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What are the top 25 Android phones and mobile devices to visit this site?

What are the top 25 Android phones and mobile devices to visit this site? Google Analytics recently made some improvements in mobile reporting, so we thought it would be fun to dig through our numbers and see what were the most popular devices accessing this site. 

Most months this site averages over 300k unique visits from mobile devices, but the following data is only from the last two weeks.

Some quick conclusions:

  • It should surprise few that the top device is the HTC EVO 4G, but it’s interesting to see how many Apple fans we have with the iPad ranking #2 and the iPhone at #3.
  • We cater to the hardcore geeks, so that’s why you see the Nexus One at #4 and Nexus S at #8 even though neither phone sold that well.
  • Most popular retail devices by carrier: T-Mobile is the Vibrant, Verizon phone is the Droid X, AT&T is the Atrix 4G, and Sprint is the EVO 4G
  • All 2,638 people who purchased the Motorola Xoom visit this site.
  • Samsung’s 7-inch Galaxy Tab came in at a respectable #20.
  • Top device from Sony Ericsson is the new Xperia Arc, which has yet to launch in the US.
  • Not pictured above, but the T-Mobile G1 was ranked #39.
  • Also not pictured, but the highest ranking LG phone was the Virgin Mobile Optimus V at #30.

Which device in the top 25 is the most surprising to you?

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  • http://youtube.com/user/jawckamoe Marcus Nolasco

    Who visits an Android website with an iPhone/ iPad? XD

    • http://Website Eli

      I do. iPad is better to read on than any phone, including my nexus one.

      • http://Website Ichigo

        I’m with you. I have a sensation 4 g but its great to check the news on an iPad 2.

        • http://Website Vance

          Why do you all act like your only options are an Android phone or an iPad? That’s like saying “I don’t know, it’s just easier to get my 5 friends and me to the beach in my Toyota Highlander than my BMW 328″. No shit. I personally prefer reading the news on my tablet over my phone too… but my ASUS transformer makes your iPad 2 look silly.

    • http://www.devolute.net devolute

      People with Android phones seem to realize that it’s best to view this sort of website on via an RSS reader (so their those figures are not picked up, right androidandme people?), whereas iPhone users prefer a native web experience (maybe their RSS readers suck? I don’t know… I liked the web version of Google reader when I had an iPhone)

      • http://Website OneRcknMan

        What RSS app are you using on your Android? When I had an iPhone I also used Safari but since I got my Android I only tried Google’s Reader app and didnt like it so I’m using Dolphin browser with Google’s web version of Reader.

        • http://Website Micah

          Try out pulse. I use google reader because pulse doesn’t sync good enough yet with google reader and it’s missing a few features. Despite that though, it’s a very well done app that works well with tablets too.

          • http://Website Silgrond

            I am using feedly.
            I love the design of the mobile version of the site, it matches nicely with Gingerbread lol

      • http://Website Quasar

        Yeah, I use the web version of Google Reader on both my PC and N1 to read most posts from here.

      • http://Website Exynos

        I use the xoom, iPod touch, and HTC glacier, and none of them do I like any RSS reader at all, I much prefer the website

    • http://Website kretz

      Are you so closed minded to think that if you have an apple product, you can’t like or support android too?

      • http://youtube.com/user/jawckamoe Marcus Nolasco

        No, I just find it pretty hilarious for someone to visit an Android site with an iPhone or iPad. But I know plenty of people who have iPhones that support Android. A lot of my friends want to switch to an Android from their iPhone.

    • monlosez

      iPhone4 people are waiting for their contracts to expired

    • nexus15

      A whole lot of people who wish they could savor the sweet nectar of an android tablet ;P

  • http://Website JD

    Most surprising? iPhone. I can imagine some Android users also have an iPad but an Android and an iPhone?

    • sonicboomstick

      Yes, I’m happy to report I have an iPhone and an android tablet (Viewsonic GTab). I love them both. Why is it so hard for people to stay neutral in this whole android/ios debate? They both have pros and cons, neither is perfect.

      • http://Website Me

        android has more operating cons, while apple has regulation cons… bastards…

    • http://Website Marcel

      I am part of that stat, I was looking on the site regularly for a few months to help me decide that the Galaxy S2 I got last weekend was going to replace my Iphone 3g! :)

  • http://Website funkmon

    The Optimus V is on Virgin mobile.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly


  • http://Website HolySmokesBatty

    Technically the myTouch 4G is 11th… :D

    • http://Website Dethduck


      The HTC Glacier is the myTouch 4G.

