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Video: Which tablet breaks easier – Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom, or iPad 2?

Those device-breaking videos show up online from time to time, bringing a hefty amount of gut-wrenching entertainment to all of us who choose to watch them. Well, today we have a rugged competition between the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Motorola Xoom and the iPad 2. Though as a gadget lover it still hurts to watch the video, today’s video is a bit more beneficial to the consumer, since it promotes the purchase of warranties/insurance (SquareTrade Warranties).

How many times have we thought that purchasing device insurance isn’t necessary? The factory warranty is there after all, right? Well, I can tell you that I have regretted this decision, sometimes less than a month after the purchase. These little guys are not like our old Nokias, which seemed like they were built for Superman. (I remember one that lasted me 3 years and more than 100 drops).

Well, for those that want to see just how delicate our Android devices can be, the guys at ElectronicsBreak have put these 3 tablets to the test. The video consists of dropping these from waist level to what seems to be marble or concrete. (Whatever it is, it is definitely very hard). We can clearly see the Galaxy Tab suffered the least battle wounds, and the iPad 2 seems to be the most damaged. (I can see your smiles).

After seeing this video, how do you guys feel? Are you never opting out on that insurance again? Who else has had a bad experience with breaking a device shortly after purchasing it? Share your opinions with us and check out the video after the break.

Via: Droid-Life

Source: ElectronicsBreak

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  • http://Website Garrett

    Looking at videos like this make me..
    A. Want to get a warranty for tablet.
    B. Want to get a cover for my tablet.
    C. Want my OG Droid back, which survived my butter fingers from the day it was released worldwide until two months ago. Sans case or screen protector.

    • osatrevor


      Still using my old OG Droid, have dropped God knows how many times, and other than some scratches on the corners, it’s perfect. I’m holding on to this phone until either the Galaxy S II or the Nexus 3.

  • http://Website HermanMelville

    Right, they obviously threw the iPad2 down with much more force than the two android tablets. Good try Android users at trying to slander the name of the godpad2. Silly android users when will you learn, APPLE = GIFT FROM HEAVEN


    • http://Website 84guy

      and it STILL broke. its so fake. all Apple products are indestructible!!!!!! definitely Photoshopped

    • http://Website Kalango

      Such a naive kid….

    • http://Website mikewong27

      Please define “Heaven”? Is it Steve Job’s definition of “Heaven”? You are living in Steve Job’s world man!!!

    • http://Website Wilara23

      Actually it looks like the Motorola Xoom was dropped from a higher distance than the iPad2 and they suffered about the same damage.

    • http://Website Josh

      Actually, both the Galaxy Tab and the Motorola Xoom use the same glass (Corning Gorilla Glass). So it’s actually pretty plausible that the iPad2 shattered, since it’s made from a different type of glass.

      See Corning Gorilla Glass: Featured Products –

  • http://www.crapple.com Crivens

    These guys are right, this was SO OBVIOUSLY A FIX etc. etc. All schmApple products are magical, made by the gods themselves atop Mt. Olympus. That was a knock-off iPad – a real one would obviously have sprouted limbs and beat those guys up. Obviously. Etc. And then sprouted wings and flown away to live with a TRUE BELIEVER. Until it overheats and he gets a iPad3. Next week. I think I’ll stop now. But that obviously fake iPad2 did shatter rather a lot. It was a fake one, wan’t it?

  • http://Website David

    It’s irrational to get insurance/warranty for anything for which the loss would not be catastrophic (like your car, house, life, etc.). Over the course of your lifetime you will pay way more in warranty $ then you will recoup when they occasionally pay off. That is how the retailers make money on the extended warranties – they pay out less then they take in. Don’t do it, it’s a sucker’s game.

    • Tangent

      Nah, it’s just irrational to get insurance/warranty if the risk to benefit ratio isn’t favorable; it doesn’t have to be something catastrophic to lose. Paying $100 over the course of 2 years to cover a $200 phone would be a waste to most of us. However, for somebody with a bad habit of dropping and breaking their devices it would be money very well spent.

      My dad paid for insurance that replaced his phone in case of loss or theft and he definitely got his money’s worth out of it. For a while he lost his phone so often that he came out ahead by having bought the insurance. Of course they finally cancelled his policy, but not before it had paid off for him.

  • http://Website calmerkameleon

    Guys – I think HermanMelville was joking. Notice the “trollface.jpeg” bit?

  • http://Website Steve

    Recently dropped my sgs into my patio hard enough to make the cover come of and battery come out. Picked it up and not a scratch on it, put it back together & all working fine:).

    Mate at work dropped his iPhone 4, lovely cracked screen, scratches etc…

    p.s Haven’t watched the video…

  • http://Website MSB

    Guys, insure your devices through your homeowners policy – it’s about $10 a year with a $50 deductible, athough I’m sure it depends on your policy. I think it’s well worth it, when compared to carrier insurance. You may also be able to do it with a renter’s policy.

