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Why is the G2x still out of stock on T-Mobile.com?

It’s time for T-Mobile and LG to come clean on why the G2x is still “temporarily” out of stock on T-Mobile’s website.

We first heard from readers on May 20th that the G2x was pulled from T-Mobile.com, though existing customers were still able to upgrade to the device. We ran our original story on May 25th with a rumor that the G2x may have been pulled for quality control issues–issues several of you reported experiencing, lending some plausibility to the rumor.

T-Mobile quickly caught wind of our and other stories on the G2x and quickly attempted, via Twitter, to squash those rumors with an official statement.  (Confirmed to Android and Me by a T-Mobile insider).

The T-Mobile G2x with Google has been a highly popular device with both customers and employees since its launch last month, and high demand has resulted in inventory constraints, which we are working with LG to address.T-Mobilevia T-Mobile Rep

It’s been nearly a full month since the G2x was initially taken down from T-mobile.com, leading us to believe our initial reports that the G2x was pulled for reasons other than a stock shortage. Could it really take LG this long to manufacture enough devices to replenish T-Mobile’s supply?

The Rumors

We’ve reached out to numerous T-Mobile and LG insiders for comment, and have received three different potential reasons for why the G2x is still unavailable:

  1. The G2x is out of stock due simply a supply issue.
  2. T-Mobile is unwilling to put the G2x back on the market until LG is able to push out an update to resolve the various quality issues that have plagued the G2x since launch.
  3. T-Mobile is unwilling to put the G2x back on the market until LG has completed the expected Gingerbread update.

One Android Insider’s Take on the Rumors

At this point, it’s been almost a month since the G2x was taken off the market, making it highly unlikely that it is truly out of stock. I don’t think we’ve ever seen a supply shortage take this long to be resolved.

Similarly, if the G2x was pulled because T-Mobile is waiting for LG to put the finishing touches on the Gingerbread update, this would be the first time a carrier has pulled a phone off the market until it received an Android OS version update.

This leaves us with the most plausible of the rumors:  The G2x was pulled for quality control issues, as we suggested back in May. In our book, this is the most likely of the given rumors. But without official word from T-Mo or LG, it’s anybody’s guess at this point.

Final Word

T-Mobile and LG have been way too quiet on this issue for our liking, and Android and Me feels it’s time for them to come clean as to why this device was pulled in the first place. I think the community will be much more willing to accept the move if they would just tell the full story rather than continue to harp on about supply shortages.

What say you, readers? Why do you think the G2x was pulled?  Should LG and T-Mobile fess up on this?

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  • http://Website @neidlinger

    I think this phone has been out of the loop for people to worry about now.

    • http://Website Jon Garrett

      They may be missing from T-mobile’s website but every T-mobile store Ive visited has them on display and in stock.

  • themetatron

    More hopeful it’s due to addressing screen issues

  • http://Website Frank C

    I would agree on the quality control issues more than anything. I purchased my G2x during its first couple of weeks out in the market. I do occasionally get freezing and random reboots about every 3-4 days. Very little screen bleed on mine. I’ve decided to stay with it due to it actually being a fantastic speedy overall device. Once these particular issues are resolved with a new revision my warranty should kick in just fine. Now if the 2.3 update address’s the software issues with it’s random reboots & freezing I’ll just stick with my current unit. The screen blead is so tiny I would have to point it out for anyone to notice. I have faith in LG to make their new found superphone customer base happy. The balls in both LG’s and Tmobile’s court.

    • http://Website Camer

      Froyo running on this device is a yardsale, not too mention the poor BT drivers, poor WIFI drivers, GPS connections being slower than using a compass / map and navigating oneself. The screen bleed could be tolerated with the great graphics and snappy processor but the reboots kill that idea.
      The only saving grace are the Cyanogen folks quickly making this device workable, root on!

      • http://Website @LapsedPacifist

        Cyanogen? Try Team Shockwave. I love CM, but there’s no stable release for the G2X. EaglesBlood and Dark & Sinister are rock solid.

  • http://Website bananastand

    I’m willing to bet it’s QC issues. I went through 3 of them with random reboot, freezes, gps issues, software bugs, screen leaks. The phone is really a POS. Despite the amazing specs, it just wasn’t ready for prime time.

