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Video: Angry Birds to bring NFC, GPS location-based features

What are the limits of gaming? Well, our friends at Rovio have just shown us how far games can go with a bit of creativity and commitment. We’ve seen different versions of Angry Birds (like Angry Birds Seasons and Rio). We’ve seen Rovio release toys and clothing accessories. And they’re even planning to release a recipe book. Some of these products may seem comic and unnecessary, but it Angry Birds may prove very successful with their latest project.

Angry Birds’ ecosystem has revolved around mobile devices since the game’s birth. Portability has definitely been one of the most important factors, making it one of the most famous games out there. Rovio isn’t stopping development on Angry Birds just yet, and their future plans include the addition of NFC and GPS features into the game.

Rovio’s representatives mention two new implementations:  One takes advantage of NFC, while the other focuses on location-based services (GPS). The NFC feature would basically allow you to unlock levels and other secret content by tapping phones with your fellow players and/or using NFC tags. While this seems interesting, it’s not as revolutionary as the location-based feature Rovio is releasing soon, simply called “Magic.” Magic will allow users to unlock levels and features like the Mighty Eagle (strongest Bird in the game), as well as new unknown content, upon your arrival to specific locations.

Just like in “real life,” the situation and environment in the game will change along with those of your own. These new additions to Angry Birds will surely make it a much more entertaining, interactive game. I can already see you guys stopping at your local “Magic” location to enjoy a few bird-throwing rounds. By the way, Rovio mentions Magic locations will be specifically planned to enhance gaming. They’ll be assigned at places where it wouldn’t be an inconvenience to play for a while. Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka suggests they’ll announce partnerships in the coming weeks (along with the new features), so we might see some local coffee shops or businesses offering Magic locations soon.

Stay tuned for an announcement in the coming weeks, and check out the video below for more details. What do you guys say? Like the idea of moving around your city to unlock Angry Birds content?

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