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Watch movies and shows on your phone for free with Crackle

Wish you could use  Netflix but don’t own one of the few compatible devices? Here comes Crackle to the rescue! This app has just made its return from a mysterious disappearance. We’ll forgive them though, since this time around the $4.99 subscription is gone. That’s right. As the title implies, this service is completely free.


Though the title selection offered by Crackle is a bit overshadowed by the bigger guys (Netflix, Blockbuster, etc.), some of the movies and shows in there are quite impressive for a free service. I'm currently watching Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children again (I know, I'm a nerd), and the service works perfectly. There are also movies like Bad Boys, Quarantine, So I Married an Axe Murderer and classics like Ghostbusters.

Nothing in life is free, and there must be a catch, right? Well there is a little something you must bear--advertisements. The app plays a video ad before your movie/show starts, and you'll get interrupted by more video ads in the middle of your movie from time to time. I got the first interruption about 13 minutes into the movie. The ad lasted less than half a minute. This can become a bit of an annoyance, but it's hard to complain when something is free.

Supported devices

  • Acer Liquid Metal
  • Acer Stream
  • Dell Venue
  • HTC Desire S
  • HTC Desire Z
  • HTC EVO 4G
  • HTC Inspire 4G
  • HTC Nexus One
  • HTC Thunderbolt 4G (Verizon)
  • HTC T-Mobile G2 Touch
  • HTC T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide
  • LG Optimus 2X
  • Motorola Atrix
  • Motorola Cliq
  • Motorola Droid
  • Motorola DROID PRO
  • Motorola DROID X
  • Motorola DROID 2 Global
  • Motorola Milestone 2
  • Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate 3G
  • Samsung Galaxy S II
  • Samsung Nexus S
  • Samsung SHW-M110S
  • Sony Ericsson Experia Arc
  • Sony Ericsson Experia PLAY
  • Sony Ericsson MT15iv


The only requirements are Android 2.2 and Flash. So if you're on the list, head over to the market and try out Crackle. Sadly, Crackle doesn't work on tablets yet, but more devices should be added to the list soon. For now, you'll have to make due using your smartphone. Don't forget to check out the press release for more details on Crackle's release, as well as an opportunity to win Crackle's $100 sweepstakes. Happy streaming! Let us know how it works for you and if this is a service that you prefer over the competition.


Show Press Release
Crackle debuts first FREE app offering
Full-Length Hollywood Movies and Television Series on Android Platform

Follows Its Massively Successful iPhone and iPad App With a Launch on America’s #1 Smartphone Platform





CULVER CITY, CA — (June 17, 2011) — Crackle, Sony Pictures Entertainment’s multi-platform video entertainment network, announced today that it is debuting a new free app for the AndroidTM platform. The Crackle app features ad supported full-length, unedited Hollywood films and television series.

Providing high-quality video streaming, the Crackle Android app offers users a unique, cost-free experience that includes unlimited viewing of the movies, TV series and Crackle original programming available on Crackle.com. Consumers can easily discover content in the Crackle app by browsing by movies, TV and originals or by genre, recently added and keyword search.

“We were thrilled with the reception that the Crackle iPhone and iPad app received this April and are extremely excited to now bring our unrivaled destination for un-cut feature films and television series to Android users,” said Phil Lynch, vice president, digital networks, Sony Pictures Television. “The Android app furthers Crackle’s mission to provide curated content from our audiences’ favorite genres including action, comedy, crime, horror, thriller and sci-fi.”

The Crackle Android app release comes on the heels of Crackle’s successful launch on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. That launch saw Crackle climb to the top of the US App store rankings (#1 free entertainment app; #1 overall free app on iPad), garner top five rankings in United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, and net over two million downloads to date.

Key features of the Crackle Android app include:
· On demand viewing of hundreds of full-length movies and television series;
· Content is free to view with minimal commercial interruption;
· Access to Crackle’s award-winning Original Series;
· Ability to pause viewing, fast forward and resume playback where the user last left off;
· Ability to share via Facebook, Twitter and email;
· HQ (high-quality) streaming video and ability to watch on 3G or Wi-Fi.
· Ability to build and manage queues of content for viewing on the app or on Crackle.com

More than 200 films from studios including Columbia Pictures, TriStar Pictures, Screen Gems, Sony Pictures Classics and more are available to watch for free on the app. In addition the Crackle app offers 1,000 full-length television episodes. All films are delivered uncut and unedited —the way they were meant to be viewed. The film and TV offerings will be continuously refreshed, with new titles added every month.

The Crackle Android app is being released simultaneously in the US, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia, with programming adjusted per territory.

A sampling of the Crackle app’s current movie and TV offering in the US includes:
· Gridiron Gang
· Bad Boys
· Ghostbusters
· Joe Dirt
· The Patriot
· The Mothman Prophecies
· Quarantine
· Devil in a Blue Dress
· So I Married an Axe Murderer
· Reign Over Me
· Eight Millimeter
· Revolver
· “Married… With Children”
· “News Radio”
· “Jackie Chan Adventures”
· Over 900 episodes of anime including “Samurai X”
· Plus over 40 Crackle originals including: “The Bannen Way”, “Angel of Death”, “Jailbait”, “Urban Wolf” and more…

The Android launch is the latest in a series of major content expansions and product launches for Crackle this year. This includes Sony Internet TV, Roku streaming players, Sony’s Blu-ray players and Streaming Player, BRAVIA televisions, PlayStation 3 game consoles, Google TV and Google Chrome, in addition to the iPhone and iPad launch.