  • http://Website trufandroid

    To the apple fans aka morons how is it really possible that u sit here and say the apple’s products are indestructible three is a difference between drop and a throw down and they clearly dropped them all the same way and by the way my two friends have I phone fours and I have a nexus are phone where on a shelf together the shelf fell and guess whose screens where destroyed so yeah sent from heaven but can’t survive a four foot drop get a life and no damage to my nexus

  • http://www.molotovbliss.com B00MER


    I don’t know about the Xoom or iPad 2 but my Tab7 took a nice spill over the weekend from about the same height on black asphalt, above is the result.

    I have a galaxy S phone I’ve dropped with zero damage, even though the tab does have gorilla glass as well, I think the weight plus size of the glass makes it much more susceptible to damage.

    …and to top it off, T-mobile told me when I bought it they do NOT offer insurance on their tablet devices. So now I’ve got a replacement digitizer in route along with some tools from iFixit to repair it myself.

  • http://Website Kris

    The thing with most of those insurance plans is that, if it’s through the company for the wi-fi versions, they most commonly don’t cover accidental damage such as dropping it. I agree with David in that it really is just a profitable sort of “scam” for the company. Apple covers any defects for a year for free which is how long until the new gen stuff comes out anyway.

    PS – don’t bother responding to a person who has troll at the bottom of their post like that because they obviously aren’t serious and if you take the bait, you’re the lower intellectual they were hoping for.

  • http://Website Dee

    beyond me how you can drop a tablet face down on concrete…
    I think a more realistic test would it falling out your lap, slipping out your hands, or being dropped with weighted things on or near ie a bag with books or misc stuff.
    this test is for the idiots who walk around NYC trying to navigate a busy SoHo while keeping their heads totally engrossed in their WSJ app on their iPad…

  • http://www.clan31337.org grindking

    I don’t drop things anymore, especially if they’re of value. I learned long ago as a plumber that dropping things can be VERY bad in a work environment :D

  • AME

    No harm in dropping an iAnything. Whenever you drop an iProduct and the screen spiderwebs (as they always do), you just have to take it into the store where a Genius will fix it. Geniuses can solve all of your iProblems.*

    *Unless your problem is a notification bar, then it will take an entire company of Geniuses five years to come up with that idea.

  • http://Website Nate

    You don’t need to waste any money on insurance.

    Instead, just buy a high quality case and you’ll be fine.

    Any device that are as thin as these devices will break very easily, but when you use a high quality case with it, such as Otterbox’s defender series, it becomes very difficult to break these devices.

    On the side note, the only reason why the Samsung Tab suffered a lot less damage was because it’s only 7 inches instead of 10.

  • http://Website Giggles

    Or instead of bitching about who is better how about we all realize any tablet with a screen that big is going to have some level of weakness to it, gorilla glass or not. Just take care of your electronics people.

  • http://Website Tim

    I thought Gorilla Glass was supposed to be tuff glass it does not look like it. I have dropped temp glass from this height and have it not break it .For what some of these tablets cost the glass should withstand this.

  • http://Website p51d007

    They are all made of GLASS. Gorilla glass is tough to SCRATCH, and is flexible, BUT, you drop it, and I betcha it will BREAK.
    Glass breaks, no matter what you try to do to stop it, it’s called PHYSICS.

    • http://Website Danielh

      If you heat the glass it will not break as easily. About 1000C would make the iPad very hard to break.

  • http://www.corytrese.com/games/startraders/ Cory Trese

    Do not forget your credit card warranties.

    My American Express card provides several months of warranty coverage — if you have a Visa or MasterCard they do as well, especially good ones like Gold or Carbonite =)

    I dropped a phone on day #2 after an Amex purchase and they made it right in less than 24 hours.

  • http://Website Adam

    First off I’d like to say I am an android lover, I own an LG Optimus 2X and enjoy the joyful rooting and flashing android gives you :D That said I do appreciate apple’s talent for prettiness (despite not having one :P haha). As much as I’d love to say it’s obvious the samsung galaxy tab easily outshone the ipad at durability, you have to realise it doesn’t prove it’s a fair test. notice how it shows the screen of the android devices before dropping. then replay the dropping of the ipad…you never see the screen before the drop…was it definitely perfect? just seems odd that they’d start just one of 3 clips at the very moment before dropping :/

  • http://www.covertshield.com Robert Schulz

    The cover that saved my iPad came from CovertShield. Two weeks after I put the shield on I dropped my iPad on a people mover in the Philly Airport. I had the standard flimsy Apple case and the CovertShield. It survived without even a scratch. Best investment I’ve ever made!