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Video: LG Optimus Black races the competition and beats them on physical specs

It is Friday! There is no better way to start the weekend than grabbing some tasty appetizers and beverages to enjoy along with a nice race! Only this is a different type of race. LG Mobile has put together a video of the LG Optimus Black on a race against the current best devices on the market.

The video does not mention the exact names of the other racers, probably due to legal reasons. One can speculate which devices they are talking about due to the similarity of the names though, and of course, by the way they look.

Though we wish LG would have included other specs, this video focuses on the physical qualities of the devices, but it is very entertaining nonetheless. If you do want to see more details about the Optimus Black, check out our hands-on with the device, along with the unboxing and benchmarks.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the race! Just for kicks, lets see how well you guys know the devices out there (“I want to play a game”)! Tell us which phones are the contestants! Personally, I am having doubts with one, the “HighTech Dwayne” (HTC Dream? It really doesn’t look like it on the video).

Source: LGMobileHQ (Youtube)

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  • http://Website Ban

    This is quite retarded. The front of the s2 would have fit through the 9.3mm slot. The back wouldn’t have. Also the CPU is a 1.2ghz CPU…and a dual core….

    • http://Website chekorama

      relax samsung fanboy, it just a video and only they are compered SGS not (s2) not act like crapiphone fan, anyway i’m agree that the winer of this category is the optimus B

  • http://www.neilcalvin.com ncalvin

    This video is absolutely moronic. Oh no! A phone that’s 9.3mm thick somewhere on it! What a fat-ass! Oh no! A phone that weighs more than 120 grams! What a fatass! If consumers are going to put a few grams or a tenth of a millimeter over features, performance, reliability, build quality, etc., then I honestly hope they get screwed.

  • http://Website Jake

    Waffle’s IVan is Apple iPhone
    Samson’s Gary S Jr.= Samsung Galaxy S
    Sonic’s Archie= SonyEricsson Xperia Arc
    Hightech Dwayne = HTC HD2

    • http://Website Antony369

      It is Galaxy S2 (not galaxy S) : 8.5 mm to 9.9 mm is thickness for Galaxy S2

  • http://Website mmeedduen

    Really lol this is why LG sucks. retarded add

    LG couldn’t do it right the first time with the optimus X2 so this is there 2nd attempt
    And all they did was copy the competition on looks and made it SLIGHTLY thinner…WOW IMPRESSIVE LG

    SGS2 FTW

    • http://Website chekorama

      samsucks = icrap(icrap = samsucks) and now their fans are acting the same way. suckers!!!

  • http://yohanesmario.com Mario

    Quite a pointless ad I must say, but I really like the ending!

    The fall of the iPhone.

  • http://Website sisony362

    Very humoristic
    The advertisement mainly promotes the fact that Black is lightweight (109 g) and thinnest 9.2 mm. It is the main reason why it is the winner.
    Some other are advertising for lower thickness forgetting to say that there is another higher thickness.

  • http://Website ²²²²²²²²²²²²

    I agree, the iPhone smokes this!