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34% of iPhone users think they have a 4G phone

There’s a common stereotype that iPhone users tend to be less educated about the technical specs of their phones. I’m not one to make fun of anyone, and that truly isn’t what I’m trying to do, but these statistics definitely deserve a bit of my time. It seems more than a third of iPhone users are under the impression that they own a 4G device.

It isn’t right to pigeon-hole people, but it does seem iPhone users tend not to know much about the device. We often hear people say, “The iPhone is the best phone!” And don’t you hate it when you’re trying to explain what Android is to someone and they say, “Oh, like the iPhone?” Some people do provide a good argument as to why they think the iPhone is a better option than an Android device. Sadly, though, it seems the common consumer falls prey to the “common knowledge” that the iPhone is superior.

It seems the common consumer (non-techies) will often purchase an iPhone when looking for a high-end smartphone, especially new smartphone users. This is partly due to the fame Apple has built for itself and its user-friendly atmosphere. iPhone users blindly love their device so much, 40% of iPhone owners claimed they would buy the next iPhone even if the device does not have 4G connectivity. We know you love your devices, and the iPhone is definitely a good option for many, but it really doesn’t hurt to learn at least a little bit about your phone.

According to Retrevo’s survey, 34% of iPhone users who answered this questionnaire claim to have a 4G device. This may be due to the fact that the latest device is called “iPhone 4,” where the number represents the generation of the device. Some people might be under the misconception that the number 4 represents “4G,” but it seems outrageous to think over a third of iPhone users fall under this category!

Just to make it clear, Apple currently does not offer any 4G devices. Come on, Apple fans. Learn a bit more about your phone before you make the jump. We understand processors, RAM and other specs can be confusing, but you should definitely know if your device runs on 3G or 4G data speeds. It seems the situation is critical, so go spread the knowledge, guys! Let your iPhone-using friends know they do not have a 4G device!

Via: MacRumors

Source: Retrevo

Hello, I am Edgar Cervantes. I am an avid Android fan, and keeping myself updated on the topic is part of my daily life. I will always work hard to give the best of me to our community of Android enthusiasts, and I am very honored to be part of this ship. Hopefully we can all enjoy sharing our knowledge and opinions!

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  • http://Website Techrocket9

    Link to original article: http://j.mp/TsLfAAm

    • http://Website Anon

      Not neccersarily. As you can see It was found Via MacRumours and the originating source is Retrevo. Ign are in the same place as AndroidAndMe. There is no way that AndroidAndMe ripped this from a gaming website.

    • http://Website Rick

      so 66% know its not. It seems that the vast majority of iPhone users figured this out.

      I believe its much worse that 50%+ of americans got brainwashed and followed/voted a criminal villain named George Walker Bush a few years ago!

      • http://Website BJH


      • http://Website Mark

        Rick, while your point may be valid, it is extremely annoying when somebody has to turn everything into an opportunity to make a political comment. Grow up. George Bush is over and the economy still sucks. The End.

        • http://Website joe

          The economy sucks for those who need to change the line of work they’re in.

          • http://Website Jim

            If everyone who’s experiencing financial crisis would change their line of work, there wouldn’t be a problem? What you propose would create the same problem but in other fields. Without the basic laborers who do medial tasks, we wouldn’t have the majority of services that we enjoy in this country.

      • http://Website matt

        First of all the other 66 percent responded what is 4g or duhhh.bush wasnt as bad as people give him credit for.years of media bias has took its toll on people who believe distortions and lies.i know im going to get alot of negative votes but i dont care.cant wait to have barrack hoover obama out of office….

        • http://Website Frongy

          Could not agree with you more. Amen.

      • http://Website Derek

        How bout the fact that 50+% of Americans voted for a racist, foreign-born muslim socialist for President?

        • http://Website Mary-Anne L

          I didnt know Bush was a muslim. Thx for letting me know.

        • http://Website Spork

          Talk about uninformed… Obama was born in Hawaii and we is Christian, not Muslim.

      • alex

        rick, u r right on the point.
        I think these facts are directly connected.
        I am sure that iphone (or iphone wannabe) customer base is the same crowd of people that got convinced by Bush’s campaign which was actually structured in the same manner as iphone marketing campaign.
        Apple has always been product for dummies (think of one mouse button), extremely beautiful and stylish but so insulting one’s intelligence if you think about it. Their campaign turned it around, we all remember PC vs Apple ads which was a simple rebranding campaign.

