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Are carriers to blame for the Galaxy S II’s absence in the US?

O Galaxy S II, Galaxy S II, wherefore art thou Galaxy S II? While other countries have long been enjoying the sweet hum of your dual-core Exynos chipset, here in the States we sit quietly and wait for something, somewhere, to happen. Even Bell Canada has their own varient of the Galaxy S II now. The device played host to a launch event that spurred a rather interesting statement from Paul Brannen of Samsung Canada. While the audio from the video below may be terrible at times, around the 2:30 mark you can hear Brannen give a quick look into why the Galaxy S II hit Bell before any US carriers. According to Brannen,

I was reading a blog recently, where somebody from the United States was commenting on how come Bell Canada is launching the Galaxy S II in North America before a US carrier. Somebody from Samsung simply said, 'Because the carrier worked more closely with us to get it done.'Paul BrannenSamsung

The comment was meant to be a nod in Bell’s direction for working so closely with Samsung to release a great product in a timely manner, but for us in the US, it feels more like a disappointed frown in our direction.

Things like quality control, advertising campaigns and carrier customizations have surely played their roles in the Galaxy S II’s prolonged arrival. But this goes to show that, had US carriers wanted it bad enough, it would have already been here. Looks like the almighty dollar is, as usual, in line before consumers. And it’s not giving up its spot anytime soon.

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Source: Canadian Reviewer

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  • http://Website CJ

    Well, with Samsungs sketchy response to issues with the previous Galaxy phones I don’t blame US carries for being cautious.

    • http://Website Kwasi

      As a Galaxy S Owner, I’m much more upset with Verizon for not working harder to keep my phone good than Samsung. Samsung fixed the GPS a few months after I got mine, in one of the first patches.

      I know it sucked a lot more for early Galaxy releasese like the Captivate, but realize that Samsung can’t just patch the GPS accross the board the way they can with say the international version because of the carrier customizations.

      Come on, a Galaxy S preloaded with only Bing until 2.2? And it’s Samsung’s sketchy response? The Galaxy S international edition got a timely Froyo rollout, but with all the carrier editions, the rollout took forever in the US. The Fascinate still doesn’t have Gingerbread.

      So glad I’m running CM7 which, surprise surprise, works perfectly.

      The point is, carriers don’t care. They seem to care enough to customize the phones and ruin them, but they don’t care enough to get the updates out for their bloated abominations quickly. (No pride guys…) They just want to be able to sell the next flagship phone in time for Summer, Christmas, Spring, etc.

      They’re probably saving the SGS2 for Back to School, Thanksgiving, or some other nonsense occasion that has nothing to do with availability or how happy customers would be.

      I bet you right now, Verizon’s mindset is “but we just launched the LG Revolution, the first Netflix phone! We have to milk that! We’ll do the Bionic in August, and maybe SGS 2 in September”. Don’t they realize everyone will buy the best phone out when they need a new phone?

      • http://Website TWiT Commander

        Here’s my conspiracy theory: the phone from the Haus of he-who-must-not-be-named (the one you need to hold correctly to make a call) is coming to all major US carriers this fall. The carriers are receiving incentives to not launch Samsung’s flagship device in a timely manner.

        • http://Website kretz

          If iPhone’s are coming to all major carriers then I think Apple would want the SGS2 to launch now. That way all the attention could be on the iPhone and Steve Fags wouldn’t get his panties in a bunch when the SGS2 outsells it.

    • http://Website Farhan

      @ CJ

      “Well, with Samsungs sketchy response to issues with the previous Galaxy phones I don’t blame US carries for being cautious.”

      And yet carriers are launching other Samsung Android phones left and right.

    • http://Website phoebetech

      the problem is that samsung doesn’t have a plan for obsolescence for the galaxy s series. the galaxy s is already a great phone and many owners may feel why do you need to replace it. also, samsung does not have a fanbase like apple does which means that samsung phone owners will not be drawn to seek out the latest iteration like apple fans usually do.

  • http://Website Duckzero

    This isn’t crazy or anything. I’m sure there was a lot of customer service dollars wasted on managing consumers’ questions about GPS, updates, customizations and more with the original Galaxy S line of phones.

  • http://maxtechnewz.blogspot.com max

    im still waiting for icecream sandwich

  • http://Website Mike

    I like the SG2, but there’s totally no way that I’d buy a modified carrier version.

    Samsung needs to release the SG2 on the USA carriers with minimal changes.

    • http://Website Derek

      I agree, but unfortunately Samsung doesnt have much say in the matter. The US carriers want a different version for themselves to distinguish them from the other carriers. Thats why we got 4 different Galaxy S versions in the US. If you want one bad enough, just buy the European version, it’ll work great on ATT or Tmobile network.

  • http://Website Meister_Li

    I don’t really get why it’s so hard to do in the US what was done in almost every country in europe: Sell the same phone on every Network simultaneously. It’s a great phone, just bring it out and let the people choose their favorite carrier for it.

    • http://Website Jeff

      Because of technology and carrier bands, only AT&T would get an unmodified version of the SGSII. Verizon and Sprint would need a CDMA version and T-Mobile would need AWS support.

  • http://Website United States of Mexico

    Gaylaxy Ass II sux. Sprint sux

    • http://Website mkrmec

      I think that you suck rather than my SGS2…

  • http://Website Zer0-9

    Article was otherwise good but I’ve got to point out the opening line.