  • http://bradnadler.com TechnoAndroid

    I am more surprised that the Captivate isn’t on the list. Also surprised that the Xoom is as high as it is. (Not ashamed to admit that I laughed out load at the Xoom quick conclusion line).

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Captivate was #42.

  • http://Website Kev

    Well i was one of those that visited this site with an iphone…sorry kinda
    Im now viewing this site with a galaxy tab now, good to know im not the only one using a tab on here. :)

  • http://Website zedklind

    Its possible that the data might be taken from the build.prop. my g2x comes up as a g2 because I had the change it to get Netflix. Maybe miui comes up as an iPhone? Probably not but just a guess. Maybe all the iPhone users secretly want an android phone lol. We have emulators and chroot Ubuntu/backtrack 5 lol. Not to mention themes… android ftw. My device is my device :D

  • http://Website adam

    I don;t know about other people, but I use “iphone” user agent for the web browser on my captivate, these stats aren’t exactly 100% accurate. so I’m sorry for boosting the iphone visits :S lol

  • http://Website js

    What’s surprising to me is that you list the EVO at #1 and again at #6 and no one has noticed? The EVO 4G is the PC36100. The top spot should read “14799″ and reflect the EVO 4G’s true dominance within the customization/development community.

    • Jaymoon

      I noticed that too…. I wonder why that is? #1 is stock Evos, with #6 being CM6/7 (AOSP) Evos?

  • http://Website Armo

    mytouch 4g and htc glacier are one in the same, so the mytouch is actually in the top ten, right?

  • http://Website Adam

    I use Sprint HTC Hero. What # is this phone?

    • http://Website Tom

      Lol I use my Hero too so at least we know its above 2 :D

      • http://Website Adam

        Make that 3! :-)

  • http://Website Ian

    The Evos are more than the apple platforms combined. I’m not surprised. Evo 4g is a beast.

  • http://Website johnathan

    “All 2,638 people who purchased the Motorola Xoom visit this site.”

    This is so hardcore funny I don’t even care to get all butthurt about the dig!

    • http://about.me/joeyizzo Joey

      I audibly laughed loud when I read that! Bravo Taylor, bravo!

  • http://Website Soni

    Interesting to see that Captivate didnt get high numbers.

  • AME

    With the recent “innovation” in the form of the iOS notification bar, it stands to reason that Steve Jobs and all his engineers might be on here trolling for “inspiration.” That might account for some of your Apple readers.

  • http://Website JH

    Nice to see that the HTC Desire is still doing well

    • Sturoid

      hellz yeah. mines kicking strong thanks to MIUI :)

      • http://Website sgb101

        mine still going thanks to CM7.

        I to have boosted the ipad, stats this week, but don’t be to harsh its getting ebay’d and the ASUS transformer is replacing it. as I’ve fell for tablets big time.

        hovever after being with Andy since g1 release day I can’t get along with ios

      • http://Website sgb101

        my desire is still going thanks to CM7.

        I to have boosted the ipad, stats this week, but don’t be to harsh its getting ebay’d and the ASUS transformer is replacing it. as I’ve fell for tablets big time.

        hovever after being with Andy since g1 release day I can’t get along with ios

  • http://Website Martin

    Based on the number of people visiting the site using an ipad I would really like to see you stop forcing the mobile version of the site to the ipad. It is very annoying.

  • http://Website koldkore

    Now I actually want to know how many xooms were actually sold to customers. Can’t be many.

  • http://Website drone3

    I’m on an iPhone 4, I visit A&M regularly to figure out when would be the right time to jump ship.

    My eyes are on the nexus 3, just hope it has a high res screen.

    • http://Website JH

      The right time to jump ship is IMHO now with Nexus S, but i guess the Nexus 3 vil be even better. So welcome on board :)

    • http://Website somebody

      dont jump ship… trust me the grass isnt greener, if you have already put ur stock in iphone then keep it there… nobody see’s a problem with the fact that it took more advanced hardware for android to run as smooth as iphone, i love android but i also like quality so why isn’t it taking so long to get a quality android build, apple has already filled in there holes, and WP7 is not far behind, at ths rate iphone is gonna keep that crown, which isnt good because then they are gonna make the rules, plus most of the android fans are D**k riders, just to be fans without any recognition to whts good quality, but android is great, first guy to call me a troll is a troll… the second, Tu Che… tu che

  • http://Website Rich

    Wow, the iPad I could understand, but iPhone? Surely this proves just how many iTrolls there are! Either that, or iOS users secretly love Android ;o)

    PS: Cool to see the SGS2 climbing up the list already!

