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Dell Streak 10 Pro leaked family photo


Dell has been making some good Android devices, but none are as impressive as they could be. The commonly-known PC manufacturer is expected to strengthen their efforts in the Android market with the release of the Dell Streak 10 Pro. This tablet will be the first Honeycomb device manufactured by Dell, and it doesn’t seem like a bad tablet at all. This family photo has just shown up on the inter webs. It gives you an idea of the size of the tablet, compared to its predecessors.

As you can see, the tablet is more or less about the same size as other 10-inch Honeycomb tablets. That’s not the only similar thing, though. The Dell Streak 10 Pro is also not falling short on specs. This Android 3.x Honeycomb tablet will come with a 10-inch (1280x800p) display, an NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor, 1 GB of RAM, a 5 MP rear-facing camera and 2 MP front-facing camera. The specs are on par with other Honeycomb devices, so this tablet should be able to process your usage just as well.

It’s still uncertain whether this tablet will be released in the US and, if so, what the price will be. This bad boy will be first released in China, and the decision to release in the US will be based on how sales go in that country. The China release should be sometime this week, so stay tuned for more details.

On a side note, you may have noticed the Dell Streak 7 in the above image is also running Honeycomb. This tablet is not currently packing the tablet optimized Android version, so this may be a sign of an upcoming update!

What do you guys say? Is anybody going for the Dell Streak 10 Pro? Do you think it’ll sell well? Should Dell get it to the US?

Via: Unwired View

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  • Andy

    So another 10″ tablet…add it to the long list of ipad neatly rans. What Dell dont seem to realise is what a ground breaker the Streak 5 was and still is. I’ve had mine 13 months now and would not even contemplate another size when it eventually comes to emplacement. True I’ve had to mod it myself due to Dells strange lack of post sale interest. If the form factor was so dumb, how come Samsung are copying it with their upconing Q 5″ ? Come on Dell, lets have a Streak 2 PLEASE


    How anyone would have any confidence in a dell android offering is beyond me. Has to be at the top of the list of manufacturers when it comes to upgradeing

    • BiGMERF

      with the in ability to edit I was un able to insert the word “not” before upgrading.

  • Dfv

    Another streak 5 only user here. I would never even consider these other large form factors.

  • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

    This may sound a bit sad, but I think I’d be more interested in the 7-inch model is they could just get Honeycomb pushed out to it. I love the idea of a tablet, but I need it to be more portable than my netbook.