  • http://Website eagle1967

    I have been harping for the same thing on lg and tmobiles forums and they continue to have 1 statement “by summer”
    this is the response for anything. they will not admit or acknowledge any specific problmes only that an update is coming and should fix any problems people have.
    many of us have told lg and tmobile that just communication goes a long way. they continue to ignore this.
    i outright told the mods at lg that i believe they were misleading us and that they had no knowledge of what was going on at all. and all i got back was a they should of posted this info on a update before. nothing denying that they dont know anything .
    this has been great for htc because many are going to the sensation which when the g2x works as designed kicks its butt.
    rememebr this is the same company that continue to have a huge truely unlimited moniker all over their website while throttleing you to unusable speeds after 5 gigs. than advertises their phones with huge statements about streaming music and video and cloud communication between all your stuff. which they are making pretty useless.
    these companies have no pride anymore and believe that they can feed us any line of crap and we will believe it who do they think they are the us government.

    • http://Website jbrandonf

      You’re right. I would’ve considered getting the g2x because I really love stock android. Now I’m learning to love Sense 3.0 on my Sensation.

      • http://Website Randyrkelly

        Man that’s why I did. And. Never looked back. I gave the g2x to. Moms

        • http://Website eagle1967

          hey man stop following me :)
          man i thought we could do some romming together now you jumped ship.
          it took 3 but i have a pretty good g2x now pretty sure its just software issues.

    • http://Website john21

      Ummm no the Sensation kicks the G2x’s ass anyday…

      • http://reners.blogspot.com REN

        John & Randy u guys probably just don’t know how to utilize the G2x’s power cause this phone rocks & blows the sensation out of the competition, G2x is one of the best phones out there right now! I use Miui & Weapon G2x & they are super stable, plus I could overclock it to 1.56Ghz. I only use it @ 1.2Ghz cause that speed is ridiculous. All the phone needs is another 512MB of ram & it would be perfect!

  • http://Website SanzaBlancoAkA2C

    I really don’t know what to think of this. I really doubt the supply story because as far as I can tell the phone is readily available at all the T-Mobile stores I’ve been to in the Philadelphia area. And as for the Gingerbread update, after seeing it running on the demos at E3 I don’t really understand why the update hasn’t been pushed out. I’m guessing maybe the update isn’t as polished as they’d like so that could be a reason to hold off on releasing it. Or the update didn’t fix all the issues people are reporting. Either way I seriously doubt that the phone would be pulled off of shelves just to wait for the update to be released. I think the way they, T-Mobile and LG are handling this situation is terrible. Stop with the tweets about Gingerbread coming soon and before summer…what ever the hell either of those really mean. Just give people some truth and some concert info to hag their hats on.

  • http://Website Jeff

    With the HTC Sensation 4G already available, I don’t see why it would matter that much to T-Mobile. LG is the only one on the line now that there’s another dual-core smartphone available on the carrier.

  • http://Website joey

    I think this phone has been out of the loop for people to worry about now… “Wrong”. I have bought this phone back in may and after a week of having it the phone, charger and or battery got so hot that the screen just went blank and had to send it back under the buyers remorse. T-Mobile sent out a new one and again it gets so hot however the screen does not go blank YET. The left speaker griddle has the holes blocked and you can not hear sound out of it. Mixed with all the software issues that others are experiencing as well I called T-Mobile to have that one replaced as well but I was told that they were out of stock and that they would keep me in a Buyers Remorse stage till they get new ones in. SO It does matter and we should be worried because I think t-mobile is not being honest. Why can’t they understand that pulling a phone due to problems is not a bad thing its a good thing and if they just be honest that goes a long way with me. So I am left with a broken phone well it does make calls however its does need replaced and I don’t won’t any other phones that they have I want this one that is why I choose it well lots of other reasons too.

    • http://Website Jon

      the left “speaker” is the mic, the right is the actual speaker

    • hickhamt

      Joey, FYI, the phone only has 1 speaker, the other is the microphone… this is according to the LG Forum moderator posts. so that part is not “broken”…

  • http://Website Rob

    Im responding to this from my G2X….ive had zero problems with it. Ive had it sincr its launched, however given the long timeframe since they’ve pulled it, it seems it may be because of quality control

  • http://Website gary

    I am on my 3rd g2x and Tmobile tells me no more replacements will be given until the problem with lg-p999-v10f software version is corrected by the manufacturer. They basically said suffer with a crappy phone until the manufacturer fixes it.

    • kim

      got the same bs myself from LG and T MOBILE …also on my third phone and nobody can figure out how to get the software update to work ..last one fried my phone… file a complaint with the FCC and attorney general … i suggest u all do the same and maybe will get something done … customer service @ t mobile sucks … im gone..

