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Droid Bionic caught on camera, swears it’s arriving early September

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Oh, Droid Bionic, when will you ever make up your mind? First we thought you were arriving on August 4th. Then we were positive August 4th would be the date. But yesterday we heard a rumor, implying September was more likely. And now you’re telling us early September is definitely it, but this time you pinky promise. Well, which is it? You’d better stop playing with our feelings, or we’ll just go ahead and move in with Galaxy S II.

According to the guys at DroidLife, early September now seems like a more plausible release date for the Droid Bionic. So if you were planning to go down to your local Verizon store next week and get one, you might have to postpone for a few more weeks.

DroidLife also managed to get their hands on a photo of the Droid Bionic. The person who leaked this photo claims the Bionic’s screen is the same one found on the Droid X2 and Droid 3, but with “far less ghosting.” The Bionic also seems to be “way lighter and more responsive than expected.” Whether that means the Bionic is a speed demon or this person had very low expectations for the device is unclear.

If all this back and forth is somehow Verizon’s strategy to create buzz about the Droid Bionic, it has certainly worked. We’ve been talking non-stop about the darn thing for the last 48 hours. How about you stop torturing us and just announce this thing already, Verizon? M’kay?

Via: DroidLife

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  • http://www.mlswanson.com SparkyXI

    I don’t care if it gets here next week or next month… I’m pretty sure it’ll be a beast.

  • Stang68

    I’m kind of over the Bionic, especially if the GSII is coming in August.

  • Zer0-9

    My main interest in this device in comparison to others is WebTop and the different docking options. However if it doesn’t beat the SGSII to market and the SGSII is 4G LTE then I know who will be getting my money. I’m still half tempted to leave Big Red behind simply for the fact that they are dragging their feet on worthwhile devices. The performance of LTE is the only thing keeping me around right now. Well that and I’m grandfathered in on “unlimited” data.

    • Zer0-9

      I forgot to mention:
      Who cares about a picture of the device. Give the details on specs. Internal storage, RAM, etc.

  • Dennis

    The Bionic will be a waste to wait for when yo have the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Iphone 5 coming out before the Bionic LOL! Wasn’t the Bionics title The End of Waiting?!!

  • http://androidandme.com/2011/07/news/droid-bionic-gets-caught-on-camera-swears-its-arriving-in-early-september DAD

    My company was going to buy 3000 of the damn things but they have dropped that idea as they feel if Motorola and Verizon can’t get their act together and be honest about the thing then they do not need our business as they feel that they are trying to hide something and we are their customers not the other way around. There are to many vendors out there and other phone companies to use.
    Besides I live in a capital city of a state and you would think they would get us FIOS but no they have us on the bottom of the list but yet they bug the hell out of me to convert and when I tell them how they do the moon walk backwards and hang up. Bad customer service if you ask me.

    • Brandon

      Pretending that your company was going to buy 3,000 of them is not going to get Verizon or Motorola to release any information any sooner…DB

  • frustrated

    I am getting extremely frustrated with Verizon for not providing a release date. I get my hopes up just to hear that it’s being delayed again. If it’s not out next week they can keep the darn thing

  • dj

    U think it would come out August because if the gs 2 is coming out August then Verizon fails .I thought the.bionic was there first LTE phone unless the gs2 won’t have LTE

    • Darren

      Well,don’t forget the Thunderbolt,Charge,and Revolution. Those were all 4G LTE devices. So the Bionic or GSII wouldn’t be the first anyways.

  • GimmeSomeNuggets

    You know, Verizon and Motorola never really gave us a release date. And September is still summer. It’s everyone else and the false prophets scrounging for clues that keep giving us the rumors of release dates.

    I too know how it feels to expect and hope to get this “super phone” soon only to hear I’ll have to wait another month. But…That’s what I get for following rumors and checking for news on a daily basis. Its like the bionic is a drug.

    However, that being said, Verizon and Moto are damn sure aware of the Bionic hype…they could at least give us a few nuggets of info on this device. But they won’t. And that’s reason enough for me to be pissed at both of them! ;-)

    I can’t wait to dump my original droid that I’ve had for 2 years… but if the GSII comes out at about the same time…well…. Moto’s not gonna sell as many Bionics as they would have if they released the phone this month or in August. Their loss. The GSII is certainly worth consider as where I live LTE isn’t even on the radar screen.

  • droid4life

    Big V & Motorola dropped the ball on the bionic, if they would’ve released in July, they would’ve have sold a ton of these, as folks on Big V have been all waiting for a dual core 4g device. . .waiting til late Aug/Sept, they’ll be going up against SGII, Iphone 5 as well as a looming launch in October of the Nexus Prime which will beat out all of the above in terms of specs + be the first phone with ICS. . .Nice work Verizon and Motorola!

  • http://whysoangrybirds.com mikeyDroid

    Every day I read these articles in hopes of replacing my OG Droid…

    Every day my OG Droid smiles and laughs, as I shed a tear.

  • aj

    Yeah im getting kinda of tired of waiting for this thing everyday i read articles like this im inching closer and closer to just forgetting about it. Also Honestly i dont like the form factor. I dislike the lip and rumored hump on the back as it looks way too much like a Droid 3 or droid 2 with out a t keyboard.

  • this guy

    ive heard from someone “in the know” that it’s going to be overpriced, filled with bloatware, and has a bad screen (dull colors and pentile…). im hoping the SGS2 comes soon with LTE!

  • Thinkertoo

    I’m almost over the Bionic ~ I think. been waiting too long~ I love the” brightness” of the Samsung Charge so unless the Bionic display is spectacular ~ I’ll wait for the Galaxy Sll. and Samsung’s screen ~ I have the original Motorola Droid ~ and really want a larger screen ~

  • shane13133

    First of all the GS2 isn’t even worth the time its a samsung phone look at there last crapy phones with android 2.1 that’s shit Motorola takes alot of shit from everyone but look at all there droids such as the DROID the DROIDX the DROID2 DROIDPro all there phones are amazing they take some time to get out but once there out there a monster. Once the bionic joins the droid family its will see like crazy and will have the most updated android version out so go droid bionic you will take down the GS2

  • thechad

    good article thanks