  • http://punmobile.net punzz

    Why ipad and iphone come to android website like androidandme, maybe through proxy?

  • http://Website James

    I visit from my iPhone daily because I’m a tech nerd by trade and enjoy staying abreast of mobile technologies. Not everyone is such hardcore platform fanatic that they cannot see value in all of the devices out there. You’ll probably be getting some WebOS logs when I visit from the Touchpad here in the near future. :-p

  • http://Website Oliver

    the possibility to change the UserAgent of some browsers like DolphinHD to “Iphone” or ” Ipad” take effect on the result of this ranking!

  • LukeT32

    Glad to see the OG Droid still getting some love… CM7 saved my phone. I can only imagine it saved a few others too…..

  • http://Website Laurent

    I do not believe that the iphone ranks 3rd, it’s just a matter of people spoofing their browser user agent to ‘ iPhone ” because lots of sites are optimized for it.

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    Looks like I am doing pretty well with my selection of gadget choices. I had the granddaddy of all 4G devices my beloved EVO 4G from June 4th 2010 to June 27th 2011 just sold. Now I am the owner of the next beast in the EVO STABLE…The EVO3D since June 24th 2011. Nothing BEATS THE EVO BRAND ON SPRINT. EVO put the 4G android device ON THE MAP..

    • http://Website Dr.Dres

      Amen to that sir. I bought mine on launch date and its still running like a beast thanks to XDA and all the developers. Not sure if I should jump to the EvO 3D, i really do not care for the 3D feature. Anyways EvO 4G is the King…. Thanks Android and mefor giving me another reason to keep my precious.

    • http://Website Mark

      Who gives a shit?

    • http://Website randomguy

      4 years ago, you couldn’t even afford a dumb phone since you were a “bum” living on the streets of NYC. Grow the f**k up.

  • http://Website Xoldier

    “All 2,638 people who purchased the Motorola Xoom visit this site.”


    I found that hilarious for some reason.

  • http://Website Matthew

    Where is the thunderbolt on the list?

    • http://Website Richard Yarrell

      Thunderbolt is located in the nearest GARBAGE CAN…ALONG WITH VERIZON….AND @snowbdr89…..

      • Uncemister

        Yeah very professional…

  • http://none Matt

    I’m a droid x owner and I’m surprised it’s up there on the list. I love this site and check it daily. I assumed there would be more 4g phones higher on the list. Interesting facts!

  • http://youtubelookmeupbyname billramseyerjr

    I’m currently using the Mytouch 4g which is also known as the HTC glacier, both devices are in the list of 25. Im surprised that its not ranked a bit higher.It is a solid divice. I think super amoled & 4in screen divices probably are better selling points. Still I stand by the Mytouch line up. I’ve had every model of Mytouch branded phone. Now Im waiting for the Mytouch 4g slide/htc doubleshot.

  • http://Website sleepin

    This is not totally accurate. For phones running Roms ….. They are often based off leaked images from nexus phones. For example….. When I loaded das bamf 2.1 I got an activation/thank you letter from nexus support at Google. Also my phone loads in HTC sync as another phone….though I can’t remember which right now. So how can the site male the determination based on rammed phones? I’m really asking….not trying to be an ass. I just don’t see how it can differentiate when nothing else seems to.

  • http://Website john

    I have the andriod phonea dn it so good. the iPhone is amazing i flash to andriod b.c im a good boi. uhkhsdnert4gh35783t5h89gh89

  • Angie Strickland

    Where is the G2x?

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  • http://Website Raptor

    This is one of the best news team on the entire web that’s why even Apploids are here LOL

  • http://Website Thorpeland

    Im reading this on my Xoom right now. :-)

  • http://Website Jerry

    The EVO is undoubtedly the most successful Android handset to date. The Droid had the marketing that push the ANdroid platform forward.. but EVO takes the cake.. Almost a year after it’s released the EVO was still selling 199.99

    It’s also interesting to point out that the EVO has 2 ranks in the top 25 .. if you add them together .. it crushes the competition

  • http://Website Mikey

    Much love to all those checking in on the legendary G1.

  • http://Website cuzlion

    Bet you had more than a few rooted Nook Colors but we are all changing our device ID so we can watch Netflix so you wouldn’t know what we were.


    do i account for all of the sensation4g visits? lol