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Plume looks to future, sees Facebook on horizon


As it stands, Plume is one of the more popular third-party Twitter clients available for Android. With a clean UI, multiple options for customization and timely updates, Plume currently stands with a four and a half star rating in the Market. And its team of authors (LevelUp Studio) has earned the rank of Top Developer. In a recent post on Google+ from LevelUp Studio founder and developer Ludovic Vialle, we got to take a candid glimpse into where Plume is headed from here.

First up to the plate for Plume is a reworked ListView component. Vialle mentions Plume has “always had position issues in the timeline” and that the new version works very well.

Up next is Notifications. Not only will the next milestone release of Plume feature push notifications, but it will also bring about realtime updates within the app:

New tweets/mentions/dm will be notified at the bottom with numbers, and refreshing will only refresh the display internally.Ludovic VialleLevelUp Studio

With these new additions to Plume, the application could very well become the top Twitter client on Android today. But LevelUp doesn’t want to stop there. After ListView and Notifications are introduced and fine-tuned, Vialle plans to begin working on Facebook and, someday, Google+ integration. It may be awhile, but sometime in the near future Plume may just turn out to be your one-stop-shop for social networking on Android.

No ETA has been given for the newest versions of Plume, so make sure to keep checking back with Vialle on Google+. Or stay tuned to Android and Me, where we’ll be sure to let you know when the updates are available.


Source: Google+

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  • http://goo.gl/tQ2E wwJOSHdo

    Sweet! I LOVE Plume! Its the only app I use. I love that I can set more important twitter people to different colors so that they stand out!


    I know its corny but all I have been using lately on my phone is the stock Sense app. I know its corny but in the end it serves my needs. Now on my Xoom I use third party app. Tweecaster HD (it has some facebook integration) for twitter and friend me for facebook. Im dieing for a 3rd party Google + app (for tablets). Why Google hasnt made a native Honeycomb g+ app is beyond me. But the 1st one to get them all going in one single app will get my allegiance. Look forward to keeping my eye on plume and seeing what they have in store for the future.

  • G3K

    Plume is definitely the best Twitter client but it still has some very basic problems. You can’t pick which account to tweet from and you can’t delete retweets at all. Blocking spammers who @reply you doesn’t work – it quickly forgets and resends you the notification. And yes, the timeline issues are obnoxious. Hopefully that all gets fixed along with / before the Facebook stuff.

    • http://sweeterskins.net Lemon

      You can choose which account to tweet from (avatar in the send box)… what you can’t choose is which account to retweet from…

  • LadyDi

    I had this app when it was ‘Touiteur’, it still lack some features that I wanted back then. I moved on when the name changed, gladly.

  • Piinky


    I cannot wait until they integrate Facebook and Google+.. goodbye tweetcaster and Facebook app.. I mainly use plume.. but have to go between Facebook, tweetcaster just to update my statuses on Facebook..

    Hopefully they also integrate instagram so we can see the pic without having to go to the app..