  • http://Website TatiG

    Android user enters a store:

    - Hey does this phone have 2x core processor?
    - does it have HD recording?
    - does it have the latest OS version?
    - does it have unlocked bootloader?
    - does it have Super OMOLED Screen?
    - does it have Gorilla Glass
    - what about the battery, is it at least 1600 mah?

    iPhone user enters a store:

    - do you have the one in white?

    • http://Website Anon


      That’s all I have to say :)

      • http://Website kay


      • http://Website Mayur

        That was AWESOME.

      • http://Website apo

        AWESOME dude.

      • http://Website @neidlinger

        That was created by a Best Buy Employee. They got fired over it.

        Granted it is funny. But they also have an iPhone > Evo one out there.

        not near as funny fur its there.

    • XEOD

      That was soOOO FUNNY! Thanks for the laugh

    • http://Website zee112


    • http://Website metafor

      To be fair, those questions the “Android user” asks aren’t exactly pinnacles of a smart consumer either. He’s pretty much spec-whoring.

      Sensible consumer questions would be:

      1. Can I play with it to see if it’s fast enough to handle all the things I’d do?
      2. Can I see a video taken with it on a large computer screen so I can check the quality?
      3. What are the limitations compared to a “pure Google” phone like the Nexus S?
      4. How well does the screen work in sunlight? What about viewing angles compared to other phones?
      5. How long does the phone operate for before the battery dies typically?

      • http://Website Richard Yarrell

        No iphone user asks these questions before they purchase their iphones…Your making me laugh

        • http://Website RouseHouse

          He’s saying those are questions an Android user should be asking instead of minute details about the phone. Also, “you’re” using the wrong “your” so maybe fix that before you call others dumb.

      • http://Website miltk

        actually, those are not sensible consumer questions. those are more techie than the ones given by A&M and far out of the realm of “sensible”. in order for a consumer to ask those questions, he’d have to be pretty well informed, at least about what his needs are,,,and that ain’t happening. that’s why apple markets so well…they know how to answer the questions the common consumer asks. in fact, apple knows what questions the common consumer WILL ASK and they’re good at telling people what they need because people DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY NEED…

        • http://Website wdfowty

          Sorry, but if you’re going to spend hundreds of dollars on something, you do a little research. Sales associates prey on the less informed.

    • http://Website Cander

      Now for the reality.

      Most people who is buying a phone:
      - can I afford it?
      - does it look cool?

    • http://Website Geah

      WTH is a OMOLED screen…

      • http://Website a


    • http://about.me/tomyu Tom

      lol that’s so true!!

    • http://Website Raj

      Rightly Said. I pity people when they fall prey to Apple’s exceptional marketing and PR.

  • http://Website Android Number Probably Wrong Too

    I’d imagine that Android number is inflated a bit, too. 29% seems pretty high for 4G android phones as well.

    • http://Website irlPanda

      Eh, not really. Almost all major carriers have multiple 4G devices. Verizon alone currently has 3.

      • http://Website TGeezy

        I agree. Even Sprint has 5.

  • http://Website Andy

    I am an iPhone owner and let me say that I am embarrassed by the number of idiots who own the iPhone.

    • http://Website Carl W

      well, 29% of android users arent exactly much smarter it seems….

      • http://Website Garrett

        Your drawing conclusions without knowledge. There are many 4G android devices available, there have been 4G android devices available since the Evo came out which was a little more than a year ago. Next time, hide your ignorance by just not speaking. We will both be better off.

        • http://Website RouseHouse

          *You’re not your. Next time hide your ignorance and we’ll both be better off.

          • http://Website Garrett

            I make one spelling eror and now I’m ignorant. Go troll elsewhere.

        • http://Website RouseHouse

          Actually you made a word choice error. You are probably too ignorant to realize the difference. It’s hard to take your insults seriously when they contain errors.

      • http://Website Carl W

        well, 29% of android users arent exactly much smarter it seems…..

  • http://funwithandroid.blogspot.com ambarish

    I have said for a long time that iPhone is for dumb users – that is why it has only 1 button ;-)

    P.S. Before anyone starts a flame war – just kidding….

