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Amazon tablet coming this October?

Rumors about the Amazon Android devices have been shooting back and forth since our very own Taylor Wimberly brought the first details about Amazon’s “family” of devices. Today, the Wall Street Journal is bringing us a few more details they obtained via their secret tipster(s). We’ve heard a few rumors about the possibility of these tablets coming with NVIDIA processors (Tegra 2 and 3), only to later find out these could come with Texas Instruments OMAP 4 processors. Truth is, none of us really know much, and all this info is coming from “secret insiders.”

We’ve also been getting multiple rumors about the devices’ possible launch dates. First, we thought they were coming this August, but it seems like Amazon will begin production in September. That’s when they’re probably purchasing their first batch of touch displays.

So, what is the Wall Street Journal bringing to the table? Aside from a few interesting details, they seem to have an estimated release date, which they claim to be in the month of October. It is also mentioned one of these tablets will not be a touchscreen device and will come with a “cheaper adaptation of the current Kindle.” The other is said to come with Android and will have a “roughly 9-inch screen,” which probably means 8.9 inches.

Something disappointing the Wall Street Journal reports is the fact that this device will not come with a camera. Amazon focuses on its reading and multimedia services, but it would definitely not hurt to see a front-facing camera thrown in there for video chatting.

Whether these rumors prove to be true or not, they come from a serious source, and we should take them into consideration. What do you guys say? Do you think these are true? Would you be interested in one of these tablets? Do you mind not having a camera?

Via: The Wall Street Journal

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      you’re a fn douche.

  • http://seandoes.com Sean Doe-Simkins

    8.9 is a really unique screen size…if we roll in the rumor that Samsung is making these tablets for Amazon (http://mashable.com/2011/07/13/amazon-tablet-october/), do we think this may be a rebranding of the long-lost Tab 8.9?! That might be sweet enought to soften not getting a dang camera on this thing.

  • http://Website LeMon James

    8.9 inches? Wow, thats the size of my dick, isnt it?

  • thel0nerang3r

    I hadn’t thought about the reason why Amazon wants to have a table. At first I thought they wanted to be in competition wit the Xoom, Flyer, Tab, etc, by not going standard route and getting Google’s blessing they wouldn’t get Google apps, by they already have the market and could roll their own other apps… but reading the article about their ambitions it may be just for consuming Amazon content. Be it movies stream/rental, music, reading books (kindle).
    I guess we’ll find out in October.

  • http://www.jonathanharford.com/ Jonathan Harford

    This tells me everything I need to know about the Amazon tablet: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dmobile-apps&field-keywords=nook&x=0&y=0

  • http://blogs4android.com Sanjeev Mohindra

    It will be tough for them to compete in the tablet market, without the Google support….how many people use amazon app store other then downloading free app of the day…