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Google keeps redesigning products; it’s Google Docs for Mobile’s turn

Google is on a roll. It seems like every day the company redesigns at least one of its products. It all started with Google+ and an evolved design and experience for all Google products. Google Search for Mobile was the first to get a new look, then Google Calendar, followed by Gmail and finally YouTube. And now it’s Google Docs for Mobile’s turn at bat.

The Google Docs web app has been revamped to look more like the other Google mobile apps, such as Gmail and Calendar. This is part of Google’s new strategy to unify its services under one consistent look and feel. And we can’t be more happy about it. However, there are still a handful of Google apps without this new interface. Like Google Picasa (Photos on the mobile ), YouTube and Google Talk.

A refreshed look is not the only improvement this new version of Google Docs brings. The new web app also lets you narrow files by ownership, type and collections. Also, you can now sort files by name, last modified and last opened. Finally, Google has brought to the mobile app the same sharing feature we’ve been able to use on our desktop computers forever. You can invite people to view or edit your files, share as an email attachment, share publicly or just with those who have a link.

All in all, I’m liking this new version of Google Docs. Although I mostly use the native Android app, it’s good to have options. But what I like even more is that Google has finally realized their services are not that great in the whole “looking awesome” department. If you use any of Google’s apps on a daily basis, you know what I’m talking about. Their services are good at getting the job done, but not very pleasant to look at. That might work for some, but most people out there judge things mainly by their looks.

Don’t believe me? Show a picture of Gmail’s old and new look to someone who doesn’t use the service and ask them which one they think is best. There’s a 99% chance that he/she would choose the new Gmail. They’re both exactly the same in terms of functionality, but Gmail’s new design is just prettier. And it’s a known fact that people like pretty things.

I don’t know if Larry Page’s new position as CEO has anything to do with this change in strategy, but I hope we get to see more of it.

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Source: Google Mobile Blog

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  • http://Website Droidfan

    Hertzfeld and Duarte are making their impact. But credit Larry, Sergey and Andy for taking the impetus to move to the next level. The rate of the level of improvement seems to be exploding at Google.

  • http://www.twit.tv/aaa Jason Howell

    Google first finally gives us a Google Doc app. (in essence, a pretty front end to the docs that load in an embedded browser).

    Then Google updates the web app for Google Docs.

    The thing they keep failing to update is how the docs themselves are viewed/edited on mobile. It’s painful! I use Google Spreadsheets daily on my phone, and none of the Google App or Google Web App updates have even touched how difficult the UI is in the docs themselves… arguably, imo, the most important piece of the puzzle! If the Spreadsheet is painful to use from a phone, then these other updates are merely making Google Docs on mobile more of a viewing experience rather than an editing experience and that isn’t in Google’s best interest long term.

    Improve the usability of the docs themselves in mobile, and then I will be applauding wildly.

  • http://Website Alessandro

    Ok, but I need the download function…..

    • http://Website Alessandro

      Sorry….I was thinking about the android app…not the web for mobile….

  • http://Website josh

    good looking UI

    the actual ‘docs’ app needs the same make over.
    editing an excel sheet is a horrible task (even on the Thunderbolt).

    still probably my favorite app that is available. perfect for finances (budget) and random documents you want to edit on the go with other people having similar access.

  • http://maxtechnewz.blogspot.com/ Max

    the only thing i dont like about google docs is no mla support

  • Ripal

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