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Don’t feel like waiting for the new version of Android Market? Here’s how to install it right now

Well, that was fast. A few hours ago Google announced the release of a brand-new Android Market app. The company is currently rolling out the update to all 2.2+ Android phones, and most people can expect the new version to arrive on their phones over the coming weeks. But we’re not very patient folks. It was just a matter of time before somebody took the Market .apk and uploaded it to the Interwebz for everybody to enjoy.

And that’s exactly what just happened. The guys over at Phandroid have been kind enough to share the app with the Android community. If you’re interested in downloading the .apk, I’ve uploaded the file here for our readers’ enjoyment. If you’re reading this on your phone, just click on this link and download the .apk. After that, it’s just as easy as opening the file and installing the app.

I’ve already tried it with my Optimus T, and it works beautifully. However, there’s a slight chance it won’t work on your phone. If it doesn’t, let us know in the comments and somebody will probably have a solution for you. If it does work on your phone, we’d love to hear your opinions about it. Do you like it? Is it better than the previous version? Do you like the new UI? Or is it too Metro-y for you?

Via: Phandroid

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  • http://Website Dude

    LMFAO! I Love how all the Android blog sites are competing to post the new Market apk, when everybody knows @xdadevelopers is where it’s at!

    No, Phandroid didn’t have it first. XDA did. ‘XD

    • http://Website Hans

      Er…who cares?

      • http://Website Dude

        I was just saying. It’s an amusing thing. I Love this site & XDA :]

        But, isn’t this Market gorgeous? Have you installed it? (:

    • http://Website chris

      Ya, who cares you fucking bitch.

  • http://Website Adrian

    Thats the sexiest thing I’ve seen today!!!!

  • http://Website Eugene

    thank you! c: It works perfectly on the HTC sensation so far

  • http://www.romanstwelve.net Jeremy

    Works on the Thunderbolt.


  • http://Website Alan

    Thanks guys, looks nice (even if no films/books outside the USA!) – did you see it can now handle multiple Google accounts too? :-)

  • http://Www.facebook.com/elisabeths Elisabeth

    Beautiful; and it works perfectly on my Droid X :D

    • http://userzen.com Fritz Boyle

      Elisabeth, I have a Droid X, 2.3.4 and the apk wouldn’t install. any thoughts or suggestions?

  • http://Website JamieB

    Works on the N1 perfectly fine. I got an error initially but I got it working.

    Also, it was on XDA first. Just saying.

    • http://Website Dude

      See, Jamie knows what I’m talking about. (:
      Not being a troll.

  • http://Website Nithin Jino

    Works on myTouch 3G Slide running CyanogenMod 7 nightly #125

  • http://Website Kendra

    Works on Droid 2…looks interesting…

  • http://Website Oreo

    It runs extremely well on the T-mobile Sensation. Very smooth, and I love the new Interface. For anybody worried about it not working on the Sensation 4G or Evo 3D don’t it works flawlessly.

  • http://Website Ryan

    It works fine on stock HTC Thunderbolt.

  • http://Website Dezvous

    Works great on MIUI 3.4 Vibrant.

  • http://Website btelks

    htc sensation; works great.

  • NiveK

    Nexus one, perfect.

    • http://www.krathos.com krathos

      works perfect! thx for say it!

  • http://xda-developers.com Andon

    Too bad movies don’t work on rooted devices after they are purchased in the new market. Screenshot here:


    Original Tweet by @AndroidBruce:

    “Don’t rent a movie rooted Android users. You will lose your 3.99 http://twitpic.com/5p9vsl

    • http://Website Matt

      I got a refund after I sent in a (appropriately snarky) refund request.

  • http://Website AC

    Works great on OG Droid running CM7
    Also, does anyone think I should try MIUI for my Droid? I’ve been debating it…

    • http://Website GeauxLSU

      have you tried Liquid Gingerbread yet? Works great on my Droid

      • http://Website AC

        No, I haven’t yet…
        But, as soon as it downloads and I transfer to my phone I will be backing up and installing it!
        Let’s see what this massive rom-flashing scene is all about!

      • http://Website AC

        Tried Liquid and MIUI, don’t like MIUI, but really like Liquid. Will play with it for a little bit and see if it replaces CM7 as my rom of choice! Thanks for the advice!

  • http://Website David


  • http://Website CESAROX

    My prayers have been answered! Haha
    Works great on G2x…

  • http://Website Oscar

    Works perfectly and smooth on the DROID X2!

  • http://Website Curtis

    So effin nice … Just installed on my 3d evo looks nice feel nice … Shit best thing to happen to me today thank you runs flawlessly im wondering if the books that are bought can be ready on kobo app… : l

  • http://Website Eric

    this updated market is awesome. thanks for the leak! lol

  • http://Website Andge

    beautiful…. looks so much more refined and easier to navigate… makes crapple’s appstore look primitive…. (EVO 4G)

  • http://Website Thaghost

    The most interesting news in the article is that u have an Optimus T.

