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Apple strikes again, tries to block HTC imports to the U.S.

The legal war between mobile manufacturers is never a tame one, but lately Apple seems to be getting out of hand. The Apple vs. Samsung case continues on, but Android’s nemesis isn’t stopping there. Last Friday, July 8th, Apple filed a complaint (Complaint # 2828) against HTC with the U.S. International Trade Commission, asking that they block all imports of “personal electronic devices” from the Taiwanese-based company.

This makes the second time Apple has filed a complaint against HTC. The first was in March and was based on 20 patent infringements. That investigation is still ongoing, and the hearing and decision are scheduled for August 5th. (For documentation, click here). Apple seems doubtful about the outcome, so they’re trying to send another wave against our beloved Android manufacturer.

Lawsuits are inevitable, and we know Apple loves them. But banning a whole smartphone manufacturer from importing “personal electronic devices” to the U.S. is simply outrageous. We thought Microsoft was evil for requesting a $5 per-device fee from HTC, but Apple has taken things to a whole new level. While it is still upsetting, Microsoft’s move is much more reasonable because it allows for competition. It seems Apple’s aim is to completely rid  themselves of competition, instead of taking it on fairly.

We’ll definitely have to stay tuned for more news on this, especially next month’s decision from the Court. What do you guys think? Will the International Trade Commission side with Apple or HTC? Is Apple’s request simply outrageous, or is it just me?

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Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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  • http://Website victor sanchez

    apple just hates becouse there not number one anymore.

    • http://Website Helen

      Good job Apple, america united. We gonna destroy the asian crapmakers. Go america, down with the asians.

      • http://Website The_Omega_Man

        Helen, do you mean the same Asian companies who make ALL of the apple crapware today?

        • http://Website Name (required)

          Agreed, I wish Samsung would stop providing Apple with resources for their products entirely. They’d be up the creek without a paddle for a while. Samsung has money too.. their product line spreads across well more than mobile devices and computers.

      • http://Website djskee

        hellen, i hope you get raped and jizzed on by a thousand lil dick salty smelling japanese men – good nite ma’am!!

  • http://Website KarBar

    I don’t agree. I think lawsuits are ridiculous whether or not Apple files them first or not. That Nokia lawsuit was ridiculous and Samsung seems to have followed suit. All of these technology lawsuits are just pissing matches b/c someone was bested. Technology is met to evolve no matter who releases it first. These companies make billions and there are people without jobs and employment. I’d rather they focus on social responsibility rather then this.

    • http://Website The_Omega_Man

      They are focused on shareholders and profitability….PERIOD! (except for Steve Jobs)

  • http://gautch.com gautch

    Competition shouldn’t foster law suites. It should lead to better devices. Apple should stop throwing a fit like a 2 year old screaming about who stole their crayons. They should spend this money on designing and building better devices. Thats how they got in the lead in the beginning. Android is still playing catch up, though we are right up on their heels and off on their flanks as well. We’re closing in from all sides.

    I guess when your backed up in a corner all you can do is start pointing fingers at who you think is as fault, you know, for your stock holders sake.

    • http://Website The_Omega_Man

      CEMs using Android ascended faster than apple, microsoft, RIM and Nokia could counter act. This caught them ALL off guard. It’s like trying to stop or slow a Top Fuel Dragster with a (legal) lasso from a fast horse or in some cases a STUBBORN mule!

  • http://Website Noriega 713

    Wow…just…wow. Someone’s scared sh**less against Android.

    • http://Website The_Omega_Man

      I think that they are more afraid of their shareholders! ;P

  • http://Website RandyRKelly

    Steve Jobs just a pussy. First he trys to take over the mobile world , then gets mad when another company out sales and has a larger community. Then fired back with stealing Androids Shit and lawsuit against Android companies. Go suck a Apple core Jobs. Hell stop whining and go make a white iPhone that’s thicker. But wait its the same damn phone . Haha

  • http://Website Mikey

    Since iphone4 was released, Htc has given us the G2, mytouch 4g, inspiron, the thunderbolt, and the sensation. Apple is desperate.

    • http://Website The_Omega_Man

      I suspect that they are concerned about the NEXT generation of HTC products.