    • http://Website Richard Yarrell

      I love wars and I openly AGREE WITH YOU..Iphones are for losers PLAIN AND SIMPLE…

      • http://Website KranniuM

        Amm… I’ve had androids and iphones over the years.. I keep switching between the two. Currently i have an iPhone 4 and i do miss some of the features of my nexus one and galaxy s. Think before you write a comment. Dont hate because you are never going to get one. I LOVE android but that cant stop me from getting an iOS phone. I plan on switching back to Android once i change my phone again… And its not because the iPhone sucks. Give the phone the credit it deserves. Bashing it just shows how childish you are.

    • http://Website Ian

      When co-workers ask me what smart phone should they get. If they are clueless of the latest mobile tech or just dumb, i refer them to the iphone.

  • http://Website FAct: developers leave Android and switch to iOS

    34% of android phone users think they have a thin & shiny phone!

    • http://Website Mike

      That was the worst diss I have ever heard

    • http://Website Jack

      The Evo 4G looks a lot better than the iPhone.

      The iPhone 4g looks really ugly, as its edges aren’t rounded.

    • http://Website kazahani

      HTC Sensation? Samsung Galaxy S II?

      Just off the top of my head. Two phones that are easily skinnier and sexier than anything Steve Jobs has ever come up with.

  • http://Website NrikeCalderon

    So true! I have co-workers that have paid top $ on eBay for an unlocked iPhone so they can use it on Tmobile and don’t know what the E (Edge or 2G speed) means!

  • http://Website oscillik

    while these statistics are amusing, and people who know me already get that i’m not the biggest fan of Apple, i think it’s a little unfair to get on the whole “Android Master User Race” high-horse.

    there are actually quite a few Android users that are pretty clueless about their phones too.

    • SGB101

      with 500k activations a day I’m sure a few creap through ;–)

    • http://Website Poppy McBilden

      Android = IT nazis???

  • http://Website Thorpeland

    This is classic iphone user’ism. Ive known 3 people who have argued with me that their iphone 4 is a 4G phone. But, this is very typical of why the iphone is so popular. That whole “it just works’ thing. They just want the same smart phone everyone around them has and they believe what they’re told from Apple marketing. They don’t care about specs. They don’t care about speed. They don’t care to know anything about the phone. They just want to cram it down everyone throats that despite knowing nothing about that shiny phone in their hands, its still the best phone money could ever buy. Meanwhile, those who do take a minute to learn what their phone has it in, just sit back and laugh.

    iSheep are a dime a dozen.

    • http://Website JG

      I am very inclined to agree with you.
      I know a lot of friends and family (everyone in my immediate family excluding myself) that have a iPhone 3GS or iPhone4 that make the same exact argument…. “the iPhone is the best, Period.”

      I just laugh. I admit apple does a superior job marketing their phones and to the normal masses, it seems like the iPhone is superior to any and all phones, but people should become more informed than following these stereotypical cliches.

      I’m not saying the iPhone isn’t a great phone, I am just saying there are a lot of phones comparable if not better than the iPhone.

    • AME

      I think it’s funny that iPhone users don’t know that Apple doesn’t “make” everything in the iPhone and that Samsung is what’s inside.

  • http://Website +5

    honestly, most of the android users are as dumb and buy (android) trash phones.

    • http://Website MiSoFine

      you must have an iPhone… or you are a failed Android users.

  • http://Website 555

    99% of NOKIA users think they have a 4G phone too

    • http://Website 84guy

      whats Nokia? lol j/k

  • http://Website MiSoFine

    I handle the wireless devices in my enterprise, and I agree wholeheartedly that iPhone users are kinda slow.

    The people making the jump from Blackberry to iPhone take about 2 weeks to master virtual keyboards, figure out the UI, & operate one button. The occasional–how did I turn off my ringer (the little button on the side) & How do I reboot it (b/c they are used to popping out a battery) questions coming up occasionally.

    My users that go from iPhone to blackberry? I have to explain to them every little button on that device in very small words–almost like talking to a child. When I first started dealing with the consumer iPhone user I just assumed that everyone isn’t techy. However I now realize, no they are just that slow. I used to make the mistake of when someone told me they had an Apple product that they are somewhat technical. I start talking about the different OS’s, processors, I get crickets.

