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Android 3.2 now rolling out to Motorola Xoom tablets

Attention Motorola Xoom users! We have some good news for you. You know that 3.2 version of Honeycomb we’ve been talking about lately? Well, you should probably check your Xoom, ’cause the update is currently rolling out to the Motorola tablet as we speak.

As we’ve told you before, the Android 3.2 doesn’t bring that many new features to the table. It’s more of a bug-fixes-and-stability kind of update. Android 3.2 will also be the last update for Honeycomb before Ice Cream Sandwich arrives this Christmas, uniting Honeycomb, Gingerbread and Google TV into just one source code.

With that said, we still love us some Android updates, so here’s everything we know Android 3.2 will bring to Xoom users:

  • Bug fixes and improved hardware acceleration
  • Updated versions of Movie Studio, Movies and Music
  • Updated widgets
  • Zoom mode for phone apps
  • Support for the SD card slot
  • Support for 7-inch tablets and Qualcomm processors

Google also took the opportunity today to release some pieces of the Android 3.2 source code. This is not the whole Android 3.2 code, mind you, just the parts that they’re required to open source. As they said at Google I/O, they won’t be open sourcing Honeycomb. Instead, the company will wait until Ice Cream Sandwich to open source the whole Android source code. This will include the tablet version, the phone version and the TV version of Android.

All in all, Android 3.2 is a pretty decent update, considering Android 3.1 was released just a few weeks ago. Still, there could be some new features we know nothing about. So we’d love to hear from those of you who have updated your Xoom to Android 3.2. Have you found anything new? Is it snappier? Does it crash less? We want to hear all about it.

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  • http://maxtechnewz.blogspot.com max

    i want it for galaxy tab 10.1

  • keridel

    guys i dont want to nit pick but your report is inacurate.

    ONLY the US WIFI version of the motorola xoom will have the update.

    mtoroala WILL NOT give the rest of the world this update because they chose to add their own crap to the rest of the worlds xooms.

    noone but the americans have had the 3.1 update let alone the 3.2

    they have let all of us down

    please can you alter the post to read “the US wifi xoom” not wifi xooms


  • http://Website cameron

    Ipad 2 is garbage. You’re clearly an idiot.

    • http://Website Yeah….

      Well said, reggin.

    • http://Website Not you

      was that you i saw in that white cone headed get up? i haven’t seen you guys in a long time. i figured your demographics where dwindling down to nothing. God lets hope so.

  • http://Website damiendoorgen

    U see wat the xoom is getting, an SD card update, does the stinking ipad 2 have that, Apple really knows how to restrict u idiots and make money off of u


    I havent gotten an update yet… SMH

  • http://Website Darnyoumortorola

    undoubtedly the hardware of xoom is cool but the firmware sucks
    except the US, motorola just doesnt give a shxt to the rest of the world about the firmware updates
    from it’s smart phone to the recent tablet
    people other than the americans wont choose motorola anymore

  • http://Website Cece

    If you have an ipad, why are you on an andriod site?does ipad not have their own???

  • http://Website Steven Thomsen-Jones

    This hardware is now crying out for a custom firmware. Great kit that is being held back by Motorola. I paid a lot of good UK money for this device and to not get the support from the manufacturer is just appalling.

  • http://Website John

    haven’t gotten it yet – xoom 3g – is this for wifi or 3g version!?

  • http://Website Russ

    Got the update this morning Xoom WiFi. Everything seems smooth and zippy. No crashes so far. SD card reading works like a charm. Was hoping for some updates to VPN support, but no joy there.

  • http://Website Matt G

    So, I am guessing that I am the only U.S. Wifi only Xoom owner that has not gotten the update, am I right? THAT SUCKS!!!!! Where is my update?!?

  • http://www.evil.la marcus

    Yes today go a update…and without ur site who in the hell would have known anything?…its just f..ing…rude not to tell you a damn thing..gee thanks xoom,Motorola,and Google…..for not giving one fk!

  • http://www.eviltv.tv marcus

    Serriously…….ice cream Sandwich?…that’s a joke right?…it better be!… am not ever calling anything on a $700 tablet a ice cream Sanwich…….what are we children? fO Google word Smith idiots! God what an absolutely stupid company! And I got ur f ..I ng Ice cream right f…in here!

  • Mike

    I bought my Xoom the first weekend they were out. I have the wiFi/3G, I live in the US and I don’t have the 3.2 yet either.

  • Steve Newman

    Motorola is bringing in non US models for sale regular retail in US! I have one South American model bought t J&R in NYC on Nov. 29 that NOW I see will not get the update discussed here. What other support issues will there be? I emailed Moto an hour or so ago but will reset the tablet and demand a new US model or full refund if they do not have one! I did not get excited at first when on start up the browser opened to a Spanish languate SOuth American Moto site.

  • motorola droid

    Im in australia and i have upgraded to 3.1 honeycomb with added sd card support for my 3G XOOM. Its absolutely flawless with no issues whatsoever.

    if you have any problem about your Xoom visit this website http://www.motoask.com
    Really an amazing site.