  • http://Website marcus

    i wonder wen anonymus. starts. to aim at apple as a new target. since they allready behave. like a kind of internet robbin hood maybe apple is a valid target id like that

  • http://Website bry

    apple doesn’t play well with others

    • http://Website The_Omega_Man

      Then they should just go play with themselves then!

  • http://Website Dev1359

    lol Apple is butthurt

  • http://Website Grey Beard

    Don’t forget the Evo 3D….HTC is at the top of their game.

  • http://audacityshewrote.com Cari

    I agree w/KarBar on what she says here: “These companies make billions and there are people without jobs and employment. I’d rather they focus on social responsibility rather then this.”

    It’s not only that, but now the U.S. International Trade Commission will be focusing on all these frivolous & whiney ‘we can’t handle having competition’ tech lawsuits rather than focusing on fair international trade that helps revitalize America’s economy. If Apple (& any other company that’s been sue-happy lately) keeps this up, they’ll only drive America’s economy even further downhill & we, the average consumer, won’t be able to afford ANYONE’s products, so it won’t matter when all is said & done.

    P.S. What can one expect from a company that labels everything ‘i’ though, really? Selfish much? No ‘i’ in team, folks, & being a part of team U.S.A. is being able to handle some healthy competition.

    • http://Website The_Omega_Man

      apple and microsoft simply want the average consumer to Not be able to afford their competitor’s products. This way they alone drive the pricing/profit structures, and secure their revenues, for the foreseeable future. But they need for the consumer to be able to afford their products or this all rapidly becomes a self deprecating affair, for them.

  • http://Website Mihael

    Well to be fair, these pissing matches aren’t going to go anywhere, but really Apple? When iOS 5 is loaded with Android’s Notification Premise, you want to go there? Apple is the kind of company that believes it can just throw money anywhere and they’ll be okay. All these litigation teams are just going to make money from it and both companies will lose.

    • http://Website The_Omega_Man

      apple sees this as a nothing to lose proposition. If they continue to sit back and watch potential sales (profits) got to all of their major competitor with non-of-that-money going into thier pockets, eventually that share price will take a hit….can you imagine what will happen if apple stock takes an extended nose dive to to not making their sales forecast estimates for several consecutive quarters? Pay the lawyers a few Millions to stem the potential loss of Billions… Do I like or support it? No. Do I understand it? Yes.

      • http://Website TGeezy86

        While I agree with you overall, Apple’s stock is already vastly overvalued. Just watch…the second Steve Jobs permanently resigns his post as CEO or succumbs to his cancer (which I DO NOT wish on him, its just a real possibility) the stock will tank and THEN you’ll see its true worth. Steve Jobs IS Apple, and when he goes so will all the hype around it.

  • Prince77

    Okay first off, Microsoft want $5 per device is ridiculous as well, F*** competition. They just know that their Windows Phone won’t sell enough to compete so they are going to get paid off their rivals. This right here with Apple is just flat out stupid, instead of spending money to improve their product they want to stop the competitions product from coming to the main land. that is just being lazy and also means that they feel their supposed iPhone 5 won’t stand next to anything that HTC releases.

  • http://Website Daniel Greer

    Apple has definitely been thrown back on their heels. The sad part is that the little upstart company that they used to be, the ones “fighting the Man” have turned into “the Man”. What surprises me is that Apple is making no effort to get back on their toes and start moving forward again. It seems like they would rather just rest on their laurels with the iPhone and iPad and beat on the competition with their lawyer stick. Just like a bully on the schoolyard with the two best toys. Now there are other kids with toys just as good and poor little Apple can’t push them around, so they make up a story to tell the teacher. Christ, this is just like playground politics!

    One other thing to consider here, that I have only seen mentioned one other time, is how badly broken the American copyright and patent processes are. I don’t know what the solution to that problem is but there has to be a better way to do this than one moronic lawsuit after another. The only thing being accomplished right now is to stifle innovation at the expense of the consumer. Lower quality at higher prices coming at a slower pace. Brilliant! Way to go Apple. Quit whining like a spoiled brat, get back on your hobby-horse and go back out on the playground. Nobody likes a tattle-tail.