    The major difference? Other OS users take the time to try to figure something out! I find that Apple users do not do that. They must make it so easy that you don’t require any instruction for anything!

    I have an Android phone & tablet (and if 1 more person calls my Asus Transformer an iPad I will yell at them) but I can’t figure out how to use my Nano. So maybe it works both ways….

    • http://Website Cander

      Cool story. Now explain why all the IT professionals in my office have iPhones and why the people we have to teach basic computing 101 to have Android phones?

      • http://Website CactusCat

        I’ll answer that for you Cander. First of all, I do IT work and have been self employed for over 20+ years. I install servers and networks and support end users on those networks. Virtually EVERY single IT person I’m come into contact with does NOT use the iPhone and I’ll bet you a thousand dollars that I see and know more IT professionals than you ever dreamed about. Therefore, your silly comment is either 1) an anomaly or 2) skewed perception or popularity in your office or 3) you have a bunch of Mac users in your office with product loyalty. Almost every IT person I know either uses an Android or a Blackberry, with unfortunately, the Blackberry probably being the most popular. I use an Android phone myself and when I speak with the other IT guys about their Blackberry phones, most are planning to migrate to Android. I have yet to see or hear one planning to get an iPhone. Some will be sticking with Blackberry. The few (and I really mean less than 5%) of the IT people I’ve known that had an iPhone had got their’s to simply learn how to use it so they could support their end users. Fortunately, most IT people are usually quite smart, so using an iPhone is quite easy for them. I’ve set up a lot of them for end users and find them quite simplistic. My Android is much more intuitive though. Do not speak of what you know nothing about.

      • http://androidandme Denio

        So you’ve noticed this too!? Five stars to you for being so bright as to enlighten others! I have spoken personally to so many Sprint techs and reps throughout the US who REFUSE to use Android apps. And then get real quiet and look around suspiciously to make sure no-one is listening!! Too many techs and reps in high places to be a co-ink-e-dink, nod nod, nudge nudge, wink wink!!! To stop you in your “conspiracy theory” idea of me in your iJordan tracks, just know that I have been with SPRINT since 1991…Yes…a “Premium Status” customer for 20 years.–Up ‘ til now, anyway… Stop playing games, texting, IM’ing; get your heart and mind in sync, and LOOK AROUND.

      • http://Website Drewskeetznyamouth

        Dear Candar,

        I am also a PC support technician for a corporation and 1 of my IT duties is to setup phones for corporate mail and simple how to guides for our employees (about 700+ of them). I can tell you that majority of our employees in the field use iphones and perhaps 2% use Android. In our corporate office about 95% use Android phones (unfortunately with Verizon account) so the techs in here are all rocking Thunderbolts and some older phones like the Droid 2 which im sure will be upgrading soon. I have my htc Evo 4G with some strong 4G signals from work to home so im happy with that but the only iphone ive seen in here is owned by 1 tech alone. This tech barely uses his phone as I dont ever see it on him so it seems he just doesn’t care much about it. We recently had a german company come in from their country (multimillion dollar co. at that) and they were all sporting Androids…seriously iphone is a consumer based phone for the not so much techie people and Android is more of a best of both worlds. You can use it for simple stuff and you can dig into the advanced areas if you know how as well so i give Android 2 thumbs up and i give iphone 1 thumb up =).

  • http://Website MrWall

    I’m not to surprised by this. This 34% is probably the same group that doesn’t do research on anything, they just wait till someone else gives them the answer instead of just using google (weather, movies, directions, etc), heck, I have friends who ask me those questions via twitter FROM their iPHONE

  • http://Website Rihanna Barbara

    EPIC [email protected] the blackberry guys! :D

    What are THEY thinking?

