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Everything you need to know when ordering the T-Mobile Sensation 4G

That glorious day is finally here. I’m talking, of course, about the day we’re able to get our grubby hands all over the T-Mobile Sensation 4G. As promised, T-Mobile is now taking orders for the Sensation 4G via its website, as well as from your local T-Mobile store.

The phone is available for $199 after a $50 mail-in rebate card, if you sign up for a new 2-year contract. You can also get an extra $50 discount if you use the “SENSATION50″ coupon code at checkout. You’re welcome. If you’d rather not sell two years of your life to T-Mobile, you can get the Sensation 4G sans contract for a whopping $549.99. Good luck justifying that $500-sized hole in your bank account to your life partner, though.

If those numbers scare you, maybe you need one last push to convince yourself you really need to buy this phone. Or maybe you have some doubts about it. Either way, we’ve compiled a handful of articles below that will help you make an informed decision.

HTC Sensation officially announced, coming to T-Mobile this summer (Update: launch event video) http://goo.gl/m8WsY
Android’s big summer showdown: HTC Sensation vs. the Samsung Galaxy S II http://goo.gl/VeI1w
10 reasons why the HTC Sensation 4G will be my next device [Video] http://goo.gl/UaxB7
HTC Sensation 4G hands-on impressions and benchmark testing http://goo.gl/rQ7y9

In case you need someone to talk you out of buying this marvelous piece of hardware, make sure to read our six reasons why you should wait for the Nexus 3. Having said that, I bet some people will fall in love with this phone and buy it anyway. If you do, we’d love to hear everything about it. Like which phone or carrier you had before buying the Sensation 4G.

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  • http://Website Mark

    HTC Sense.

    If that’s not enough to scare you away, I don’t know what else is.

    • http://Website Oreo

      While I am in aggreement with you. I am looking forward to putting CM7 on this phone. I was in love with the G2X, but that sucka is going on eBay lmao. The phone is super-fast and super sexy. The screen is bright and just no comparison to any of the phone I’ve played with. For anybody asking themselves if they should get this phone. One word. Awesome phone lol ok maybe two words ha ha.

  • http://Website Polaris

    What about the “death grip” issue that has been reported and confirmed? Have not heard a pep from HTC about it though.

    I learned a long time ago you never buy ANYTHING when it first comes out just in case there are issues with it. Let others be the guinea pigs. 2 years or $550 is alot to deal with if there are issues. And I’m a big HTC fan too.

    The Vibrant had issues when it first came out. So has the G2X.

    • http://Website Shatterpane

      The Vibrant never stopped having issues. Its GPS was always faulty and the phone liked to freeze and reboot several times a day. I switched to the myTouch 4G two months ago and never regretted it.

    • http://Website JG24

      there is no death grip problem. i’ve had mine for 4 days now and i messed around with the “death grip” numerous times. you really have to go out of your way to make the wifi signal weak. every phone when you cover the antenna is going to lose signal strength. and i never lost wifi completely just went down to one bar in signal strength and i was trying hard to get it to do that.

      • http://Website Justin

        I’ve done the same, i’ve wrapped 4 hands around the phone and never lost a bar, on neither wifi or mobile network.

      • Galen20K

        Exactly no death grip at all, I’ve had the phone since over a week ago and never had the signal degraded by holding it in any of those outrageous ways. It was all a farce, a false rumor apparently.

  • http://Website Justin

    I’ve been browsing A&M for awhile now, I bought the HTC Sensation at Wal*Mart on the 8th. The phone is absolutely amazing. I have had an Android since the day the G1 came out. For anyone who doesn’t buy this phone, you’re missing out, honestly. That is all.

  • http://Website Alankrut

    Ive had this phone for about 12 hours and havent been able to put it down.

    But just one thing…. BLOATWARE
    T-Mobile has put lots of stuff on this thing, T-Mobile Mail….really?!?!?

    But it still handles all operations seamlessly.

    This phone made be realize how beautiful HTC Sense actually is. And im a very satisfied customer

    • http://Website Joshua

      Cant wait until HTC sends the update that will elminate locked bootloader, say good-bye to bloatware!!

  • http://Website Kylez64

    I picked up the phone this morning and im blown away by it so far. Coming from the G2 it feels way better in my hand and loosing the KB isn’t bad with the screen size/res. Everything is fantastic besides a few bugs. I took a picture and got a reboot right after turning it on.

  • http://Website Zykan

    I picked up the Sensation around 9 am this morning and I am 50 / 50 on its, Sense still isn’t as snappy as I would like, so I am debate between using my old UI (ADW) and skipping over all the sense crap.

    Coming from the N1 this feels like a good replacement.

    Never thought I would get a non-nexus phone but I am tiered of waiting for the next phone just to hear about the next phone and wait longer. As sad as it seems truth be told I have no use for a quad core phone, yet, so I am content with the Sensation.

    Pros for me:
    Screen is wonderful
    With other launchers the phone is flawless compared to N1
    Case is solid and phone feels great

    Cons for me
    Sense seems more laggy then I would hope for
    Tmobile crap apps installed
    Having to re-tune my phone to my liking.

    All in all I think the avg. user will be very happy with this. I am a picky one with my phones so I may be a little harsh here.

    • uzunoff

      I am also coming from N1 and I am planning on buying this phone next week.
      But doesn’t the Sensation reminds you of the Nexus1 ???? Especially when you look at it from the sides.

      It also has the second, noise canceling mic on the back and the back cover reminds me of N1. It has the same feel in the hand as well.

      From a first look didn’t see much difference with the Sense 3.0 compared to the previous Sense. With exception of the lock screen and the.

      Two things this phone is missing to make it the ultimate buy. NFC and a better FF camera.

      Seriously HTC, a VGA camera? where did you find this crap?

      I haven’t seen a VGA camera since the RAZR days.

      • http://Website Zykan

        I will admit that I do like the phone and am learning more and more about it each day.

        My main woof woof on this is the lack of custimization with in Sense for ICONS.

        I am learning to like a lot of what Sense has to offer but there is certain things from other launchers that are lacking here.

        So far I am liking the phone more and more though. Was worth the wait IMO

  • http://Website Burrito Dave

    I just picked up this phone a few hours ago from Walmart. I switched from Verizon to T Mobile for this phone! (Crazy I know) I figure I’ll give T Mobiles network the 14 day test, and return it if Im not 100% pleased. As for the phone……………It is such an upgrade over my Dinc. I just cant put it down! Im really looking forward to rooting this so I can get rid of all the bloatware. HTC has already said a firmware update is coming soon to unlock the bootloader, but with HTC sense 3.0, I might just root and not worry about custom roms!

    • alamoe

      I wish this wasn’t the case, but you’ll probably miss Verizon’s network. Since I switched from tmobile to Verizon its been great to know that I can do everything with my phone no matter where I go. Just this morning I hooked my thunderbolt up to my fm transmitter and listened to Pandora on the drive to work. I could never do that when I was on tmobile. It’s a sensational phone though!

  • http://Website C

    does anyone know why walmart sells it for $50 less than tmo?

    • Anonymous

      Probably because Walmart doesnt have to pay their employees commission to sell phones, and they have stores whether they sell phones or not.

      T-Mobile pays their employees more as commission meeting quotas, and has to pay rent on stores to sell phones.

  • http://Website Holly

    Where can you put in the code? I am trying to buy the sensation now but already have an account with T-Mobile. It doesn’t give me a place to input the coupon code?? Please help.