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ASUS: Testing Android 3.2 on Eee Pad Transformer right now, hope to release update soon

Whoa! Let’s take it easy with that consumer-friendly attitude there, ASUS. You wouldn’t want us to make you our favorite tablet OEM or anything like that. The Taiwanese company announced today via Twitter that the company is already testing Android 3.2 on its popular Eee Pad Transformer tablet.

As you might know, Android 3.2 is the next and last version of Honeycomb before Ice Cream Sandwich arrives. Google hasn’t even announced Android 3.2 yet, but it looks like OEMs already have access to it. Maybe they plan to announce it along with the new version Google TV later this summer. Who knows?

This is great news for Eee Pad Transformer users, as it looks like they’ll be one of the first people to enjoy the goodness of Android 3.2. Add to this the fact that the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer is the most popular non-iPad tablet, and we have to wonder if ASUS is poised to become one of the most successful tablet OEMs in the Android world. They could leave others like Motorola, LG and Samsung in the dust.

Personally, I’m a big fan of the Eee Pad Transformer. As I’ve told you before, I got to play with one recently and found it to be way more responsive, stabler and faster than other tablets like the Xoom. It also doesn’t hurt that the Transformer is $100 cheaper than the Xoom. Cheaper and better usually make a product stand out, and ASUS has certainly achieved that with the Eee Pad Transformer. Any of you Transformer users care to vouch for the device’s quality? Let us know in the comments.

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  • http://Website Steffan Harries

    I love my Transformer too :) I don’t have the keyboard for it yet, but I’ll be getting it in the next 2 months or so before the next academic year starts and I plan on using Evernote to take lecture notes and sync between devices instead of carrying my laptop around. The tablet is the most stable device I currently own. It’s current up time is 87 hours (including charges) and it has no difficulty performing anything I’ve tried it with so far. All in all: a very happy customer!

    • http://Website JC

      You should check out freenote: It has the best handwriting+Keyboard+drawing note taking implementation yet :D

      No syncing like evernote, but I find freenote better for taking notes in class, especially if you have a stylus

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I actually purchased this tablet about a week ago. I went to my local Best Buy to buy an HTC Flyer, but I found this guy and could not believe my eyes. We keep hearing about the tablet flying off websites and shelves. I didn’t think I would find one in-store anytime soon.

    The tablet works perfectly, It hasn’t given me any issues or hiccups. I also love the fact that ASUS is really trying hard to keep the tablet up-to-date.

    • http://question... TatiG

      I have the Eee pad, but I find typing in web text boxes to be way too slow. Like Google instant typing is hell… Other than that, I think it’s the best tablet/netbook I evah bought.

      • http://Website mw

        The slow typing is not the tablet, it’s a problem of the default Honeycomb browser. Firefox doesn’t have that problem. It definitely is annoying, though.

      • http://Website BlueBobX

        TatiG, I agree with you, sometimes typing can be a lesson in frustration – but I’d suggest that 80% of the time the problem is with the browser – get Opera, Dolphin or even Firefox and trying those. In fact, I’ve also had some problems with the browser crashing – even on the Asus support site – not a force-close, but the browser just disappears.

        I wasn’t a big fan of tablets until I tried a Transformer and since I got mine I just think it’s an amazing piece of tech, and pretty good looking too. The keyboard dock/charger idea was INSPIRED, and the folk(s) in Asus who came up with that deserve a big, fat raise imho. No sign of the reported battery drain issue on mine either – it’s just keeps going, and going, and going, ….

        Only criticisms are that the manuals supplied are dire; the charging arrangement is pretty poor (e.g. even the cable is too short); and I find I have to put a degree of force on the tablet to get it successfully docked. If someone did an Ethernet addon then I could completely ditch my netbook – as it is I’ve given my netbook to my kids and I borrow it back when needed.

        At the risk of annoying the Apple fans, Optimus (my Transformer) is better looking; cheaper; far more flexible; lasts longer than an iPad(2) and if Asus keep up with the updates (Ice Cream Sandwich on the EET would be superb – hint, hint) then sign me up as an Asus fanboi.

  • http://Website Honeybread 0.2.3 with Gingercomb

    Preparing for another round of fragmentation?

  • http://Website Steve

    Asus needs to fix the keyboard dock battery drain. Put a fully charged Asus Transformer tablet into a fully charged keyboard dock and turn off your transformer.

    Both batteries will be almost dead in four days!

    • http://Website Ron

      I concur with the battery drain, but that’s the only thing I can find wrong with it. Haven’t used my iPad since getting the Transformer and keyboard dock 2 months ago.