  • http://Website Bmx221

    Works great on sgs running darkys rom

  • http://Website Aspeds2989

    Off topic, but I’m curious about the Sensation’s sale numbers. I have one too and there seem to be a lot here too :-)

    The market works great though. I have a few quirks here and there, but that could just be me.

  • http://Website Marcelo Acosta


  • http://Website tim

    I miss the ‘just in’ category

  • http://Website Mattheo

    it runs like a charm on samsung galaxy ace, thank youuu!

  • http://Website Ricardo

    I have a Galaxy S 4G and the new market app from is the bomb. Thank you for the early download file.

    Thank you you guys do an excellent job, keep up the good job.

    Thank you,


  • http://Website Ant

    Works great on mytouch 4g.

  • Galen20K

    Awesome on my Sensation – D hope they fix the jerkiness quick tho, I’m sure they will. But the Presentation is Amazing, I really love it and totally appeals to me. And for the record I myself love the Metro-like feel to it. : )

  • http://Website comandantecee

    This is awesome on my hd2 running android!

  • http://Website Spoklahoma

    Works on my stock G2. Looks great.

  • http://Website Marcus Nolasco

    Ugh. Stupid ATT wont let me install on my Atrix :(

  • http://Website Deathseeker148

    Epic 4g…a little slow on loading, but it runs fine.

  • http://Website comandantecee

    Why did my comment get deleted all I said it worked awesome on my hd2 running android..

  • http://Website maxlamb87

    Not working on my atrix.do I have to move it somewhere before I open it?

  • http://Website alex

    just downloaded. the apk to my nexus s 4g . works great. the new ui looks amazing. the metro-y style actually looks great

  • http://Website chris covell

    I couldn’t install on my g2, which is rooted with a custom rom based on 2.2- so I think its probably the rom I’m using

  • http://Website cole

    Works great incredible 2 love the new look

  • http://Website chwiz

    cant install on x10 x-(



    • http://Website JBC

      Your mother looks like windows phone 7.

  • http://Website SuperDave

    Works flawlessly on my HTC EVO 3D.

  • http://Website aamkt

    LLinks are dead… Too bad, I would have love to check this out. If yiu would be willing to shoot to me via email [email protected], I would appreciate it!

  • http://Website aamkt

    FYI… From dropbox:

    Error (509) This account’s public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!

  • http://Website Edo

    Too much traffic killed the link, maybe a megaupload fileserve or something alternate link?

  • http://Website matt

    I want the apk!!!!!!

    Too much traffic

  • Nate B.

    Works silky smooth on NS4G. It’s so beautiful now. I keep browsing through it. It just makes me want Ice Cream even more. This is quality and loving it.

  • http://none gandhifriend

    got a parse error trying to install on my Samsung Fascinate.

  • http://Website Siiru

    I’m on the lg optimas v. My phone shows android 2.2 but I recently flashed to the latest bumblebee rom. It’ll start installing and then stop. “application not installed.” On virgin mobile network :) thanks for any and all help!

  • http://Website esteban

    The new ui is beautiful!! I could spend hours on it doing nothing. I love being able to rent movies and I love the fact that it runs really smooth on my mytouch 4g!! I’m so lucky that I installed it befor the links were killed!!

  • http://Website Blake

    Works beautifully on HTC EVO 3D. Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now to do my wifes EVO 4G when she gets home……

  • http://Website Antony

    It’s cool

  • http://Website ori huri

    Works great on m y desire hd…

  • http://Website E

    Got it on my EVO very nice kinda has a WP7 feel to it

  • http://Website howard

    Installed on TMo Sensation and it works with perfection with no hiccups…even downloaded a documentary….love it!!

  • Tiuri

    Works fine on the HTC Desire S. No books or movies outside the US though :(

  • http://Website Duo Maxxwell

    Nice! Works flawlessly on my HTC EVO 4G 2.3 and my wife’s Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4G 2.2

  • Tiuri

    Is the setting about wanting to receive alerts about updated apps gone?? I can’t find it anymore.

  • http://Website H.L.

    Works on Samsung Galaxy S.

  • http://Website Daniel Moon

    I can confirm it as working in the UK :)

  • http://Website Milos

    Very nice looking UI, no problems on original desire so far.

  • http://Website nate d

    It works on my 3.5 mytouch 3g or atleast installed :)

  • http://Website austinjam

    working here on the Evo 3D. certainly does have a very WP7 look to it.

  • http://Website ash

    Works well on my unrooted mytouch 4g

  • http://Website rev2redlineguy

    Works great on my HTC EVO 4G and Samsung Galaxy Tab…..awesome! Thank you very much!