  • http://Website Phonefreek

    No need to come clean. You hit the nail on the head. Funk LG.

  • http://Website Triangle

    Does it really matter that it’s not in stock? If I were a TMO customer, I would want the HTC Sensation. Just my 2 cents.

    • http://Website eagle1967

      im happy for you. thats not what this discussion is about. you go with your mhl port(oh by the way thats another 70 bucks to use hdmi out) a screen that is reported constantly to have poor colors. a phone with a locked bootloader(when its unlocked ill believe it). a overlay that is apparently taking over 200 megs to run it. reported lag on a dual core 1.2 ghz phone.
      the g2x is a kick ass phone and almost everything hardware wise is shown to work with custom roms, so its a software issue. and the problem is they released this phone with froyo and want to update it ota with gb while maintaining user data. the reason the shows have gb is its much easier to install gb on a clean phone than update one.. thats why custom roms is all about wiping.
      we understand it takes time we just wnat communication as to here is what we have known issues with and are working on. “by summer” with no info as to what tehy think is broken. is not info. and this out of stock thing is laughable but as i said they think we believe the unlimited crap so why not.
      this has nothing to do with the merger this is just the current business model you already bought it so screw you. look at there big fathers day advertisement 10 dollars off a month for current and new customers. well its only current customers if you are in your upgrade period and you have to commit to another 2 years to get it. So its really not for current customers.
      if this update is not out by the end of june and fixes the problems i have. than ill return to verizon and they can sue me for the etf ill see them in court.

      • http://Website JB

        Half of what you claim is not “reported” and the other half your exaggerating

        • http://Website eagle1967

          ah no. i dont talk in bullshit.
          everything i said is pretty acurate from what people have reported.
          the sense 3 200mb is coming from the phone having approx 250mb more memory but only 50 more available. so thats where that assumption is coming from. and its stated as such–apparently– we discussed this and compared and thsats the only thing we can figure where the memory went.
          everything has been reported more than once and nothing is exaggeration. other than my ability to spell.
          if people prefer the sensation thats cool. but its all true. and thre are several sites that lay out the problems with the screen on the sensation. its adequate but not great and not as good as the g2x.
          the iphone and samsungs lead the pack when it comes to the screens.
          i continue to try to find out what the actual cost for the stuff to make hdmi work on the sensation and all ive seen is about 50 bucks for the dongle that is not included with the phone.
          i just dont prefer phones with custom overlays. and until the bootloader is actually unlocked on the sensation i really have to care for it. although cvcps has made cm run on the droid x so if the bootlodader is similar it seems that hurdle has been jumped.
          if you prefer the sensation thats cool. but dont think i am exaggerating or making things up, im not.
          maybe the gps works on the sensation i cant say the same for the g2x.
          and the extra ram of the sensation will be nice once sense is off the device.
          and htc has a history of bad antennas and its reported with problems on the sensation also.
          so it really comes to preference and these things help influence me.

          • http://Website eagle1967

            just wanted to add im sure i would be happy with a sensation also. i just think the g2x (when working properly) is a better phone.
            but there are some things on sensation better i think the blue tooth is newer , stereo recording.
            as long s the bootloader is locked i wont even look at it. but well see if / when they do unlock it.
            we really have to wait until gb and the update hits the g2x than the comparisons can really begin.
            Im not saying the sensation is a horrible phone . its fine for many. and when i can remove all the sense stuff than i would consider it.
            i started with the droid so i just prefer starting with stock android. and the reason we are in this mess with the g2x is because we really didnt. im hoping the gb update is straight android and not another port of the optimus themed to look like aosp. which this froyo rom is not.

  • http://Website Brendan

    I upgraded to a G2x from a G1 this past Wednesday and I’ve had no problems thus far. The guy at the T-Mobile store did a factory reset, which is apparently what they’ve been advised to do. So far it’s been a smooth experience.

    • http://Website SanzaBlancoAkA2C

      I think I’m going to make this move too. I still using my Nexus One and it’s past the point where I can d/l anything or even update some apps so I need a new phone. I was trying to wait for the Gingerbread update but I’m just sick of dealing with the low memory situation. I’m hoping that the update comes out before the end of the month though. I’ll probably get one next weekend when I get paid.

