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Gingerbread rolling out to Sprint’s Galaxy Tab

Not to be overshadowed by the release of it’s faster, Honeycomb-having younger brother, the original Samsung Galaxy Tab is starting to receive an OTA update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread. There is one pretty significant catch here, as this update is only occurring for owners of the Sprint-branded Galaxy Tab.

Over the next week or so, owners of the Sprint branded Tab should receive a prompt to update their devices to Gingerbread. Though most tablets being released today sport Google’s tablet-specific Honeycomb OS, Gingerbread brought significant performance upgrades over Android 2.2 Froyo, and owners of the OG Tab will likely experience a much faster tablet upon completion of the upgrade.

If you simply cannot wait to get your hands on Gingerbread, you can manually check for an update by going to settings -> About -> Software Update  and see if you can access the update a bit early.

Hopefully we’ll see other carriers follow suit and offer the Gingerbread update in July. But, due our experiences with the Galaxy S update, we’re still a bit skeptical.

Anyone out there own a Sprint Galaxy Tab? Were you able to update successfully? How are you liking the performance enhancements?  Sound off in the comments.

Via: Phandroid

Source: Sprint

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  • http://Website Chahk

    No update notification yet on my Sprint Galaxy Tab. “Your system is currently up to date” on the Software update page too. Any reports of this roll out actually happening?

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      We have received official word from Sprint that it should be rolling out shortly. That’s the best I have for now.

  • http://Website Hawk521

    No joy here in North Carolina either. My Sprint GT is a refurb model that does not have a current Sprint data plan.

    I get the same message you do. Or I get a Connection Error if I try the “Update Firmware” option.

    Maybe it will happen sometime this week. Would be a refreshing change of luck with this Tab.

  • http://maxtechnewz.blogspot.com/ Max

    too bad it was not honeycomb

  • http://Website THIS IS FRAGMENTATION

    welcome to fragmentation

  • http://Website Austin

    The update is missing some of what I consider key features in 2.3.4!
    No tv animation when you turn off the screen, no gingerbread keyboard, no new Gtalk, some animations missing… nothing HUGE, but things I really liked from Gingerbread are gone!

  • http://Website Marcos

    I called one of the local Sprint stores in Boston to inquire whether or not i needed to have an active/current account with Sprint to receive the update and was told it is not necessary, that the update can only be obtained from Google, via WIFI if needed, and that Google is the one holding all the cards concening the timing and whatever notification would be involved.
    Meanwhile, the press release states that the update will be available during 4 days beginning July 5th and i wonder what if an owner is incapable of updating due to Google’s failure to either notify or make the update easily available ?
    Like everyone else, i keep clicking on “Update Android” under “Settings” and all i get is the same message stating that my current Android 2.2.1 version is up to date….

  • http://Website Marcos

    GOT IT !
    It came rather unexpectedly with a message warning of impending firmware download i’d never seen before and would i accept it or not; Clicking “accept” rebooted tablet, installed Android 2.3 and all my downloads, favorites, widgets, etc were kept as before installation which took less than 3 minutes !
    Galaxy Tab now seem to access the web a little faster, first impression…

  • http://Website Jack

    Just got it and love it! Came out of the blue but really good… Everything is better, twice over!

  • http://Website judy rosado

    Mine updated yesterday (7/7/11) – don’t see anything really different, some icons changed colors & google added a Reader. I can’t notice anything else it added that I didn’t have before.

  • http://Website Marcos

    I an underwhelmed as well; I was expecting that Samsung “TouchWiz” interface which would use different icons/widgets and offer a more engaging home screen, but nothing has changed with the exception that access to the web via Google seem a little faster.
    What really pissed me off is that on top of the huge amount of unwanted widgets/programs that came pre-installed in my Sprint Galaxy Tab, most of which i don’t have any uses for and cannot be removed, this latest android download installed two more unremovable widgets, one for “downloads” and another for “Ebooks” !? WTF, i think that’s outrageous ! At least with Windows OS the user can remove literally anything/everything that comes pre-installed in the computer and i don’t understand why the same doesn’t apply to Android OS.
    Am i the only person that finds this quite annoying ?