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Video: Is a tablet even necessary?

While tablets are definitely nice, some people find it hard to justify buying one. In fact, some members of the Android and Me staff mentioned they’d never purchase a tablet, because they find them unnecessary. They’d gladly take one for free, though!

Yet many of us still have the itch to purchase one. They’re definitely tempting, but it is a bit hard to not consider them a luxury item. We find it easy to spend a few hundred dollars on a phone that will be used most of the day. Smartphones are part of our professional and personal life, and to some of us they are essential. But why would a tablet be necessary? Let’s see if Liz Murray, senior product manager for T-Mobile’s tablet line, can change any minds.

Let us know if you agree with Liz. What do you think of tablets? Luxury? Necessary? Just a cool gadget, maybe? It might very well be more than an entertainment device to many of you. Those who do have a tablet, what do you mostly use it for?

Source: TMobile (Youtube)

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  • http://Website Jason


  • http://maxtechnewz.blogspot.com max

    video seams like its been pulled

    • Edgar Cervantes

      It is still working for me… Anyone else having issues?

  • http://Website mikaeldalc

    I wouldn’t mind having a tablet but its not gonna replace my laptop anytime soon. My laptop has 500gb of storage while tablets have around 16gb. I can c myself getting a tablet one day but not until the storage gets bumped to at least 100gb<

    • http://maxtechnewz.blogspot.com/ Max

      a tablet is not ment to have all your data or replace a laptop it is pretty much an internet device pictures put them in the cloud, music get a google music invite and put your music there, and for movies pay the 8$ a mont and get netflix what elese do yo need 100 gb for

      • http://Website Mark

        Why do people ALWAYS tout Netflix for movies. The movie selection is poor at best. If you want to watch most good current and even old ones, you will have to rent the DVD. Their instant streaming selection while they are improving is still nothing to write home about as they are missing MANY major series and movies. Maybe using Netflix and Hulu might soothe the pain a bit but until then, Netflix is still miles and miles away from the movie powerhouse that you guys always seem to toot.

      • http://Website Frank

        Pictures…Smartphone, Music…..Smartphone, Movies…..Ok maybe, $500 to watch movies….OK?

    • http://Website kazahani

      Those new Archos tablets with OMAP 4 have an optional Seagate 250gb HDD. They’re not very expensive, either.

  • http://maxtechnewz.blogspot.com Max

    it works now but i have the galaxy tab 10.1 and i never use my laptop anymore

  • http://Website Alex

    Tablets are just too big to practical as a portable device. I never put anything that big to my bag.
    Tablets are too slow for gaming. I’d rather use a gaming console or a desktop for games.
    Tablets are good for browsing at home. Unfortunately I have a laptop with rotating screen (I don’t use it either).
    Tablets are not good for browsing on the go for the same reason they are not practical on the go at all – size.

    Phones are good enough for on-the-go browsing, desktops for everything else. Laptops are lame excuse for CEOs :)

    Not convinced.

    • http://Website Frank


  • http://Website kazahani

    To me, tablets have a productivity issue. Everyone knows what a pain it is to type out a long email on a touchscreen, not to mention trying to prepare a spreadsheet or a powerpoint presentation. That’s a big reason why the Eee Pad Transformer is so successful.

    • Edgar Cervantes

      Well, would you say that a tablet with a physical keyboard (like the Transformer) would be able to defeat the purpose of having a laptop? Maybe one could have a desktop and a tablet?

      • http://Website Andy in Indy

        Once you have added the keyboard, aren’t you really back to the “desktop and a laptop” paradigm?

        While my tablet replaces many of the things I used to do only on my laptop or smartphone, it can’t replace my laptop until it is compatible with the web interface for my work. Tablets are just an extension of the Palm Pilot’s design philosophy, “The 20% of the computer you use 80% of the time!”

  • http://Website Darkseider

    Ever since I got my Asus Transformer + keyboard dock I haven’t touched my laptop. Usage wise 90% of the time I just have the tablet portion with me. If I know I will be doing something work related, extensive emails, google docs, ssh, etc.. I bring the keyboard dock with me to not only supplement the battery life but ease of extended typing. In any case this has been the best overall purchase I have made in quite a while.

  • http://Website weirdroid

    A 4+ inch smartphone does it for me. In fact I always challenge myself to use it for *everything* possible, and I don’t need or want any additional portable electronics whatsoever.

