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Google’s got cash in hand, Hulu in its sights

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Google is in early talks to purchase the popular video-streaming service Hulu. Google isn’t the only company vying for Hulu, however, as Microsoft and Yahoo! are also on the list of potential suitors.

Though Hulu is already on Android, this service is restricted to a select number of handsets and requires users to have a Hulu Plus subscription to access Hulu on Android. It is unclear at such an early stage in the process what the acquisition of Hulu would mean for Android. I think we could all agree that having access to Hulu’s catalog of current-season TV shows without a Hulu Plus subscription would be an awesome addition to Android’s repertoire–something well within the realm of possibility, considering the level of ad support Hulu has amassed (over 600 advertisers have signed on with Hulu to date). If nothing else, it could pose some pretty significant implications for Google TV, which has been oft-criticized for the lack of content.

For more details and speculation on the Hulu situation, head over to the L.A. Times website.

Should you have speculation of your own to add to the discussion, go ahead and leave a comment below. What do you think this potential deal means for Android? How about for Google TV?

Via: L.A. Times

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  • http://Website Wayne

    Perfect fit with Google TV’s out there.

    • http://Website Dameon

      I agree. I would definitely buy a Google TV.

  • http://Website riknos

    This would nicely augment google’s addition of movies to youtube. Now we can have random vids, movies, and TV in the same place. Score.

  • http://Website Greg

    I would really be afraid of this deal going thru. Google already owns one of the biggest sources of streaming media out there: YouTube. I mean it would be a great thing for Google Tv and maybe even android but that a hell of a lot of control over streaming media for one company. Less competition is bad for everyone.

    • AME

      Think of the alternative though… Balmer?!

      If I had to take my chances with someone having a quasi-monopoly on media content, I’d choose Google over Microsoft any day of the week.

      Yahoo! is uninteresting because they don’t have a mobile platform or TV service. As small as it is, at least Microsoft has a mobile platform + Nokia now.

  • http://Website Aaron

    Also, this would be a perfect addition to Youtube for watching in a G+ Hangout.

  • http://Website Anton

    Maybe by buying Hulu, Google could properly cement or just acquire deals with the studios. This would help Google TV a lot.

  • http://Website Mark

    Soon, you will be born in a Google hospital and die in a Google casket…

    • AME

      I’ll die happy!

      • http://Website Frank C

        ^^^What he said!

    • https://plus.google.com/110132606744245316440/ Clark Wimberly

      Having our birthday parties at Fuddruckers

  • http://maxtechnewz.blogspot.com/ Max

    hopefully for honeycomb tooo

  • kwills88

    Pretty convinced google is skynet..but i don’t mind the take over.

    • AME

      We’re loyal users so I am assuming that Google will spare us.

      Poor iSlaves.

  • http://Website Coop

    I would kill to have hulu on my Sony BR/GoogleTV box. I don’t think simultaneous YouTube ownership is a problem. While they are both streaming video, the content is hardly the same.

  • http://Website mr. android

    This would be a great acquisition since google could integrate this into all their services whoknows , even add a sweet feature to google + making it better

  • http://punmobile.net punzz

    not bad for gooogle, but really, I dont know bout this site, hulu. I just know youtube.

  • http://Lgoptimusv.info Dana

    This is a huge move! Good god!

  • http://www.giquegear.com GiqueGuy

    This would be pure gold for Google. Hulu’s proprietary stance really hurt Google TV 1.0. I think with Hulu available for free, Google TV 2.0 would see MUCH greater adoption, forcing other “studios” into line. Basically resulting in Google leading the way into the internet-based replacement of traditional (free) television. Without going into the implications of that, Google should make sure they get Hulu.

  • http://www.bingarticles.com Mubashir

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