  • http://Website Nigel

    Love my Transformer, got it 2 weeks ago though only the tablet itself as the keyboard was out of stock. Top marks for Asus on getting updates sorted, I’ve used many of their motherboards in the past and found them to excellent as well.

  • keridel

    i love my my transformer too. no problem with battery drain and it was the first tablet to get the 3.1 update.

    now it will be first ith 3.2. love it

    well done asus.

    • http://Website darkly

      Not first, Xoom has already gotten it.

  • keridel

    oh and the keyboard is really really good BTW

  • http://www.theblarg.com nathan118

    Last I heard the transformer wasn’t hardware accelerating flash. This still true?

  • http://Website zack

    I love my EeePad Transformer, with the exception of the IPS light bleed here and there. It’s very responsive and quick to open applications. The browser can get bogged down with Flash videos, but that’s understandable considering how much of a resource hog it is. I’ve compared it to my girlfriend’s iPad 2, and it’s almost right on par in terms of performance. I can’t wait for 3.2 to be released.

    • rillo

      I had the Bleeding issue but there weren’t any problems changing the transformer to another or getting it repaired. Asus has 7 day DOA policy.. contact your reseller or Asus for that

  • http://Website shaneaus

    Got my transformer within a week or so of the release – I’ve been using it since with no problems. Love it!

  • http://Website Trisha G

    Its the poor man iPad.

    I got the original, superior iPad 2.

    • http://Website Steve Jabs

      Cool…we’re happy for you.

    • http://Website Glenn

      What you say is hurtful Trisha, but I really like your spunk!

    • http://Website chproject

      Poor? you mean frugal and smart. If you want to spend/waste extra money, go for it. Freedom of Android is great.

    • http://Website elcondo1

      The 32GB wifi model costs the same as an iPad2 32GB wifi here.

      So it’s not about cost, though it may be about cost-efficiency.

      The Transformer is streets ahead of the iPad in features and characteristics. It’s a tablet-dream-come-true.

      The Transformer leaves iPad 2 in the dust. Apple has got a whole lot of catching up to do, but with the way the new kid on the block is whizzing past, I don’t think Apple has a chance of ever catching up now.

      • http://Website Raul

        16GB Asus – $399
        16GB iPad 2 – $499
        16GB Asus w/ 32gb SD card – $450
        32GB Asus – $499
        32GB iPad 2 – $599

        How is the iPad even remotely cheaper?

    • http://Website Andres

      Hahahaha… what a commedian.

      Trisha is it?

      Your comment typifies a lot of the Apple customer base.

      Well Trisha, if by superior you mean “idiot proof” you are absolutely right, that is exactly what Apple products are.
      That’s why they are succesful. (i.e. there a lot of you out there).

      Meanwhile we will continue to live in freedom and enjoy our “inferior”products and lifestyle.

      (And what would the world be without people like yourself?)

      Thank you for your contribution.

  • http://Website bill c

    Dude! My AEPT is bumpin, everything about it works grrrrrreat. My other stuff is getting jealous. I can hardly wait for the update, cause it just gets better. Is there any chance for a five inch version so I can ditch my cellphone?

  • http://Website jake

    I love mine. The only thing i dont like is i cannot swype through photos on the sdcard like you can in the normal gallery. If there is a way to do this someone please tell me! I have had mine a month and a half.. i never turn it off!

  • http://Website chproject

    Are the updates for Asus Transformer being pushed out for 3.2? I haven’t seen it on mine. I stinking love this thing.

    • http://Website nahun

      @chproject the updates aren’t being pushed out yet, Asus is just testing 3.2 on the tablet right now so they can push it out later.

  • http://Website Rilesman

    Love my transformer…just wish it would play external DVD…otherwise Awesome.

    • Andreas Stratmann

      You can play VOBs with RockPlayer. Works fine for me. Even via NAS (I use ES Strong Explorer to access my box)

  • http://Website nahun

    I love my Transformer. Replaced my laptop. Such a long battery life with the dock (even with the drain, which Asus plans on fixing soon).

    I haven’t been able to play HD movies on it though. Haven’t found a good way to stream HD movies over a file share yet.

    • http://Website Adam

      Might want to give Plex try.

  • http://Website kpac


  • rillo

    I had an Ipad 2 and sold it just after 4 days and bought a Transfomer with a keyboard instead.. the Transformer is better in almost everything except Browsing on the web. I love the Flash support but the browsing isn’t fast. I browse faster with my iPhone to the same sites. That isn’t good! I think Google is making some fixing for that issue.

    The Transformer has better Screenresolution, Sound, typing (with the keyboard or without), overall feel of the hardware, and i love the 16 hour battery life.

