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Video: Opera Mobile 11.1, Opera Mini 6.1 have arrived

Whether you prefer the full power of a browser or a lighter version of it, Opera has you covered. Opera is one of the most popular 3rd-party browsers for Android, up there with Dolphin and Skyfire, and it’s just gotten a bit better. Opera has just updated Opera Mobile to version 11.1 and Opera Mini to version 6.1, bringing a few improvements (mostly with regards to performance and interaction).

Aside from other helpful improvements (like auto-complete, better text selection, etc.), Opera Mobile 11.1 is beefed up by a new rendering engine. It’s called Opera Presto 2.8.149, and it further improves the speed and performance of the browser. By the way, it works great with honeycomb tablets.

Opera Mobile 11.1 Change Log:

  • Added support for Google AutoComplete
  • Added support for Google voice search
  • Added ability to search directly from the address bar
  • Added intelligent domain suggestion
  • Added support for country domain auto-complete (such as .ru or .id)
  • Added user agent setting
  • Added exit button option Settings->Advanced->Exit
  • Improved CSS, HTML5 standards support
  • Improved text selection
  • Added experimental support for Flash in Honeycomb
  • Fix for LTE network speed limit
  • Permissions:  see “bit.ly/opera_permissions”


For those who prefer a lighter, faster browser, Opera Mini has also been updated to version 6.1. Opera Mini 6.1′s browser engine works with Opera’s servers, compressing most of the data that would otherwise be fully downloaded. This process optimizes content for a smaller screen while making it faster and less data consuming.

Opera Mini 6.1 change log:

  • Added support for Google AutoComplete and Yandex Suggestions
  • Added ability to search directly from the address bar
  • Added support for country domain auto-complete (such as .ru or .id)
  • Added intelligent TLD support; learns the most used domain (TLDs)
  • Added support for more font faces and sizes
  • Added support for Arabic, Hebrew and other RTL languages in menus
  • Improved text selection
  • Fixed issue of missing title when sharing a URL
  • General bug fixes and improvements


Head over to the Android market and update your Opera browsers if you haven’t yet. If you’d like to try them, the links and QR codes are below the change logs. Also, check out the video embedded below. Opera Software has put it together for you, and it gives a quick introduction to the new and improved Opera mobile browsers. Anyone liking Opera Mobile or Opera Mini? Which browser do you prefer and why?

opera 1 opera 2 opera 3 opera 4 opera 5

Via: operasoftware (YouTube)

Source: Opera Mobile blog

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  • Galen20K

    Surprisingly I find that Opera Mobile is a bit more stable than the default Honeycomb browser. Particularly for PhoneArena.com on the default browser it force closes to the Tablet home-screen whereas Opera Mobile doesn’t. On my Galaxy Tab 10.1 btw.

  • http://Website eric

    I use Opera Mobile on my G2x and love it! renders fast and scrolls very smooth.

  • http://punmobile.net punzz

    EI ve updated it, and I dont got it. Whats new, there is only single column pref in setting, overall it still the same

  • http://Operamini Kiran

    I Lke I

  • Yersin

    I hate the auto-complete thing. It immediately goes to a different sure when you start typing the first letter in the address bar.

  • Samlesh yadav

    So very nice i like it