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Video: Real life Angry Birds

You thought Angry Birds was a big part of your life? You’ve got nothing on these guys in Barcelona. Turns out they actually set up a real life Angry Birds game where your favorite birds were literally throwing themselves against those green pigs!

I’m quite speechless, so just check out the video! It’s rather impressive, and the Angry Birds song was played live, too! Do we have any readers in Barcelona who had a chance to see this in person?

Via: LifeisforsharingDT (Youtube)

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  • pechano

    Really cool.

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  • http://Website Cris H

    this is cool but… Is t-mo just blowing money before the merge or what’s the deal?

    • http://Website DROID Sam

      I’m thinking that it was T-Mobile Germany of UK, not T-Mobile U.S.A.

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        • http://Website Justin364864646

          Yeah, but they dont have T-Mo or Deutsche Telekom in spain.

          Must be for
          T-Mobile Germany,
          T-Mobile United Kingdom,
          T-Mobile Austria,
          T-Mobile Hungary,
          T-Mobile Macedonia,
          T-Mobile Poland,
          T-Mobile Croatia,
          T-Mobile Slovakia,
          T-Mobile Czech Republic,
          T-Mobile Netherlands,
          T-Mobile Montenegro


          T-Mobile USA (doubtful that they keep pumping money into it)

          choose wisely.

          • http://Website Tomac

            Czech ad

  • http://Website Rev. Spaminator

    Sweet! I want one.

  • http://Website oaussieo

    Truly Amazing, Your turn AT&T, What……chicken???

  • http://Website @neidlinger

    really cool but alot of it is fake as the day is long. Esp the explosions

  • http://Website elgaot5

    Spoiler alert:

    Here’s some footage of them filming it in parts…with actors… and real explosions :)

  • http://Facebook.com/marco.montufar Marcofromda510

    What do you expect T-mobile to do? By all looks of it, they fully expect this BUY OUT to go through, so they’re trying to sweeten the deal, and generate as much business as possible. Its a win-win situation for them, the rich get richer type of thing….

    • http://Website cuntfinger

      moron, its just t-mobile usa, just USA not the others!

      WOW you are a retard, is it you Richard?

  • http://Website C

    yes there was a t-mo spot, but am i wrong to say the video and article was only about angry birds?