      • http://Website Jon

        I came from the G1 and love this phone. Few issues but most were fixed with flashing mods

      • http://Website bananastand

        Don’t get the G2x. I came from the Nexus One as well, and I’ll tell you now that the G2x is a frustrating experience at the least. Just get the HTC Sensation or the Galaxy II S when it comes out. The Nexus One was a way more satisfying phone than the G2x, despite the memory limitations.

        • http://Website SanzaBlancoAkA2C

          The problem with that is I hate all UI skins. Period. I’ve owned 3 Android phones, the G1, the Nexus One & the G2 and I just refuse to buy anything without stock Android. If the Nexus S would have had a microSD card slot I would have gone with that.

          • http://Website bananastand

            I’m with you on the skins. After my 3rd G2x, I got a Nexus S. I’d say keep the N1 until the N3 comes out or get an NS now and sell it when the N3 comes along.

            I don’t miss the micro-sd as much as I thought I would since Google Music came out, I really don’t have much to put on the 16GB internal memory anyway ! Also don’t be fooled into thinking the G2x is true vanilla Android like your N1 is. You’ll be annoyed as hell by the little changes they’ve made to the OS, and it’s buggy as hell.

  • http://pryvateid.tumblr.com Dave

    I don’t get why I always get stuck w/ crap devices. Not as far as overall features, but the quality of the software. This thing has so many software control issue’s (freezing, bad battery life, etc.). I remember I read you all review on here about it (but I think it was the overseas version the LG Optimus 2x, unless u all did do a G2x review) & I was like this is what I want, i’m going to get it. Now, I kinda wish I waited & got the MyTouch 4G Slide or the HTC Sensation 4G. I believe it’s because of the quality issues for sure. I’m more than sure of that. I’m on my 2nd G2x, & it’s not as bad on the 1st one, but I want to get rid of this one too. Hopefully the update, & then the Gingerbread update solves these issues.

  • http://Website Jason

    The reason is simple, its a horrible phone I’m on phone number 3 with tmobile because it restarts constantly.i was on the phone yesterday with 2 tmobile reps who told me the its a known issue and that customers have to deal with the horrible device. They won’t credit your account they wont let you switch phones or anything. I have never had a problem with tmobile but after this experience it is time for me to switch. These tech blogs need to steer consumers away from this device and warn them of tmobiles policy.

    • http://Website bananastand

      I agree 100%. After 3 exchanges, I got a full refund on day 29 of my 30 day remorse period (I paid full price so I get 30 days, if you got the subsidized price than it’s only 14 days). I got a Nexus S instead, and couldn’t be happier.

  • http://Website T-Mobile customer
    • http://Website moe

      Interesting. Sounds like someone is starting a movement. Wish you guys the best.

      -at&t atrix

  • http://Website Buddah

    Less we not forget people and the writer of this article T-Mobile is in no rush to rectify this problem as far as there concern they may throw this around for the next 9 months and keep stalling. why you ask? Because its a very high possibility there will be no more Tmobile! TMobile execs are NOT stupid they rather save there company’s profits for now and let this issue drop in ATT lap if the takeover goes through. This is Basic Business 101 in how to maximize your profits and bottom line figures. Lets get real… If you knew you were about to inherit a FORTUNE ( say $39 MILLION) would you care about the bill collectors calling your house about your 1 unpaid credit card? If this takeover was not on the table Im sure TMobile would have made this issue there top priority, they may not have even released the phone when they did in the first place!

    • http://Website SanzaBlancoAkA2C

      That would make no sense especially considering it’s a very high chance that the FFC won’t approve of the buy out. Then what? You pissed tons of customers off for something that could have been solved with communication and an update.

      • http://Website buddah

        Piss off a ton of customers, isn’t this what there already doing and have been doing for 2 months nows? Not to mention not that many owns a G2X, I believe it counts for less than 5% of the phones that currently have TMO service. TMO has been saying there will be a fix and that the device will get G.Bread OS as well for some time now to no avail. Also if they catch wind that the deal wont go through ( I hope it does NOT but ATT has too much government lobbying power to lose ) All the Tmobile PR dept has to do is Issue a statement that all those unhappy G2X owners will receive Brand new HTC Sensations or whatever the hottest phone is on the market at the time (might even be samsungs GS2) as a free of charge upgrade and one month credit on there bill, and BAM happy customers again!

  • http://www.bestandroiddeals.com Paul Paulson

    It’s never good when a phone vanishes without explanation. Has to be quality control or maybe a combination of quality control and waiting for the Gingerbread update to fix software issues. I’m sure glad I didn’t pull the trigger last month.