    “Wherefore art thou” does not mean “where are you” it means “why are you called”. In the play “Romeo and Juliet” the scene this phrase is pulled from is often misunderstood. Juliet does not know that Romeo is in the bushes beneath her balcony. She is not calling for him, but lamenting the fact that he is a Montague. With this context the phrase following that one makes more sense “O, be some other name! What’s in a name? that which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet;” She is calling into question the importance of a name.

    It is a pet peeve of mine how often this quote is misused.

    • Dustin Earley

      Good to know. Thanks.

  • http://Website SCAM SUNG-IL


  • http://Website techgeek22

    apple is to blame

  • http://Website johnny

    i gave up on this phone. Because while the europeons will be enjoying ice cream update……the U.S. will be behind as usual because each carrier want’s to modifiy their update. Leaving Samsung no choice but to hold off on the update. I’ll be getting the LG Thrill 4G.

  • http://Website BTGGTR1

    The reason it hasn’t come to Verizon is because they probably want Samsung to shove a 4G LTE radio in it. It’s too thin of a phone for it and they would have to totally redesign it. I would rather they leave it the way it is, just 3G and release it already. It wipes the floor with every phone out there.

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    Wow what a SORRY CONCLUSION this has turned out to be…I guess I can understand the fact that each carrier would need to modify this device for their network it is what it is. The fact that the device is so thin IT’S NO WAY THE ACTUALLY SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 CAN EVER HAVE AN LTE OR WIMAX RADIO. Whatever appears on sprint from Samsung will be a watered down verison of the Galaxy S2 which buy now WHO WOULD ACTUALLY WANT IT….HTC EVO 3D RULES AS USUAL……

  • http://Website p51d007

    Well of COURSE the U.S. carriers don’t want this, why should they….after all, they have the iPhone, what else would you want LOL.
    Verizon has the iPhone, AT&T has the iPhone…but what about t-mobile? Oh, you mean at&t junior? What about Sprint? Sprint who?

    There are just two carriers in the U.S. (for the most part). Verizon & At&t, BOTH have sold their souls to Steve Jobs & company. You think they are going to screw around with their cash cow?
    They don’t have to train their drones to sell it. Apple’s brilliance in marketing did that.
    Walk into an at&t corporate store. If there wasn’t all of that orange, you would have thought you walked into an apple store.
    On the odd time I actually have to go into an at&t store about anything, I”m always told “you need to check out our new iPhone this or that.

    • http://Website ben dover

      carriers want to make money however they can. verizon’s cash cow is android, not the iphone.

      att is quickly trying to catch up on their android offerings because they want to make more money.
      it’s plain to see they realized they would be mowed over once they lost the iphone exclusive if they didn’t ramp up their android offerings.

      look at the numbers. Android is no longer the wanna be iphone that people use to call it.

      The carriers don’t care if it’s an iphone, android, wp7, or bb. they want that two year contract signed.

      as far as why the sgs2 hasn’t hit? who knows at this point. I can’t see all 4 carriers having the same issues keeping it from releasing. if I were one of them, I’d hurry up and release it even under samsung’s terms. There’s a lot of people who would switch carriers just to get the phone.

  • http://Website Silentfart

    I could care less about Samsung.

    • http://Website HelmHimPlease

      You couldn’t care less, because to say that you could care less means that you care to some degree right now.

      • http://Website silent fart

        Nope, it means I don’t give a shit about fuck about Samsung.

  • http://www.giquegear.com GiqueGEAR_Todd

    I had such high hopes for this phone. I even entertained the prospect of owning it myself. But, it’s too late for me to buy…. gave up on it and went with an EVO 3D.

  • http://droidandmacapps.com/ De Anna Nordland

    I like the SG2, but there’s totally no way that I’d buy a modified carrier version.

    Samsung needs to release the SG2 on the USA carriers with minimal changes.

  • http://Website watbetch

    We know T-Mobile is getting a tricked out 4.5″ Galaxy S II with a 42Mbps modem (a first, probably requires a lot more R&D for good battery life and less network issues) which is the reason for the delay.. what about Sprint, Verizon (yuck) and AT&T (BARF)?

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    Really lost a lot of interest in this phone. If Sprint/HTC fixes my problem with my 4G hotspot signal, I’d be completely happy with my EVO 3D. The longer they take to release this device the less faith I have that it will be the powerhouse some are looking forward too. My next device will be a Rooted 3VO or a Nexus device if it’s made by HTC/Samsung.

  • http://www.ericfarley.net Eric Farley

    At this point I think I’ll just get the Bionic it looks like it will be available first and if this is what it takes to get the phone here at all I wouldn’t expect to see the ice cream Sandwich update before Q2-3 2013 thanks to the carriers.

  • http://Website itistherabbit

    I think in Verizon’s case, Motorola is staying their hand because they(moto) don’t want another oem selling a better phone with no blur. Motorola has gotten it in their heads that blur was the key to their success when it was really the vanilla os OG droid…the closest thing Verizon has gotten to a Nexus phone. With Sprint and T-Mobile, it seems that they both have really good relationships with HTC. AT&T is probably more concerned with gobbling up T-Mobile than they are with any particular phone at the moment…

  • http://Website Nash

    “O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” In this context, wherefore means “why.” Juliet is lamenting the chance that his name has to be Romeo. She is not asking where he is. Thus, the opening phrase in this article makes… 0 sense.

  • http://Website Hans

    I know this may not work but…

    Why don’t we all bug our carriers to bring over the SGSII? And I mean ALL OF US. Get everyone you can that wants this phone to call their respective carrier telling them to bring it over. I bet if they see that enough people want it and would buy it, they’ll do it. Hell, it’s more money for them.