows if Google has soured on Tmo a bit.

      • mikevo

        I willing to wait. Despite being a Samsung my wife’s nexus s is a nicer phone especially the screen. Wow!!! If Google was smart they would get their flagship device on all 4 carriers unlike a certain iCompany. Honestly if ICS is announced and no word of a sprint nexus I’ll start to get an itch but I won’t get a device that will be 6 months old by that time. We all know in the Android world that the next best thing is around the corner.

  • mikevo

    My Evo is on the charger as I type. Shocking I know.

  • http://Website Shawn

    Perhaps I’m missing something, but I’ve had the Evo 4G since it came out (last June…12 months ago). When I look at getting new/upgrade pricing, it says I am not eligible until 2012. So in my mind, that means I would have to pay the full retail price for the Evo 3D ($500), minus any deals for trading in my Evo 4G, correct? Or is there some way that I am overlooking that would allow me to qualify for the upgrade/new contract pricing of $200 before trade-in deals?

    • mikevo

      Call sprint. Kick scream an say you’re leaving. Your line will be eligible in 48 hours. I upgrade my wife’s phone on mother’s day when the nexus s 4g came out. I got her a optimus s in Feb.

      • mikevo

        Forgot….if you call say your not happy about the premier customer changes. “I thought I’d be eligible for an upgrade now. Not a year from now”

      • http://Website Shawn

        That’s a good idea. I have been rather unhappy with Sprint lately. 1 month before my 1-year upgrade eligibility kicked in, they sent me a letter saying “congrats! You’ve been moved to our new Sprint Premier service! The only difference is that you are eligible to upgrade your phone every 22 months instead of 12!” And now I see that all of their new data phones, even ones that are only 3G, are required to add the $10/month “Premium Data” fee. Plus, the recent letter saying that they are raising the monthly charge on phone insurance from $7 to $8 per line.

        This is getting ridiculous. Sprint keeps adding on more and more fees, and taking away benefits that were included when I originally signed up with them. I should definitely call them and complain.

        • mikevo

          When the nexus came to sprint I read that people were doing that to get upgraded early.

  • http://Website Brian

    Is it possible to sign a new 2 year contract while still in the middle of one? I’d be interested in taking advantage of this offer, but I signed my current 2 year contract when I got my Evo – just under a year ago.

    • http://Website Brian

      Sorry, opened the page and read comments before the above thread addressed this same question!

  • http://Website zeeshan

    im so excited for this

    Should i trade my phone in to target or radio shack or sell it on Craigslist…

    idk hopefully somthing that’ll give me the most $$$

    Evo 3d is gonna be sick

    and i loved the line

    “EVO 4G, I love you, but people (and technology) change. It isn’t you, it’s me…”

  • http://Website RockinEvo

    Imma prolly go to RadioShack since its close even tho u get 50 at target, I know I can get more putting it online and have the title say rooted Evo but both stores are offering good deals might as well support them.

  • mattcoz

    Ok, but why oh why should I trade in my Hero???


  • http://Website weirdroid

    I know I would love the Evo 3D, but I’m keeping my OG Evo. Not one new feature equates to a new use for me, and I use mine for *everything*.
    Processor — never noticed anything wrong with the current one
    RAM — ditto
    3D camera and display — might be fun to try
    Android 2.3 Gingerbread — using cyanogen, so ahead of that curve anyway
    HTC Sense 3.0 — ditto (I can already open the camera from the lockscreen)
    TV connectivity — OG Evo has it, and I prefer the separate HDMI output.
    Price — keeping mine costs $0 and saves upgrades for later.
    I’ve also put a lot of creative energy and accessory purchases into docking/mounting arrangements for many uses. And I like the kickstand! I’m gonna enjoy the classic Evo for another year or more. Just think what the choices will be then!

  • http://Website JirafaBo

    I’ve contacted 3 different Target mobile departments and not one knew anything about a $150 trade in credit with the Evo 4g and Evo 3d 4g. anyone have any information?

  • http://Website gingerbread lady

    I pre ordered my evo 3d 2 days ago and I called Sprint today and they said they are give out $100-$150 on a evo 4g trade in if its in good condition.thank god I just got a brand new replacement evo.Hahaha ill be getting that $150 credit.

  • http://Website Nate

    I have the Evo 4G, but I’ve decided to just skip the Evo 3D and to wait for next year’s phones.

    The Evo 4G is currently good enough for me, and I currently use it mostly just for the web browser.

    Since I currently don’t have any interest in any of Android’s games, I’m going to wait and then buy a quad-core phone that will be able to run much better games and apps.

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    Without question It’s all about EVO 3d. I had my original Evo 4g since June 4th 2010 day one and it has been the best device on the market a pure multimedia beast. Now we have a new member a new leader to the Evo family and its very fair to support that device as well. I will with my Evo 3d on day one as well

  • http://www.google.com maxamilliongazillion

    Is the article going to be updated on the 3D bit as it seems to be nearly certain / confirmed that you cannot disable the 3D display? The toggle, next to the camera, is specifically for the camera. In regards to the actual 3D output, it is automatically initiated when 3D supported app / movie / game etc is launched. Not toggled at will. A bummer for some while maybe not for others, but necessary info none the less.

  • http://Website Dee

    Seems like they put all the bells and whistles in the 3D….except NFC…..

  • http://Website Gordon

    the 3D is not enough of an upgrade from the EVO for me to burn my upgrade on. they should have made the display 4.5″+.

    i’ll wait for the true HTC Superphone with 4.5″ display. “Holiday” for Sprint?

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    Bottomline….If your not getting this Evo then you are behind the times. While my current Evo 4g was last years model and still holds in the top 10 Android devices it pays to have the best. Spec wise the new Evo 3d will be the best for 2011 nothing will be better and the technology and content installed in the devices makes it the best period. HTC and SPRINT has continued to provide nothing but the best for the Evo family of devices since day one the Evo 3d continues that promise. Look around people take a good look at all the carriers and look at what they have VERIZON has NO DUALCORE DEVICE they are selling OVERPRICED UNDERSPECED 2010 devices and charging 250 to 300 for nothing but LTE and we all know what the battery life is on all there LTE device. Look at at&t only one dualcore device. Tmobile has 2 devices that are dualcore and sprint will have 2 dualcore devices with today’s MOTO announcement. Sprint remains affordable for what they provide. Simply put sprint is the place for top Android devices plain and simple. If your not rocking a sprint device in 2011 then your not in the game

  • http://Website Robert Lehrer

    I tried out a buddy’s new Evo 3D a couple of days ago. A huge advantage of the new model that I haven’t heard mentioned is the keyboard on the 3D. When the phone is held in portrait mode, there’s no difference. When the phone is held in landscape mode, there’s more distance between the keys on the keypad and this makes texting and emailing much faster.

    The above difference alone makes the Evo 3D worth considering, if you (like me) were unhappy with the Evo 4G’s keyboard.

  • Drew

    You can trade in your EVO 4G at Best Buy Mobile and get $100 bucks off any Sprint phone starting this week!!