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Scrobble songs from your device with simple Last.FM Scrobbler

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m an avid Last.FM user. I don’t use their radio service all too often, but I definitely love scrobbling tracks from my devices and seeing what songs my friends and I are listening to. It’s a great way to discover new music. I have nearly 50,000 songs scrobbled since 2005 and counting. In the early days of Android (Cupcake and Donut), I used Adam Renberg’s fantastic Simple Last.FM Scrobbler application to scrobble tunes from my Android handsets. It worked flawlessly and had a multitude of options so you could scrobble to your heart’s content.

Fast-forward to May 2011, when Google released their revamped stock Android Music player application. It did everything it could to break compatibility with Adam’s Scrobble application. Other similar scrobble apps filled the Market, but none seemed to be compatible with the standard Android Music app by Google. After a few emails to Adam, he has finally updated the application for the first time in months. It’s now compatible with the stock Music app. I’ve tested it on my Nexus S 4G and it works great, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work on your shiny new tablet, too.

So, if you’re like me and are an avid Last.FM (or libre.fm) user who listens to a ton of music on their device(s), give the app a try and get that scrobble count up! Let us know your thoughts on the app in the comments below, or tell us about any¬†incompatibilities¬†you run into. We’ll let Adam know and see if he can fix it!


Source: Simple Last.FM Scrobbler on Google Code

Dylan Andersen is a part-time developer, part-time student and full-time Android aficionado. Hailing from Colma, CA, he's knee-deep in tech territory. Currently working on his Bachelor's in English at San Francisco State University, he's always up to date on the latest mods, hacks, and applications for Android. In his spare time, he loves to drink root beer and incessantly play Battlefield 3.

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  • http://Website Mark

    F*ck Last.fm. I stopped using them ever since they started made it mandatory to pay. F*ck that.

    • SkolKariol

      Pay? You are going INSANE with the Cocaine.

  • http://Website Daniel

    I use Last.FM official app and it works perfectly with the google.music app.

    • http://Website Greg

      Yeah, same here.

      Dylan – is there a reason you don’t do this? It’s always worked flawlessly for me.

  • http://www.netvibes.com/AshTR AshTR

    Actually, the regular Last.fm app updated to support scrobbling of the Music Beta app within the first week or two of the Beta starting if I remember correctly.

    • http://Website Justin B

      If you only use scrobbling the official app is a little bloated

  • http://www.devolute.net devolute

    I only wish that this supported the MIUI music app, or rather vis-versa.

  • http://Website rix

    Have been using this since last fm went premium, I had no need for the official app at that point.

  • Tiuri

    Only 50,000!!! I’m currently at 110,000, also since 2005…

  • Toddcraft

    Only 110,000 since 2005?! You don’t listen to much music, do you?