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Video: EVO 3D gets its first tear down

Most of us cringe at the sound of even the smallest cracks and pops when taking off our phone’s battery door, but some adventurous people like to tear right into their devices. Guys like franky_402 and lyon21 from Android Central are admired tear-down video gurus. And rightly so; it’s an achievement to void your warranty for the good of the Android community.

Aside from how interesting it is to simply see the insides of a device, knowing how to open a device can be quite beneficial. I’ve been stubborn enough to refuse handset insurance here and there. And it so happens every time I do so, I break those darn devices! That’s when you’re forced to open ‘er on up and replace certain parts (usually the screen).

Whether you just need a fix of teeth-grinding material this morning or you actually want to use this video for constructive purposes, here it is! Check it out and let us know if it hurts you to see this. Any other butterfingers found themselves opening up a device before? Did you use an online video, or did you just pay to get it fixed?

Via: Android Central

Source: franky402 (YouTube)

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