  • http://Website Dan

    The problem with tablets is that you need the right one – my old Archos 70 tablet was useless for doing anything but very simple tasks, while my Asus Transformer with keyboard dock has entirely replaced my laptop. Anything I use to do on my laptop can be done quickly and efficiently on this tablet.

    I can use the Transformer for work – reply to customer emails; create product flyers; use an RDP app to access my office computer; access vendor price lists; create PDF content, etc.

    For personal stuff, I can do it all from here too! Facebook, games, web browsing, email, twitter, grocery lists, scheduling, etc…

    What do I use my computer for? I set it up as a backup server, so it automatically downloads my evernote content; sugarsync files; syncs outlook with my google data, etc.

    Tablets will very quickly replace mainstream computers – the exception is the 1% of those who use special software not yet available on tablets. I give it two years before tablets will be powerful enough to fun just about anything a PC can.

  • http://Website JPB

    I put having a tablet in the same category as having one of those fancy one-serving Keurig coffee makers or a Mini Cooper.

    I’m not going to buy one for myself but if someone were to buy it for me I probably wouldn’t turn it down.

  • http://Website matthew

    I thought her reasoning on why you would want a tab instead of a laptop was good but her reasoning vs. a smartphone seemed weak.

    A 4.3 inch screen is fine for me.

  • http://varemenos.com/ Varemenos

    Wait is this the part where i get hyped and go buy a useless gadget?

  • http://Website snowbdr89

    Ill stick with my alienware m17x and my tbolt.

  • http://Website Thorpeland

    It all comes down to how you use your portable gear. For me, my XOOM has practically replaced my laptop…. which now sits in my closet. I still use my home pc for the heavy stuff like gaming, Photoshop, vid editing, etc. But ive discovered that when im at the coffee shop or someplace where i just want to surf the net and be internet-social, the tablet has been perfect. Ive gotten fairly fast at typing on the screen with both hands in landscape view or portrait view. And the multi tasking lets me jump between apps quickly. Also, i’ll admit the tablets are great on battery life. I was sitting in the coffee shop the other night watching this guy hunt for a seat near a power outlet. I laughed and leaned back in my comfy chair with my Xoom. I love how light it is and how i don’t even need to bring a cord with me. I have no regret buying it. Fits my needs perfectly.

  • jimmychou

    Real life observation says it is a luxury/splurge purchase at this moment. $500 is not enough tech for me. I think tablet needs to come down to $200$250 to justify purchase. Personally, I can’t do without my eReader which only cost $120.

  • Techblogger

    She could have simply said, “entertainment” and cut all this long winded explanation out. With a tablet, especially an Android tablet, this is all they advertise these things to do. This is all she did was talk about being entertained throughout the entire video. People who do work will still need to lug cables and laptops. Period.

  • http://Website Donnie

    I recently got an Asus Transformer and was beginning to think it might not have been a great purchase. The keybord dock completely changed everything once I bought it.

    I lounge around with my tablet for personal stuff and quickly get down to business once I attach the dock. I don’t worry about the battery life with this one unlike my phone. Really impressed with the versatility.

  • http://Website Paul

    I never could see why anybody would spend $400-$800 on a tablet when you can pickup a full featured netbook for $200-$300 and have full access to a whole range of software and operating systems. In the end, my wife’s Asus netbook gets 8-10 hours battery life, runs XP perfectly, browse’s the web, has flash, uses any number of browsers, can play video’s in any number of formats, etc. etc. why would I drop $600 on a tablet?

  • http://bestandroiddeals.com Paul Paulson

    There really isn’t any need for a tablet at this point and time but once you get one you’ll find uses for it and you’ll probably end up loving it especially is you’re reading the comments of an android blog like this. I have a nook color with CM7 which is limited as a tablet and I still love the hell out of it.

  • http://Website tru-droid

    People said the same thing about e-readers, DVDs, Cd’s, mp3 and look were they are now. Over time there is always going to be a demand as long as we buy them. You can always find a more ways to use for any new technology. Now ask yourself, do you use any new technology look back 5 years before you got one and think about what you said when it came out. 9 out of 10 times you probably thought it was silly and you would never get one. I bet you have one of the new things now. Example is plasma TV,lcd, led, cd,dvd, blu-ray, mp3, the list can go on.