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CyanogenMod 7 for Motorola Atrix set to enter testing

CyanogenMod Nexus One

Largely regarded as the world’s most popular series of ROMs, CyanogenMod 7 has reached the testing stage of pre-release for the Motorola Atrix.

Since the Atrix was first released, the device has been hindered by Motorola’s custom software. Soon enough, Atrix owners will be able to enjoy the speed and customization thousands of users enjoy everyday. Just over a week ago, on July 18th, CyanogenMod finally reached 500,000 installs–a landmark not just for the team of developers behind CyanogeMod, but for Android hackers and modders everywhere.

As of right now, no time frame has been given for release. Since the ROM is just on the brink of testing (four testers are scheduled to be selected by 7PM EST tomorrow), it’s going to be awhile until Atrix users will be able to download via their channel of choice. If you think you’ve got what it takes to be one of the lucky four testers, head over to XDA now and check out the requirements.

Anyone out there using an Atrix excited for the ROM to land?

Via: Reddit

Source: XDA

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  • Marcus

    Yes! But wait, isn’t the Atrix’s bootloader locked? So doesn’t that mean that you can’t install custom ROMs?

    • William

      Nope, as of the end of June, the Motorola Atrix’s bootloader can be unlocked using an .sbf.

  • Kevin

    typo: “CyanogeMod” should be “CyanogenMod”

  • theetrueyoshi

    Mmm this is an awesome post! I find this freaking awesome that Motorola Finally took off Moto blur off of their future product! As a sales rep for T-mobile and a Tech enthusiast seeing something that was made by programmers for users that are at all levels to be pushed out on a phone as a stock os is awesome!

    • AnalogXDA

      Well, no.

  • zee112

    I’m running CM7 RC1.3 on my TBolt. It’s like a whole new phone!

  • CubanoPete

    OMG!!!!! I can not wait

  • thechad

    love CM7