  • http://Website DJ “suMo*

    They had so many exchanges/returns, probably the most on any of their hansets, I’m sure it costed them [T-Mobile] alot of mula. They have to be waiting on a fix from LG – that was a high volume of returns, and they know it.

  • http://Website Jeff D

    Ordered mine on the 15th, got it yesterday… Refurbished and defective (even though it was sold to me on t-mobile.com as ‘new’)! Went into store, complained, got screwed and bought an HTC Sensation which I love, but there’s a part of me that wonders if I would have loved the G2x more… Don’t order online, you’ll get crap and get screwed. I got a supervisor and a return authorization… You may not be so lucky! Go in store, buy it and don’t leave til you verify it’s functional! Mine wanted to type ‘ppppp’ all day and lock up the screen every 30 seconds.

    • Uncemister

      Not to sound rude, but you did choose to buy it refurbished. Theres always a risk of it still being defective. At least you were able to do a hopefully painless exchange.

  • http://Website KenG

    They really need 2.3 for this device. That will solve the poor battery life, the wif-fi disconnects, and the spontaneous resets and lock-ups. Hopefully, T-Mo is showing a little backbone here.

  • http://Website thaghost

    it is certainly a quality control issue and tmobile is heavily responsible. lg may be responsible as well but what is tmobile’s excuse for not updating the g2 when HTC has updated most of their phones? tmobile sucks. i want tmobile to stay independent of att but if they gonna give us shaky coverage and poor customer service then what is the point of staying? to save $10?

  • http://Website hd

    When I got this phone it was terrible! As soon as I put custom ROM (cm7), it became a super phone! Battery life is amazing too! Amazing hardware but buggy software, I’m sure update will fix it.

  • http://Website Jim Edwards

    As a previous G2x owner, there is no doubt in my mind that this is a QC issue. Wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of the issues would be fixed by the Gingerbread update, so those two issues may be intertwined.
    I had my G2x for two weeks, and experienced 3-4 reboots a day, and constant short lockups. Once the Sensation came out I promptly went to the store and switched out…

  • Uncemister

    Well that’s what y’all get for buying an LG device. Seriously stay away from LG and Samsuck.

  • http://Website fracktheg2x

    after much fighting to return my g2x. tmobile finally caved and i’m moving to the sensation regardless of any issues it may have. but he told me (unofficially of course) LG released the phone with sub-par programming and the hardware is solid but the way they packaged all their stuff together, the programming was causing the phone to overload which was responsible for the ransom reboots and having to yank your battery and replace it to turn it back on. so, yeah, not waiting for gingerbread. cya later, never again will get an LG

  • http://punmobile.net punzz

    the most logic reason is they out of stock, but probably the problem with update can be a good reason too for t-mobile to hold g2x on their stock

    • http://Website zack

      Ummmm no.. this is a cover up. They know they fuc*ed up and now they need to own it. This is str8 BS!!

  • http://Website Jeremiah

    As an owner of this phone, I’ll say most of the problems are software related. I’m using the latest nightly of CM7 and have no more issues with rebooted and freezes. As soon as I go back to stock, the phone starts having all these issues again.

    • http://www.bestandroiddeals.com Paul Paulson

      It’s never a good sign when a custom ROM is less buggy than the stock ROM, especially when the manufacturer used a basically stock Version of Android. Has to be a hardware quality control issue unless LG’s software team is completely inept.

      • hickhamt

        but how can it be hardware if Jeremiah said running cm7 fixed his issues?? that points the finger at software bugs.. imo

        i LOVE this phone, laser fast, good looking, i think the build quality is good! i used to think LG made junk for most things.. i buy sammy tv’s and maytag appliances, so i’ve never been interested in buying anything LG before.. so i was leery of putting the money down on this one… but i gotta say, take away the reboots/freezes (which are only once every few days for me) and this is an awesome device.. wicked fast, beatiful screen, good looking design, great specs, stock(like) os… the only thing i didnt like at first was the lack of a charging light… but i found a great app (https://market.android.com/details?id=com.martinborjesson.o2xtouchlednotifications&feature=search_result) that takes care of both charging and missed notification lights!!! awesome dev, get this and donate some cash to him…

        so, im debating root/rom or wait for official gingerbread… ???