  • NitroExpressNY

    34% are REALLY DUMB, the other %66 are just DUMB 4 owning an iPhone

    • http://Website Richard Yarrell

      Pretty much YOU SUMED IT UP….Their is no way an iphone user will ever broden his or her horizons because they are just SIMPLY UNABLE TO REALLY UNDERSTAND THE BASIC TECHNOLOGY. They walk around listening to music on their little iphone through itunes while we walk around watching TV, sitting on a park bench or just doing things that are far more productive than they ever would. Technology wise they HAVE NO CLUE as what they are walking around with or the capabilities which isn’t really to much of the device they have. I have said it before and will always say I WOULDN’T WANT OR TAKE ANY APPLE PRODUCTS EVEN IF THEY WERE FOR FREE….APPLE IS AN INSULT TO ANDROID USERS. I CAN’T STAND APPLE AND VERIZON MIX THOSE TOGETHER AND YOU GET A FOUL ODOR

      • http://Website RouseHouse

        Please learn to spell before highlighting your glaring errors with ALL CAPS…

        • http://Website snowbdr89

          You are the real insult to the whole android world dick yarrell!!!

          • NitroExpressNY

            What do u know about the android world you shit hole

          • http://Website Richard Yarrell

            Not you AGAIN…Man do yourself a favor and go buy a life you can purchase one at your nearest Walmart…

        • NitroExpressNY

          i lmao when i see perfect people that act like they never misspelled a single word in their entire life :) go suck your daddy

          • http://Website RouseHouse

            Thanks, but I’d rather not “suck my daddy” as you so eloquently put it. And while I may have misspelled words in my life, I certainly haven’t while trying to insult others’ intelligence.

        • http://Website Richard Yarrell

          Your really funny..Let me mail you a dog biscuit since your a grammar teacher…

          • http://Website RouseHouse

            I’d tell you my address, but you’d probably spell it wrong and my dog biscuit would never arrive. :(

        • http://Website Blake

          What is up with the spelling Nazi? Anything actually constructive you would like to add?

          • http://Website RouseHouse

            Like something more constructive than your post? Here goes: 34% of iPhone users are mistaken. They do not have a 4G phone. What more is there to discuss?

  • http://Website Chetan

    I like how the author has conveniently left out the fact that Android owners aren’t far behind at 29%. Not very encouraging for the phandroids either.

    • http://Website The dude

      Both figures are pretty disappointing.

      • http://Website yerand

        both of you are stupid… there is no 4g iphone, so that 34 just doesnt know what they’re talking bout, but there are quite a few 4g android phones, therefore that 29 percent seems reasonable

        • http://Website Holk

          Yeah,but this means that prior to the poll
          it was pretty obvious that the iphone users percentage was expected to be much higher because of these circumstances.

          So, it was flawed from the beginning.

          • http://Website Holk

            I mean, the question is not really fair.
            Its biased.

            I hope you get the gist of my thoughts.

    • http://Website Rainai

      Those figures represent those who *claim* they have a 4G device. Well, there’s no 4G iDevice while there are already quite a few 4G Android devices. 4G Android devices have been around for quite a while. So, maybe, those who claimed to have 4G really are holding 4G Android devices.

      • http://Website RouseHouse

        I think the survey was for people that thought they had a 4G phone but actually didn’t through verification. Obviously all iPhone users that think they have a 4G phone are wrong, but I’m sure there’s also a lot of Android users that think just because there are Android 4G phones, they must have one. Both ideas are wrong.

  • SGB101

    ive neve owned an iPhone, jumped on android from the start, went from N95 to G1 running 1.1. this month I got an ipad2, and I found it impossably hard to get it to do the most simplest things android let you do.

    because or sir jobs vertical limitations you needtl to jump through hoops and mental work arounds. 14 days it lasted them it was ebayed.

    android is alot easier to master than apple, because it is compleatly open.

  • http://maxtechnewz.blogspot.com max

    they are rele ethnocentric about ios thinking they have 46 lol

  • http://Website Mark

    Remember, just because the user is using a smartphone doesn’t mean he or she is a SMART user. ;)

  • http://www.giquegear.com GiqueGEAR_Todd

    I suspicioned this was the case. Misconceptions about FaceTime abound as well.

  • http://Website Matt

    Well, T-Mobile has at the least 6 or 7 4G devices, Sprint has at the most 6 or 7 4G devices, AT&T has up to 5 4G devices at the least, and Verizon has up to 3 4G phones on their lineup, and not to mention all the other 4G devices on smaller regional carriers; so that about sums it up to about 20+ 4G capable Android devices so that 29% seems pretty reasonable despite the fact that some people don’t really know if they do have 4G devices. The iPhone users that do think they have a 4G device is laughable because many friends of mine have bragged that their iPhones have 4G iPhones only to shy away when I prove that their phones do not have 4G capabilities. Just saying, but Android phones and their users are actually able to say that they own a 4G device because of the plethora of 4G android phones and tablets out there with even more 4G android phones coming down the road.