    The price is very good compared to the Ipad2 or any other device so i’m very satisfied with my Transformer and hopefully Google and Asus makes the browsing experiance even better..

    • http://Website islandboz

      Have you tried Dolphin HD Browser? If not, then do give it a try. Buenos suerte.

  • http://example.com Alex C

    Yeah I love my transformer ! Real multitasking, background process. This thing feel like a mini computer instead of just a fun toy like the Ipad.

  • http://Website Matt

    Love mine! The hardware is perfect, no issues whatsoever. Only issues I find are with Honeycomb, browser needs some work.

    • http://Website Andres

      Agree with Matt,

      Honeycomb and the browsing experience needs work.
      Across all browsers the same issues of lag in text input and general performance persist. (Stock,Dolphim, Maxthon, Miren, Opera, etc. – tried them all.)
      A good example is found when you navigate sites like “the” Facebook or Netflix.

      Google wake up.

    • http://Website Andres

      Agree with Matt,

      Honeycomb and the browsing experience needs work.
      Across all browsers the same issues of lag in text input and general performance persist. (Stock,Dolphim, Maxthon, Miren, Opera, etc. – tried them all.)
      A good example is found when you navigate sites like “the” Facebook or Netflix.

      Otherwise I love my Asus and just find it outstanding that I paid less than other “superior” products such as the I pad 2 (hahahah…still laughing at that clown in the earlier post)

      Meanwhile – hello Google.

  • http://Website lynne randolph

    I love my transformer, got splashtop remote hd and can based to my computer full screen, now if it would work with the mouse!
    I do wonder why the dock battery being dead means the keyboard won’t work.
    For you browser complainers, try a different one, i use dolphin HD.

  • http://Website sri

    I hope the browser lag is fixed in Android 3.2 .. Gmail and Facebook are examples for browser lag while typing .. and is basically a honeycomb problem which google need to address … and also browser crashes while using some websites

  • http://Website Hedo

    The new Transformers is lame. Optimus Prime isnt stronger than Sentinel Prime. Bollocks!!!

  • http://Website khz

    had mine with keyboard a werek or so now, cant put it down, worrks great on wifi and using mobile hotspot from my android phone. otherr thn the typing lag i did have a problem with some java, other than that cant fault it. way to go asus, a wrell designed, thought out product app store is getting better and better each day too.

  • http://Website John

    I have 2 Transformers. Mine updated a few weeks back to 3.1
    My wife’s is stuck at 3.0.1
    I’ve tried many times through Menu/Settings to no avail.

    Any help appreciated.

  • http://Website David

    I’ve had mine with keyboard for over a month now and it’s a pleasure. All it really lacks now is more honeycomb specific apps to exploit the bigger screen and the dual Tegra processor. But, that will come with time (as it did with the iPad)

    It’s fast, slick and easily upgradable (micro sds/ usbs) and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and Asus are really fast with the Adroid upgrades too. What’s not to like? go buy one it’s a no-brainer!

    • http://Website BlueBobX

      David, if you Google for “tegra zone” you’ll see that NVidia have some game content that claims to push Optimus – sorry the EEE Transformer. I downloaded (eventually – it was really, really big) some kind of space trading/shoot-em-up and it does look quite good. Warning, most of the content on the TegraZone is paid-for, and quite expensive (>$5)

    • http://Website Andrew

      My transformer wouldn’t update automatically. I contacted Asus who pointed me in the direction of their downloads area. You need to downloaded the correct firmware, drop it on the sd card and boot up.

      Instructions were on the site, it was pretty easy.

  • jpieter

    I bought mine with keyboard from Amazon here in the UK a week ago and it shipped with Honeycomb 3.1 already installed , i was rather surprised.
    I had a Motorola xoom before the Asus and i must say that the Transformer is way,way better, there is a bit of lag but not very bad, the screen is far superior to the Xoom .

  • http://Website sean

    I’ve had my Eee Pad Transformer and dock for about a month now and I love it. Much better than ipads I’ve played with. All the fun and tablet and much of the utility of a netbook and very solid and well built. I’ll probably have to buy another for the wife and my son as there are three of us competing for it. Battery lasts ages. Very stable and responsive. Honeycomb is cool too.

  • http://Website Gareth

    have had the transformer and keyboard dock in the UK for about a month now and absolutely love it. just received ANOTHER over the air update tonight (still 3.1 but smoother home screen transition etc). ASUS’ update support has been staggering when compared to motorola (i speak from experience of the UK milestone froyo debacle). roll on 3.2 … well done asus