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Google acquires over 1,000 patents from IBM, some possibly related to mobile


We’ve been following Android’s patent war very closely here at Android and Me, bringing you bad news after bad news about the whole issue. However, today is a “good news” kind of day. And I’m happy to tell you things just might start to turn around for our little green friend.

According to Bloomberg, Google has acquired a “batch” of patents from IBM. That “batch” equals 1,030 patents, and they cover a very wide range of technologies from memory and microprocessing to servers and routers. Even down to relational databases and object oriented programming.

While most of these patents seem to be related to Google’s core business–Google Search–I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those memory, microprocessing and router patents could be used to defend Android as well. Speaking of routers, Google is also getting ready to become an ISP in Kansas City, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri. And since this is Google we’re talking about here, Comcast, AT&T and other telcos will probably have around zero market share in both of these cities by next year. If that comes true, ISPs will undoubtedly go after Google with lawsuits, and some of these IBM patents could very well become useful when that happens.

Even though most of these patents seem to have nothing to do with mobile or Android, I’m just as glad to see Google beef up its patent portfolio. Of course, the best solution would be to overhaul the whole patent system in this country. But until that happens, Google needs to grab all the patents it can. Because it’s a tough and cruel world out there if you don’t have a huge patent war chest.

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Source: Bloomberg

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  • Jason

    The relational database patents might be useful to make Oracle back off, too. Possibly even Microsoft. It depends on what, exactly, they are.

    • PhilH

      I agree. Plus I believe IBM is pretty much against the way patents are being used today to stifle competition.

  • http://whysoangrybirds.com mikeyDroid


    • http://www.mlswanson.com SparkyXI

      Moar Bacon Strips!

  • Hinds

    I wonder how the proposed acquisition of inter media patents is progressing? I hope they get those mobile parents that is supposed to be better than the nortel patents.


    Its a cruel world when you are the MAN! Jealousy and envy lead to problems. Google is finding this out the hard way. The growth is to fast and furious for competitors to handle! Nice to see Google doing what it can to protect itself from any future attacks.

  • Interpol91

    Always good to hear positive news about Google! Too bad it has to be a patent race to protect themselves from losers like Apple trying to inhibit the beast that is Android

  • Mil

    Does it really help Android when most Android manufacturers have already cut a deal with Microsoft for their patent infringement legal cases? I think Google have been a little too late for this as manufacturers have already agreed to $x per handset sold. Those manufacturers aren’t going to swallow that additional cost so it’ll come out of the consumers own pocket.

    • The_Omega_Man

      Google has to work to protect Android before it can really help to protect the CEMs, that use Android. If you notice, NOT one CEM , that I have heard of, has pulled out of using Android in fear of being financially vampired (to death) by M$ or that fruit company. In fact, you have more entities signing on to leverage Android for their integrated system needs and products. Steve Jobs, efforts to slow or stop the Android bullet train have been unsuccessful thus far. Android seems to still gain momentum and just smashes through anything put across the tracks. Android is even being considered for applications within the U.S. Federal and some State Governments, along with at least one branch of the U.S. Military. This combined with the collective weight of a large number of both very large and many small CEMs, tends to add quite a bit of weight and mass to the Android train. This is probably why the leaders at Google do not seem to be too phased by all of the recent attacks on Android.

  • deckrider

    Great episode of “This American Life” on our broken patent system here: http://tal.fm/441

  • SliestDragon

    Way to go Google! Hopefully this will really help them out.

  • Tran Lang

    You rock, GOOGLE. Apple will act crazily about this ’cause they surely loose more shares on the mobile markets. I think so…I don’t know…But, yes, they will, like Nokia now…Let see.

  • JPB

    IBM uses its BIGGEST, BADDEST patent portfolio in the world for good rather than evil.

  • aj

    Its been said alot already but good for google. Its comforting to see them finally taking some action in this crazy patent world system. It was mentioned in an earlier post that microsoft makes more money of android patent lawsuits(5 dollars for every htc handset and htc has delivered alot of handsets) but i hope google can some how reverse those so so apple and microsoft can focus on their own innovations instead of blatantly stealing ideas and force microsoft to try to make some real money off their OWN PRODUCT!!!!!!

  • http://http://isradroid.wordpress.com susuFOX

    It’s time that Google will stand behind the smaller OEM like HTC, and help them defend against Microsoft and Apple on an Android base lawsuit.