    • http://Website The_Omega_Man

      apple just needs to buy time to be able to:
      a) Ramp up R&D into Frenzy mode again
      b) To secure component manufacturers and product assembly plants (ALL OUTSIDE THE U.S.A. BTW!)
      c) Faithfully end contracts with existing and now highly competitive and agile entities
      d) Establish new contracts to link with, license or partner with to support the new (to apple) products and services being developed in item (a)

      Android has taken the Time factor, completely out of the equation, for companies like apple, who mistakenly thought that it would take Android 3-5+ years to ramp up to potentially threatening levels, if at all.

  • animguy

    They need to revamp the US law situation altogether. If a technology company like Apple files more than 10 lawsuits that are turned over or fail completely then that company loses ALL of its patents and rights to develop.
    If the legal system forced penalties on frivolous lawsuits or had penalties if one person makes more than a reasonable number of suits per year the US would not as bad off and as afraid to do anything as we currently are.

    • http://Website The_Omega_Man

      Losing all Patents or rights to submit would be a very harsh penalty and almost anti-business in it’s very nature. However, if, based upon the criteria you suggest, a company is required to license those technologies to anyone at NO cost for a period of time, that might be more reasonable, as an anti-innovation penalty.

      I also believe that if a company is awarded a patent and does not actually develop and market a product leveraging this technology or show any reasonable internal development also leveraging said technology, within 3-5 years of the patent’s award date, then they effectively forfeit any opportunity to charge ANY costs or force ANY restrictions for the use and licensing of said technology. Basically, it becomes OPEN SOURCE tech. This would help to limit technology squatting and some anti-competitive behavior. Also, litigation of patent infringement must show that there has been 100% of the unauthorized replication of the tech. under patent, to be enforceable or triable by a court. I live in an ideal world, I guess..

  • http://Website bensteelbarehands

    What would Ben Franklin think of all this

    Franklin was a prodigious inventor. Among his many creations were the lightning rod, glass armonica (a glass instrument, not to be confused with the metal harmonica), Franklin stove, bifocal glasses and the flexible urinary catheter.

    Franklin never patented his inventions; in his autobiography he wrote, “… as we enjoy great advantages from the inventions of others, we should be glad of an opportunity to serve others by any invention of ours; and this we should do freely and generously.” (from Wikipedia – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benjamin_Franklin)

    In this age of capitalism run wild, if anyone believes that ATT wants to merge with TMoble to benefit the consumer with service and innovation….rather than only wanting to grab as many dollars from your pocket as possible….you’re an idiot.

  • http://Website Mike

    Is there anybody Apple isn’t suing yet?? Patent law needs some serious reform. I understand the need to be able to profit from your own R&D, but some of the patents that are awarded are so generic that it’s ridiculous. Really Jobs? “App Store” is a innovation that only Apple engineers could come up with?? The only thing all this litigation does is stifle innovation and competition which means the people that lose are the consumers and the small technology companies that can’t defend themselves against the Apple’s and Microsoft’s that have a team of patent lawyers and are looking for every possible opportunity to keep the courts busy.

  • http://Website john doe

    Apple is the new Microsoft.
    Go ahead ban htc. Let US market have only apple products and envy the rest of the “not so free” world.
    Good job. Keep hunting Apple…

  • http://Website Kelly

    Lord, I wish someone would take Steve Jobs, Steve Ballmer, Larry Ellison and a few of these other entitled jackasses and smack them! Isn’t being a billionaire enough? None of these people care the least bit about what matters to consumers.

    I’m tempted to desecrate my Mac by installing a pirated copy of Windows on it.

    • http://Website The_Omega_Man

      ROFL! That’ll show um! Oh and don’t forget that pirated copy of SQL too! ;-) Now if you can just get 150,000,000 of your friends to do the same, you might get some real attention! They can not kick in EVERYONE’s doors and seize all computers, can they?

