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Video: Blake Griffin shows off his unreleased Vizio tablet

As many of you know, a new tablet and smartphone were among the upcoming Android devices Vizio announced at CES. You may recall the devices’ interesting UI. It looks very different from Vanilla Android. This could be a bad thing for many Android fans, but NBA Rookie of the year, Blake Griffin, seems to be quite impressed. To us, it’s more surprising he was able to get his hands on one… and probably didn’t even have to pay for it. It sure is nice being famous.

As you can see in the video posted below, the 8-inch Vizio tablet works in conjunction with Vizio TVs and the Vizio smartphone. This tri-force setup is called Vizio Via Plus and provides a multi-platform ecosystem, allowing you to control your TV from both your smartphone and tablet. It does have a full remote control and functions perfectly along with Blake Griffin’s 65-inch 3D TV (which he probably also got for free).

The tablet also serves its purpose as a standalone device. But many of us are partial to manufacturers that lean towards the purer Google experience. If you’re interested in this bad boy, leaks prove Walmart has it priced at $349[1]. Not much has been revealed about this tablet, but known specs include a 1 GHz processor, Vizio’s unnamed UI and dual cameras (front and rear).[2] What do you guys say? Going for Blake Griffin’s setup? Is anyone out there getting this tablet? It’d be nice if we could get a hold of one, too.


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Via: Pocket-Lint

Source: BlakeGriffinVideo (Youtube)

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  • http://Website Nata Goodidea


    With ice cream sammich ICS coming with Google TV integration.. why in the world would anyone get this? I’m making bets that whatever OS version is on it will never get updated. Ever.


    On of my first LCD’s was a Vizio, over 5 years old now.. In my kids room and still functions perfectly.. Im sure they will make a quality product here.. Its an American company and should be more widely supported by the public. Anyway it will be android im sure and it far enough off that Vizio should be aware that a new OS is coming and if they want to sell some of these for Christmas thy will have to keep it updated with future updates

  • http://Website LolNO

    Vizio = FAIL

  • http://varemenos.com/ Varemenos

    Steal his tablet, rule his house.

  • http://trueacu.com acupuncture

    seamless integration is the wave of the future. the sad thing is, MS should of had this seamless integration for the home years ago but it seems they were more intent on keeping development slow. . . gotta love competition.

  • http://Website Sleepin

    So yet another unoriginal tablet enters stage left. Can we say….who gives a shit yet? Tablets are retarded. Especially when the only differentiating factors are flash support and port availability. This is just another crappy tablet aimed at idiots. Go…waste your money walmart shoppers. Morons.