  • Drakon911

    After the offer of my third warranty exchange for the phone and third exchange of battery, I said screw it and went with the Sensation 4G. I’d rather have a locked phone that works reliably than an unlocked piece of junk. It’s sad when a T-Mo rep tells you that they are on their fourth G2x and it seems to be working fine.

    Overheating battery, lock ups requiring battery pull, random reboots, battery life that was unreliable, etc etc. They are out of stock due to the massive number of exchanges if anything.

    I’ve been burned by Samsung, Motorola and now LG. HTC has been by far the most trouble free of all the phones I’ve owned.

  • yessie

    All i know is that when i called Tmobile to get my second replacement they told me that its that the software has glitches. I just bought the G2x on may 21th and within 14 days I was having issues with the phone, I follow all steps but no luck and I spent close to $500 for this phone and am truly not happy!!!

  • yessie

    All I can say its a hug headache for me!!!

  • http://Website josh

    I am so looking forward to waking up tomorrow to find no update that the said will arrive BY summer (i.e. June 21st) and my morning phone call with customer care. :-( I guess they are as exited about all the customers calling because they mislead us again. It is truely getting old.

  • OnIn2

    I upgraded to the G2x from the G1 on the day the G2x was 1st available. I had problems with freezes and reboots and uninstalled the weather app and my problems disappeared. Weather app ran fine on my G1.

    I’ve noticed that a power off reboot seems to help the speed of the device. 4G on it is a joke. My max download speed as measured by SPEEDTEST app is 2M. I’ve never see 3G but I have seen 2G and E.

    It so could have been a contender but so far it just average. I’m hoping the gingerbread update will cure many of the problems.

  • http://Website josh

    speeds are dependent on area and demand. i tested mine this morning and received 6.5mb down and 1.5mb up so it just depends were you are and when. I also talked to customer care (T-Mobile) and let the back stepping begin they stated that they meant by the end of summer which is in Sep. Yeah that is the way to do it T-Mobile or should we say ATT. Thanks just one more reason to leave after the merger.

  • http://Website chris

    contact t mobile and complain about this tell them you want to be upgraded to an alternate device because its their fault or lgs fault and your should have to suffer because of it. but I know from many hours on the phone over all of today have proved to be of no help so I found a few numbers and I think a massive amount of complaints to t mobile corporate offices are in order. so here is what I have, let them know what you think of the POS g2x and the fact that tmobile wont authorize a alternate replacement handset

    1-877-290-6323 T-Mobile-America CEO
    1-800-318-9270 TMO corporate offices.
    1-425-378-4000 corporate office Bellevue WA (ask for a customer relations executive)
    1-800-937-8997 customer care
    1-888-666-4611 General Customer Service???
    1-877-606-4801 customer care (direct to a rep(no voice menu))
    1-866-464-8662 business accounts
    1-800-375-1126 customer care for business accounts
    1-888-573-6664 customer care for business accounts(5 lines or more)
    1-877-254-7084 Special Account Care (the ONLY people that can make many changes to Employee’s accounts)
    1-888-452-8105 activations
    1-877-727-8778 consumer credit (for credit checks)
    1-800-981-8563 hot spot customer care
    1-877-369-4588 Wireless Data
    1-800-256-9991 wireless tech
    1-888-624-5173 risk assasment team
    1-877-369-4588 tech support group
    1-877-217-1335 tech support
    1-505-341-7956 tech suppt non TF
    1-877-207-8169 number transfer center
    1-877-778-2106 t-mo to go
    +1505-998-3792 International roaming

  • http://Website chris

    I HAVE OWNED 3 G2X’s.

    ALL have had screen bleeding issues ( major screen bleed )

    and ALL have had REBOOT issues,

    I cancelled my contract and went back to VZ because of this,

    of course it’s pulled because of QC issues.

    t-mobile reps reported having hundreds turned back in because of these problems on LAUNCH day alone, if you happen to know someone in management or a cs rep you would be aware of this ;)

  • http://stockassault20.net stock assault 2.0

    I have G2x and Sensation. My G2x does have the screen bleeding issue. But its so small that I would have never noticed if I had not looked for it. Other than that. I have had no problems with my G2x it works flawlessly and is faster than my Sensation. Even though the screen is a little smaller the colors are better on the G2x. The Sensation looks more pale or washed out. And did I mention the G2x is blazingly fast. I will be selling one or the other.

  • http://Facebook.com/LOWEND47 LowEnd

    P.S. G2X 3D IS ON THE WAY.

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