  • http://Website snowbdr89

    Desperate people take desperate measures!!! Opps will he slap a lawsuit on me for saying hes desperate. : l

  • kwills88

    This is how i feel about apple/IOS vs android

    Apple is like that popular kid in high school who’s the star quarterback who every looks up to for awhile…but then a new kid (android) showed up in school and decides that he wants to try out for the football team also..that new kid shows up and out played the star quarterback..and because of that, other people wanna be friends with him (Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG etc)….so now apple is pissed off at the new kid and has gotten all his friends to bully him.

  • http://Website Belinda Emerson

    Apple is trying to protect our country. Korean spyware should be banned. Thanks Apple, for keeping the country safe!

    • http://Website TGeezy86

      To call you an idiot would be an insult. Not to you, but to the word, because you’re far less intelligent than what it implies. For one, HTC isn’t Samsung and you honestly can’t name me a single HTC device that looks anywhere in the same ballpark as any model of the iPhone. You’ll literally die trying. Second, how is Apple protecting the US when all their products are manufactured in Asia? They only design their products here, and even then I’m sure there operations taken overseas before the manufacture. Fanboys (on any side) can be so ignorant…

  • http://Website corey


  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    This doesn’t surprise me concerning APPLE they BETTER BE SCARED OF ALL THE FUTURE DEVICES BEING MADE BY HTC. One thing is true HTC is not SAMSUNG they don’t need to copy APPLE when it comes to their designs and general hardware. APPLE IS SIMPLY TERRIFIED OF HTC THAT’S WHO THEY FEAR MOST AND THEY SHOULD the EVO 3D ALONE IS A GREAT EXAMPLE OF WHAT APPLE SHOULD FEAR. All in all HTC has great lawyers and will take on apple anyday of the week in the courtroom. Apple is nothing but COWARDS and the time has come for someone to put APPLE IN THEIR PLACE WHICH IS THE GARBAGE CAN. I wouldn’t want or take anything apple even if it was FOR FREE…

  • Raghav

    If Apple uses the money they use to sue companies for iPhone development, they’d already have the perfect device.

  • http://Website cw

    you all should know… iPhone is made in China. So why complaint Asia?

  • http://Website TGeezy86

    They dont REALLY think someone’s going to allow an injunction against a major source of competition for Apple, do they? You’d think Cupertino’s lawyers were smarter than that, to request something so asinine. I guess that legal smackdown they received from Nokia taught them nothing; Apple isn’t the only company that’s innovated in the smartphone market, they just THINK of themselves that way.

  • http://Website Tyler Hoichelin

    Apple needs another device. The iPhone is great but it isn’t gonna cut it. People want a different platform from Apple like an iOS device with a QWERTY keyboard. That would be a game changer.

    • http://Website TJ in Phx

      @Tyler -

      iOS running on a new Moto Droid 3 or HTC Incredible 2. Those would be the devices to own. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Android platform, but iOS has really impressed me with the stability that I have missed in over 6 Android devices with various vendor or custom ROM versions installed. I leave my iPhone on for days without a restart while each of my Android devices has required a battery pull or two each week.

      I don’t like the law suits and think that Apple is being a bit “bully-ish” on this, but until the courts wade through the validity of the patent claims, it’s all just so much noise.

  • http://Website OSF-BayArea

    Apple is simply doing what many other corportations are doing. Apple is not worse or better than dozens of other “Patent Sharks”. Apple is failing at being good at giving the public what they want and HTC is giving the world what it wants – no small feat.

    Historical data has shown that Patents SLOW innovation not protect it. Check your history books, copyrights were the same thing, books flourished (at a lower price) without copyright protection.

    In this day and age yes it is easier to copy music, movies and books but most people still take pride in owning the physical copy. Apple’s physical designs are hard to copy but not impossible – silly things like swipe to unlock should have been laughed out of the patent office.

    Apple should read a little history and prove they are an American company and not just a group of self-serving spoiled nerds. If Apple sets the example of “Copy us if you must but you can’t BE us or innovate like us.” then others will be forced to follow.

    When Apple pushes for Patent and Copyright reform I will buy their products, maybe. Until then I will do everything in my power to keep others from buying them and make sure damn sure I never do.

    Sad to say but Apple is less “American” than HTC – HTC is an underdog upstart that is rocking the status quo. Apple is akin to King George III circa 1775. Likewise, history shows tyrants are eventually overthrown.

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