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ASUS Eee Pad Transformer to get Android 3.2 update tomorrow

Asus tablet with Tegra 3 and Intel processor

While Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 users may not be happy about their upcoming OTA update, ASUS Eee Pad Transformer users have something to celebrate. This is one of the most exciting tablets around–due mostly to its affordability and beautiful keyboard dock– but it’s about to get even better. ASUS has just announced via their Twitter account that the Transformer will be getting an update to Android 3.2 tomorrow, July 28.

Android 3.2 Honeycomb features:

  • Optimizations for a wider range of tablets – Android 3.2 includes a variety of optimizations across the system to ensure a great user experience on a wider range of tablet devices.
  • Compatibility zoom for fixed-sized apps – Android 3.2 introduces a new compatibility zoom mode that gives users a new way to view fixed-sized apps on larger devices. The new mode provides a pixel-scaled alternative to the standard UI stretching for apps that are not designed to run on larger screen sizes, such as on tablets. The new mode is accessible to users from a menu icon in the system bar, for apps that need compatibility support.
  • Media sync from SD card – On devices that support an SD card, users can now load media files directly from the SD card to apps that use them. A system facility makes the files accessible to apps from the system media store.

Since you already have a tablet, Transformer owners will mostly only worry about the second and third features. The most exciting is the new zooming feature. This will get rid of those weird looking apps that were not optimized for tablets. The huge blank space and tiny icons have become quite annoying.

Don’t forget to check for updates from time to time tomorrow. Just go to Settings > About Tablet > System Update > Check Update, and that should do the trick. Try to control the Check Update fever, though; we know how things get when an update is announced.

We’re quite surprised with ASUS. Despite their lack of prestige in the Android world, they have been working hard to keep this tablet up-to-date. Keep it up, ASUS! Keep us happy and we’ll continue using your products! Are you guys excited about this one? Let us know how the update treats you after you get it. I’ll be posting a comment or two once I receive my update to Android 3.2, so meet me in the comment section!

Via: Droid-Life

Source: ASUS (Twitter)

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  • TatiG

    that’s it. ASUS I crown you the Android Tablets champions 2011.

    Samsung, are you watching???

  • westy

    Man i really wish the netlfix app works for me is my biggest wish. Fingers crossed. Also wish the UI is smoother, it has gotten much better with the last update so i would for it to get even better. My last wish would be to get a full version of the chrome browser running on the tablet.

    • kaylord

      netflix is not fixed

  • Ben

    Agreed. ASUS rocks. Been very impressed with their support of this tablet since it’s release. As already mentioned, I too, am awaiting a functioning Netflix app for this thing. Wonder what the holdup is. :-(

    • Alex

      There’s a work around to get netflix working on your tablet. You need to proxy through your computer though so at that point, you might as well stream from your computer. The concept does work though, netflix cannot detect that you’re viewing from a tablet.

    • unknownone

      Would changing the browse mode to ‘desktop’ in the stock browser under Settings -> Advanced -> User Agent String?

      I don’t know if it would work for Netflix but it gets rid of most of the mobile versions of sites.


    another round of fragmentation?

  • Edgar Cervantes

    It seems like many of you want Netflix on this baby. Now, this may not be the alternative you have been dreaming of, but it is definitely something to consider until Netflix support shows up. I have been using PlayOn on my trasformer. The app basically syncs with a server that you install on your PC, and it allows you to stream Netflix movies on your tablet (as well as Hulu and many other services).

    The quality is not too impressive, and the image doesn’t stretch to full screen completely, but it is definitely more comfortable than watching movies on your phone. Try it out! It works good for me. I will definitely be using the official app as soon as it comes though.

  • amdpimp

    I was wondering why I got a “mini update” on Monday. I thought it was 3.2. I still don’t know what was updated.

    • Robert

      Minor fixes, including some problems with the keyboard dock and a WiFi update. Also added the TegraZone and Google Videos apps.