The Crackle Android app is available for free. Search ‘Crackle’ from Android MarketTM on your Android device or at https://market.android.com/.

Recommended for Android 2.2+ with Flash 10.1+.

Via: Android Central

Source: Crackle

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  • http://Website Techrocket9

    It has Ghostbusters. Netflix doesn’t have Ghostbusters.


  • Rosjer

    Meh thats bull, not compatible with my Desire HD, alltho the EVO is, and it’s the same phone, even Desre Z and S is on the list :( so, punished for having a top rated device lol
    Well well, it will be added i guess ;)

    • dlb

      Works on galaxy s2 and that is an actual top rated device. lol

  • http://Website Andy

    … except the Cliq is officially only up to 2.1… thanks, Moto. :(

    • http://Website phact0rri

      And the Chipset can’t handle flash…

  • http://Website Luis

    They support the Nexus One and not the Nexus S? That’s blasphemy!

  • http://Website jonehi

    If there’s no tablet suport what makes this different from netflix it works on my HTC TB but not even close to the quality I got from netflix on my motor droid one with netflix

  • http://Website jeremy

    Again, support for the moto Droid, but not the Samsung Galaxy Tab. I’m so tired of reading that it supports Android 2.2 and Flash, but yet it doesn’t. #FAIL!!!

  • http://Website alex

    Works on mytouch 4g

  • http://punmobile.net punzz

    the ads surely annoying, but since it gives hundred bugs freebies, who care with ads ┐(-。ー;)┌

  • http://www.giquegear.com GiqueGuy

    Downloaded to my original Droid …. seems a little slow, but the original Droid is far from a new device. I’m excited to see this kind of service become available, even with commercials.

  • coyotejbob

    This sucks. Not available for my sensation.

  • http://Website Mikep

    Works fine on my Nexus S.

  • http://Website dbest180

    If your phone is flash enabled you can just visit the website directly. This is one of the few websites I can use my PS3 browser with, quite comfortably. so your phone should work well on their website. I will recommend Samurai X series. The pickings are slim but there are a few gems in there.

    It’s in the Chrome Web Store as well.

  • http://Website Pip

    Works fine on my original Desire – even though it is not on the list above.
    Great app! Bit of a mix of stuff, but not complaining as it is free.

  • http://Website rick

    Says it supports the mytouch slide. And all I get is a white screen…

  • http://Website Ryan Kim

    The whole idea of supporting only a couple phones is stupid. As an android developer, I can sincerely tell you that it is NOT to difficult to support all android devices, or at the very least a platform version. There isn’t much of a difference between devices such as the Galaxy S and Nexus S, but developers choose to only support some for reasons such as, “I need to have the phone so I can confirm it works.” If you are going to place limitations on the types of devices that can use an app, then the only acceptable filters are android version, screen size, processor/RAM, and specific hardware features (like NFC).

  • Rubrewskey

    Where the Sensation support at? Failing

  • http://Website Zarathustra

    Well, this is just bogus….. No Tablet Support???? Wouldn’t I much more want to watch movies on my Galaxy Tab than on my 3.7” phone? When will Tablet support appear???? I’ve downloaded the App on my Droid 2 and sent it over to my Tablet just to see if it’ll work. If it doesn’t, it’s a waste!

  • http://Crackle MSwan

    Cool Idea and is a great time killer but would be nice with quality options. Can be jerky on OG Droid since the quality is so nice. I wouldn’t mind th eoption of a little less quality and a smoother video/audio stream. Awesome though!

  • http://letmewatchthis.me/ letmewatchthis

    Thanks for the info ! it is very useful and helpful for me.what you think about mega video.?

  • http://www.easyhome.co.il דירות בחיפה

    Works fine on my Nexus 1.

  • http://Website Kent


  • theetrueyoshi

    Just DL this, It seems to work great! thanks for posting!

  • Todd

    This app has more bugs than a roach motel.
    They actually stole my money when I paid for the app and thek upgraded from droid 1 to droid x and it was off the market. I have sent them multiple emails but no response. Sony owns it so go figure. Since it has become a free app it just plain sucks. I have not heen able to watch 1 movie in entirety the commercials mess with the streaming. Sony you suck and so does this app

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    My name is msema my phone number is (616)8271530

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    New to here hope it goes well

  • alyshia

    This is crap. Doesnt have ANY of the movies i like.

  • http://movilage.com movilage

    Just type movilage dot com , and watch over thousands of movies, and tv shows….

  • blake

    so i have the tunderbolt 4g with verizon why is it not allowing me to download this app

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    Hi this is me

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    This website is shiz, I have no I dear who get this app!

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    I wood like to watch army woves

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    I wud like to watch romantic movies

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    in nymeriatv.com you can stream or download any of your favorite tv shows FREE using your mobile smartphones.. give it a try. Faster than ever.