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Samsung launches information sign up page for US Galaxy S II


Looking to sign up with Samsung for more information on the Galaxy S II when it’s made available? Since the blog you’re reading is usually five steps ahead of Samsung, I wouldn’t blame you if said no. If you happened to say yes, however, now you can.

It may not be as exciting as a picture leak or a filing with the FCC, but an information sign-up page is always a good sign that progress is continuing on as normal. By heading over to Samsung’s official website, you can exchange your name, e-mail, mobile number and zip code for information on the US Galaxy S II whenever Sammy is ready to hand it out.

If you don’t feel like shelling any of that info out, just stay tuned to Android and Me. We’ll be sure you stay in the know.

Source: Phandroid

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    Stop with the Galaxy S 2 articles, GRRRR. I am trying to hold out for the next Nexus !!! Im going to fold… STOP. LOL

    • Interpol91

      Me too!! I’m still not sure if I should get it or wait for the next Nexus! Dang it

      • cwalden

        Me Too!!! i cannot decide if i’m going to wait for the prime or just get this sexi galxy!! What do i do ANdroid!??

  • http://whysoangrybirds.com mikeyDroid

    You guys will probably report what I want to hear before I ever get an email from Samsung, but what the hell. :D

  • sylar

    Since i keep a close eye on both Android and Me and on Android Police I imagine that I will know that it is out long before they ever send me notification of any sort. Also why do i really want to give them my number, I’m sure they could already access it if they wanted but why just hand it to them.

  • aj

    Sweet while im not going to sign up as i too watch many websites its even more proof hopefully leading the rumored august 12 release on verizon.

  • Richard Yarrell
    • squiddy20

      No one cares for your stupid spam trolling. GTFO

    • Hans

      That’s only because the Galaxy S II isn’t available in the US yet. ;)

  • elizabeth

    nice but i need help with my phone is bloged and it just need username and password but i don’t know what is the password and isf i don’t do it i will not go to any pages on my phone