  • http://Website DC

    Am I a tard missing something? Loaded the new Market (awesome, by the way) I have an app with an update to install but it only gives me the OPEN and UNINSTALL options. Updated appeared & installed normally on my Droid 2. What gives?

    • http://Website rev2redlineguy

      I got the same thing also. I had one app that had an update but as soon as I clicked on it, it gave me those two options only….”open or uninstall.” So now how do we update our apps? Weird

  • http://Website Ann Monis


  • http://Website drifter136

    Works great on my gtab running CM7.

  • Uncle Rico

    NICE!! very sweet UI… smooth as glass on my Captivate… very classy +1 FTW for Google on this…!

  • http://Website Glenn

    Samsung captivate. Couldn’t even get it to download.

  • Brian Campbell

    I really love this new UI overhaul. I just wish it would run smooth, but that’s because of my old phone (myTouch 3G). I can’t wait to see this on a phone like the HTC Sensation.

  • http://Website Guest

    Works Great on HTC Sensation 4G. Just installed

  • http://Website qwefqwef

    works like a charm on galaxy s 2

  • http://Website Adam

    works fine on Captivate thx!

  • http://Website Rafael

    Well it works great on my rooted NOOKcolor running CM7 android 2.3.3 gingerbread but the movies doesn’t ..as I read the comment feed it looks like the movies app store won’t work on rooted devices oh well who actually pays for movies now-in days especially if you own a jailbroken/rooted device ..anyways thanks guys

  • http://gplus.to/acostaisasmendi Marcelo Acosta

    SOFTWARE BACK BUTTON! Sign of things to come in Ice Cream Sandwich?

  • http://Website Al

    Is quite slow on my N1, maybe because I’m in the UK?

  • jlindberg

    I can’t download or update any of my apps, though worked fine to install start it up. But of course this makes the whole update useless so is there any way to make it work or otherwise turn back to the old version?

    I’m on a ZTE Blade running CM7 in Sweden.


    • jlindberg

      No worries, everything works just fine now, think something was wrong with the hotel’s internet connection.

  • http://Website Eion Woods

    Installed it last night, G2x on CM7. I love it. It is a bit Metro-y, but 1) I think Metro is gorgeous, but as it removes the ability to fiddle with menus and whatnot just out of boredness (and it isn’t Android), it isn’t for me as a whole UI, and 2) it makes me think Honeycomb/hopefully-ICS more than it does Metro.

  • Tran Lang

    Just installed it on the G2x running CM Trigger2x-Build_9. What I can say is: Beautiful. You have to have it on your baby.

  • http://Website Michael

    It’s realy cute!
    Runs on my Galaxy S (2.3.3)

  • http://Website Brian

    downloaded and installed, looks great but tried to download first app (marriam webster) and it failed. message received: Error downloading “Dictionary Marriam Webster” There is insufficient space on this device. – Galaxy S 4G – Total Available Disk Space for Programs 111mb internal – 7GB+ on SD card.

    • http://Website Brian

      after failed attempt with Marriam Webster; I was able to download another app then returned to Marriam Webster and no problem this time around. All is well, might be some minor bug but the new marketplace is a galaxy far far away from when android launched in Oct 2008, hope this is what’s to come with Ice Cream Sandwich and a 3rd generation Google Nexus

  • http://Website SC Lee

    Works great on my SGS2!

  • http://Website Alex

    Works perfect on my evo 3d

  • jb_marsh

    Installed it the other day on my original Droid (A855) and it is working just fine.
    It takes a little longer to load at first, but scrolling through available items is faster. There is nearly no load time to advance the list of items.

  • http://Website Javier

    I installed on MyTouch4G running CM7.1 RC1 and it runs great! But one thing I noticed was that I had several updates and when I pressed update all or several apps to update it only downloaded one at a time not like the other market that allowed us to download several apps simultaneously. Is it me or is anyone else having this not so bad issue?

  • http://Website Daniel Batista

    Works great on my G2!!!!

  • http://Website Dat KID

    It works on the Epic 4g.

  • http://Website Sudheer

    Works great on Samsung Galaxy S. Cool…!!! Loved the UI….

  • http://Website richeyrich

    Downloaded easy and runs smooth, all previous info wasn’t lost HTC inspire

  • http://Website Ricardo

    Im trying to install on G2X on gingerbread but when I click on the link it takes me to mediashare website. When I click on the download file it will download as APK file, it downloads it as text file. I also have a galaxy s 4g and it worked fine. Can you please help with this.

    Thank you,


  • http://Website paruahgn

    when will it release ofiicially???plz reply -htc aria

  • Johanna

    Doesn’t work on the Samsung Vibrant :-(

  • JohnO

    Works on my San Francisco, not sure if I like it or not yet.