  • http://punmobile.net punzz

    Err, and they have them just for what?. They buy something just for nothing, just for style?

  • http://Website Luke

    Thats quite funny, didnt realise people actually thought that iphone4 was 4g, considering 4g isnt quite there yet with networks unless ur in the usa, u still find some areas that dont pick up 3g, let alone anything better. I have an iphone4, but i knew everything about it before i got it. I got it because i had a an iphone3g an i got on so well with it. This time i have jailbroken my iphone which allows for alot more room to play. I will admit, android as standard offers way more than the iphone but i still wont change my mind when getting another iphone. I am porting android to run as dual boot soon and getting an android tablet.

  • http://Website jo

    so a big percentage of apple users are idiots. nothing new there …

    • http://Website RouseHouse

      I wouldn’t call 34% big, but yes there are a lot of misinformed people walking around.

  • http://Website E

    No they don’t care about notting only if it has the bigger GBs and wi fi lmao …there so dumb that it takes a higher digit for the phone to make it much better all the sudden cuz its the icrap 4 it has 4g tec and the iPad runs on magic so flash is not needed

  • http://Website Macdroid

    Wow. Are you serious? People complaining about the idiocy of iPhone buyers, yet saying ios is dificult to use? A monkey can figure out any apple product. He’ll my Dad can figure out any apple product. There is a reason the iPhone is so sucessfull. Apple has built a beautiful looking phone that is easy to use, has a slick ui, and about a billion aps. And trust me I know plenty of android users that wouldn’t know 4g from evdo. I guess my point is ,we all love android on this site. But is to love android, to hate everything else? Mabye I’m just being sentimental because I am posting this from my iPod touch and not my dx.

    • http://Website Macdroid

      Also I think the real question should be. How many of these people have “real” 4g? Not hspa+

  • http://Website E

    The funny thing here is that people in the US think they have a 4G phone just because it reaches 16Mb/s. That’s not 4G. – Kind regards from the future (Sweden) where we have real 4G.

    • http://Website snowbdr89

      100% of sprint users think they have 4g

      • http://Website Richard Yarrell

        100% of Verizon customers are walking around today thinking they have up to date devices when they really have devices with 2010 specs at best. We already know they can’t be all that smart because they paid 250 for a useless Thunderbolt and 300 for a crappy Droid Charge. What a water of money that was the Thunderbolt will go down in android history as the WORST DEVICE EVER what good is a fast phone with 3hrs of LTE battery life??? Oh yeah how’s the REBOOTS coming along and let’s not expose the connectivity issues. Verizon sucks eggs pretty sad that the phone on Verizon turns out to be the iPhone or the Droid X2 oh yeah and the Incredible 2 also…

        • http://Website Giggles


        • http://Website chris125

          Dick once again you know what everyone says about sprints fake 4g is true so all you have is saying vzw has outdated phones. Well those outdated phones blow away sprints garbage supposed 4g that they haven’t expanded in almost a year. Come on dick go play wirh your evo and crawl back to your hole in the wall. Then again you better stay outside so you can get service.

    • http://Website kazahani

      Seriously? Sweden is the size of my back yard. You guys put a transmitter on the end of a flagpole and boom – instant 4g. It’s a little trickier for us. We have to worry about network loads and covering millions of square miles.
      Congratulations on being a pretentios jerk, though.

    • http://Website Drewskeetznyamouth

      You are right. My evo goes between 16-22mb on Sprints “4G” network. If anything that’s a high 3G connection so I completely agree with you. Come on Sprint give us some real data speeds. I wanna see atleast 30-45mb on 4G!!!

  • http://Website D-k

    Apple wins again! 34>29 azzholes

  • http://Website Alan

    Ha Ha Epic Fail on this article.
    So 29% of Android users had the same misconception…AND there are more Androids activated per day than iPhones…SOOOO …. there are actually MORE Android users that are wrong about this.

    Your article fails.