  • gad

    Sometimes you wonder how Asus is able to achieve what Motorola ,and the likes find impossible.
    Well done Asus, you doing a good job

    • hoss789

      I don’t wonder at all. In my opinion, it has to be the carriers. Asus does not make a carrier supported Transformer (yet). As long as they act as the middleman for the updates there will always be delays.

      Almost all the other WiFi only tablets have a carrier supported variant. No CFO worth their paycheck would let a company develop separate OS versions for what essentially the same hardware. It would double the work and halve the profit margins. The WiFi only OS versions has to be based on the OS version for the carrier specific models. I would imagine that most manufacturers do not do much with the WiFi only updates until they have nailed out the carrier specific ones. That way they can keep the experience the same across the family of devices.

      You might have bought a non-carrier tablet but that doesn’t mean that you cannot still be screwed over by them. As on now, the only major WiFi only Honeycomb manufacturers are Asus and Acer and I will be sticking with Asus for a while. Since I purchased my Transformer I have received 4 updates with a fifth one one the way (3 for the tablet and 1 for the dock). A very good job indeed.

  • http://keridel.blogspot.com keridel

    asus is bar none the best tablet manafacturer in the game at the moment.

    motorola has screwed over everyone not american with the xoom updates and samsung are well known for their slowness with phones.

    i will enjoy my 3.2 and let you know what its like. :)

  • Donnie

    I’m currently in Europe and I hope being abroad doesn’t affect me getting this update. Happy with Asus for the updates.

  • Louis

    Wow, AAA. Exceptional ASUS

  • LEKO

    Asus is a leader in the netbook area and now they kick the butt of Samsung, Acer, HTC and Motorola. With this dedication, I would not be surprised to see the Transformer with Ice Cream Sandwich (long) before the competition… Unless Google reserve ICS for a specific unannonced tablet. Asus is building a very solid reputation. I was already tellin friends/family to buy the transformer for it’s low price and dock. Now I’ll add the dedicated development and fast updates as another moyer argument in favor of this tablet.

  • Josh

    Huge kudos to Asus for making such a great tablet and releasing such speedy updates! Even as newcomers to the Android game, they’ve really done things right!

  • caryb1969

    I will be getting this tablet soon and this is the icing on the cake for me. Oh, by the way, I hear Pdanet for tablet works for this tablet. Keep up the good work Asus, and thanks for the best tablet I have seen so far, especially for the money, BONUS!!!!! And AWESOME!!!!!

  • http://www.unveiledphotography.com/ Alejandro Peralta

    I bought the transformer today. Impressed with the update. Impressed with the tablet. I wanted anything but an ipad. Almost go for the Notion Ink Adam, the Galaxy and ended up with the Asus. It is a beautiful tablet.

  • Harry Taylor

    Asus is simply the best. The day I got my Transformer it updated to 3.1 immediately. It has been smooth running and a great expreience. I will stick with asus for a long time to come. It also runs very smooth with the new Doliphin HD Browser forr tabs. Been very impressed with how well it’s running. Can’t wait for the update!

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Currently downloading the update. Has anyone tried it yet?

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Working very smoothly. Maybe it is just me, but the performance does feel a bit smoother. The app zoom works well too, but the definition gets really bad on most apps. That is to be expected, though, since those apps are created for the small screen…

  • Patentman

    Hate to be a party pooper but I’m very disappointed Netflix and Skype don’t work on EEE pad, and have not been able to get Tango or any other program working so I can video chat with an iPhone or even other Andriod devices.

  • ginger

    thanks for ALL the INFO re: Asus EEE pad transformer….. i’m not a real techy person, & you guys doing this is very helpful for me…. i’m more informed about tablets esp. “the transformer” prior to buying 1 for my son. keep it up esp. to mr. cervantes

  • thechad

    looks cool

  • Bernardt

    I need help? if I play a movie ? The movie does not use my hol screen but only plays in the middel wich is verry small. Are there a noher movie player I can use? Wich one please ?