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Hardware modded Sensation is the bee’s knees

Software mods for Android phones have never been in short supply (in fact, they’re a way of life), but hardware mods are a little harder to come by. One of the greatest came from someone spraying a Nexus S battery cover in diplo to give it a rubbery grip. The G2 spring mod is still popular, giving G2s everywhere a snappier hinge. Evo battery door mods add some red flair to your device when stripped down. And possibly the craziest hardware mod out there? The ol’ adding a front-facing camera to your Samsung Vibrant trick. It now seems another device is about to join the elite ranks of hardware modification:  the HTC Sensation.

Paul White from Whitesites Blog took some sand paper and stripped down the metal frame on his HTC Sensation. Then, with some metal polish and a few paper towels, he shined it up. And it looks amazing. The process doesn't look too hard, and after you see the results it'll be hard to imagine this not becoming a trend among more hardcore users. Of course, this does all sorts of bad things to any warranty you may have. But if you're brave enough to attempt this mod, be sure to share the results in the comments below. While you're down there, let us know of any other hardware mods you can think of.

Source: Whitesites Blog

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  • http://Website Beau

    HTC needs more aluminum unibody designs, they are beautiful.
    The polished look is great, but if anyone else is considering this, they should look into anodizing. It would add a gorgeous finish and a great personal touch to the aluminum. Anodising can be any color and will look so much better than any paint.

    • http://Website Dan`

      I disagree… the metal body is why I won’t have another HTC It’s horrible to hold and makes my hand sweat.

      • http://Website greg


  • http://Website Beau

    But unfortunately it seems Verizon hates beautiful phones

    • http://Website Mark

      Unfortunately it seems Verizon hates dual core HTC phones, I’ve been waiting forever!

  • http://Website Adrian

    I really, really like how the back looks, not the front though… And I’m not sure I want to risk it with my Sensation, I feel like if I try it myself, the final outcome will not look that nice =S

    • http://Website JaylanPHNX

      Then just do the back. If it all goes to hell, you could just get another rear cover.

      • http://Website Usman

        It’s UNIBODY! One piece of aluminum for the entire device.

    • oaussieo

      The one great thing with this mod, is it is only the back cover getting the treatment, if you some how mess it up or the phone needs to go in for warranty work replace the back cover and it’s back to normal

  • http://Website Dragonithe

    This looks beautiful!
    I might just try this on my desire, It wont look as great, but it’s prob better than the little scars it has now.

  • http://Website Jonah

    I did a similar thing with my OG Droid where I sanded the entire back and removed all of the rubber. It looks really good.

  • Galen20K

    I may do this with my Sensation, it looks Amazing – D

  • http://Website Rob m

    Wow, looks awesome. I totally agree, anodized would look awesome. Gotta say though, I wanna sell my sensation, I can’t handle the overlay, at first sense was cool but now I’m back with my trusty nexus one. Vanilla android is the only way to go!

    • http://Website Corey

      You’re selling your sensation? How much? Maybe I’ll buy it from you!

    • Tiuri

      Selling it !!!!

  • http://Website Savethechicken

    This looks awesome and it wouldn’t void the warranty because when you do an exchange you keep the back cover. Since it is a unibody design you will be keeping the entire cover during an exchange.

  • http://Website scott

    I saw this on xda last night, he did a awesome job. I’d want to do it but I think I’d mess it up lol

  • g

    I hope he clear coated it! I hate to see what that aluminum looks like after a month of hard use.


    would love to do this to my sensation but i know i would destroy it.. lol

  • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

    I remember back in the day when I modded my iMate JAM (HTC Magician) and replaced the gray aluminum casing with the black casing from the O2 version. It was like getting a brand new phone!

  • DJMonkey5892

    Looks awesome!!! :p

  • Bazzabas

    I did the modding as well.. Looks awesome !! turned out great, it took me about 5 hours to finally have it done, i colored the HTC logo on the back red, as well as the speaker grill and the little ring around the camera, I’m really pleased with my new HTC Sensation..