    • http://Website a

      misconception? Are you high? haha those phones are actually “4g”

    • http://Website J

      “So 29% of Android users had the same misconception…AND there are more Androids activated per day than iPhones…SOOOO …. there are actually MORE Android users that are wrong about this”

      Your logic is as flawed as the iphone. It’s a percentage so the actual figure is irrelevant, however if I ignore the basic principles of math and accept your argument then by the same logic it also means there are MORE Android who know what they’re talking about than iphone users.

  • nexus15

    But don’t they kinda do have a 4G phone? I mean correct me if I am wrong but if we subject ourselves to the fuzzy logic used by T-Mobile and AT&T to describe what is 4G speeds, the iPhone generation 4 surpasses a lot of AT&T branded android phones in speed test, especially before they uncapped the upload bandwidth on those android phones, for a while it was beating the atrix 4G speeds.

    Now this is totally not a 4G phone because it doesnt have LTE or Wimax.

  • https://sites.google.com/site/barry99705 barry99705

    Here’s a hint. At&t doesn’t have a 4G network period.

    • http://Website RouseHouse

      By that logic, nor does any US carrier…

  • http://Website cp

    if my mom can use an ifone, then you know its for simple people…plus most people don’t even know when buying an android phone what they are purchasing. The other day, i was at the tmo store and a sells manager was trying to sell a soccer mom a sensation, i couldn’t help myself but to say to her “that’s a great phone”, she then asked “is it like an iphone?”…SIMPLE. I’m rocking a NS, and have loved android since the g1. The iphone is a great choice too. But sorry, the cliental is kinda off. Whatever OS or phone you go with, you’re going to have haters…haters gon’a be sippin’ on that hateraide.

  • http://Website Tomi

    I currently own an iPhone 4 and now i’m looking forward buying android. But as i never had one before i want to make sure that i make the right choice. What phone would you recommend? i thought on waiting for the next generation nexus.. i mean, the price wont be a problem. i just want to get a phone that works!

    • http://Website Nexus

      Next Nexus

  • http://Website Doctor Who

    My Black Hooker Mom has Aids! Now you do too! hahaha

    • http://Website BRAZIL

      yes all blacks have aids!

  • http://www.clusta.com h0ruza

    Hold on a minute. When you say iPhone users you’re are only referencing to the US rather than globally?

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    Isn’t Android the only platform that supports anything faster than 3G? And by that I mean “4G” (HSPA+ up to LTE)

    I wonder what percent of those Android users are wrong though and think they have a 4G device but actually don’t. Hopefully none of them, because they’re pretty much all branded with 4G in the name.

    I take that back, the Revolution, Charge, and Thunderbolt don’t have 4G or LTE in their names, but they always have a shit ton of signs around the devices on display at Verizon… :-D

  • http://orwolfstein.wordpress.com/ Gleeb

    Had myself an iphone. now i got myself Vibrant.
    i must say that i like the iphone much more.
    more content, more games, more fun in general.

    when you go on a roller coaster in the park you cant really say why the other one is better…. it just is.

    ohh yeh and my 3gs (that was lost) was a hell of a lot faster than the vibrant, who cares if you got a super computer in your had, while it works like shit.

    see reference: ps3 8 core frame rate VS xbox 360 frame rate.

    all the technical terms does not matter to the end user, only the result you get on the screen, and the response you get from the device. and they are both better over the iphone.
    one more thing. ANDROID MARKET SUCKS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Whatsisface

    I’m really losing faith in humanity reading some of these comments. C’mon guys. It’s a fucking phone. Owning a certain product doesn’t determine your intelligence. The number for iPhone users is most likely higher for several reasons, i.e. the fact that the iPhone is the #1 smartphone out there now and that most people that don’t know anything about technology went straight from their old outdated phones to an iPhone, and were just misinformed. You have air-headed people buying all sorts of technology. They don’t even understand how it works. iPhone probably has the higher number because when people like that decided to upgrade, they went with the most popular product. I mean, it’s just not right that we are such a shallow society that we make fun of people for the products they choose to buy. It’s all up to personal preference. Get over yourselves. I don’t care if you’re an Android user or an iPhone user. It’s up to you what you choose to own. And to call out the entire iPhone user market as being retarded is just ridiculous. People like Apple products. It’s just what they like. I don’t even own an iPhone, but seeing this shit just pisses me off. It’s a product. Treat people with respect.