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Honeycomb 3.1 for Google TV almost here; here’s everything we know:


As Google promised in May, Google TV is about to get a taste of some sweet Honeycomb. According to some reports, users are already seeing their Google TV devices appear under “My Devices” on the Market’s web app. This is most likely Google’s handiwork as they put the final touches before rolling out the update.

Further proving Google TV 2.0 is upon us, some Android enthusiasts over at GTVhacker have managed to update their Logitech Revue to Android 3.1. How did they do this? We’re asking ourselves the same question. However, they did post a photo as proof and promised to shed more light on how they did it over the next few days. We can’t wait.

Looking at the photo from GTVhacker, you can see not a lot has changed since Google first showed Google TV 2.0 to us back in May. That blue bar along the bottom is back once again. I’m guessing this will appear by pressing the “Home” button on your Google TV remote. As you might remember, we recently saw this bar thanks to a leak via Geek.com. Although, this time some of the icons seem to have gotten a bit of polish by Duarte and co. Always a good thing.

The space above that blue bar will supposedly house widgets, as demonstrated at Google I/O. However, it’s still unknown whether or not users will have access to various home screens like we have on phones and tablets. While that might seem like an obvious thing to do, I’m not so sure Google will do it for Google TV. But I could be wrong.

In summary, here’s everything we know Google TV 2.0 will have for sure:

  • Access to the Android Market
  • Widgets
  • Notifications
  • Improved Media Player
  • Overhauled user interface
  • Google TV emulator for developers
  • ADB support
  • Support for USB devices like game controllers and keyboards
  • Honeycomb’s graphics engine
  • Improved performance and stability
  • ARM support

That should be just about enough to turn those Google TV doubters into believers. Now we just need to sit and wait for Google to roll this out. Hopefully that’ll happen some time next week.

Google_TV_Market GoogleTV_Market

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  • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

    This update can’t come soon enough! I have not used my Logitech Revue in over a month simply because my PS3 gives me access to so much more content. Once Google TV gets updated with Market access, things should get a lot more interesting.

    • BiGMERF

      I agree, i have a PS3, Bravia smart tv, and a 360 in my living room. Those combined give me everything I need.. But the android lover in me wants it. The potential that is there to link my phone, tablet and google tv unit just begs for me get one.SMH


      this is fragmentation

      • Jeff

        There’s that word again. It’s a magic word, say it and people automatically respect you for your Android knowledge. This only works with people who don’t really know s*** about Android though, like tech journalists. You can stand around with them, sipping mojitos, saying the word “fragmentation” to one another and nodding, knowing you all have the inside Android scoop.


    This and a price drop is what I have been waiting for to pick something up. With the recent announced price drop of the Logitech to 99 dollars, I am highly considering it. Now my worry is if the update is real and when it is coming, also o I want the first generation Logitech for the low price and possibly risk the fact that it may not run smooth? Or do I wait for a newer unit. Also a simple roku box has me thinking too.

    • Ben Gildenstein

      It’s only a matter of time before other competitors enter the fray for similar costs to the ultra-cheap Logitech revue. $99 for a system that doesn’t incur the cost of a screen, a battery, and an ultra-small form factor is certainly possible.

      Since there is next to no competition on the TV front, I expect Google to sweep through it with little trouble.

      Interestingly, this brings a whole slew of casual games to the TV for much less than a dedicated console. Since mobile chipsets are becoming more and more powerful, I think Android will become a very promising game platform as well.

      • Frongy

        Absolutely. It very well may shape up to be a strong wii U contender.

      • Alberto Vildosola

        Don’t forget about onlive running on a google tv also.

      • ncb1010

        There is huge competition in the TV space.
        1.)Wii (almost 100 million units)
        5.)Apple TV


  • Ben Gildenstein

    This update is a very big deal. This turns the TV into a computer like device, without the complexity and thousands of apps available for purchase. Streaming movies, video chatting, composing email, or even controlling the lights in your house can now be done via this interface.

    I have held out on getting a PVR or HTPC because I know that Android will do it so much better, and without the hassle of a complicated setup.

    I. Can’t. Wait.

  • wnemay

    The original plan was to get the Revue boxes updated to Honeycomb by the end of June. There were a few performance problems so the release date changed to the end of August.

  • http://gardenwife.com Gardenwife

    What about the Sony box? Is an update slated for it? We had the Revue, but exchanged it for the Sony because we wanted to be able to control the Blu-Ray player with the single remote and have everything more streamlined. Now, the Revue price is dropped and an update’s about to hit. Now I wonder if we’d be better off returning the Sony box (paid $249 on sale at Best Buy) and buying the Revue when the price drop hits there. Aargh!

    • http://Website Coop

      I’ve also been wondering if the Sony Blu-ray/GTV unit would be getting this update. I hope so, as it is woefully underutilized.

  • davpel

    According to Logitech at yesterday’s earnings report, the update won’t be out for the Revue until the end of September.

    • AVS

      @davpel Been for this update for long, do you mean Logitech announced in their earnings call they Revue WILL INDEED get the GTV2.0 update? If so, $99 Revue will be a steal. Was going to purchase Roku in August, will surely wait now.

      • davpel

        Google and Logitech both confirmed back at Google I/O that the Revue would get the update. The problem is that they promised it would occur this summer. Now they are saying the end of September. If this was the first delay, I wouldn’t care. But Google and Logitech have been overpromising and underdelivering since before the GTV even hit the shelves. I for one and sick and tired of waiting!

  • SliestDragon

    If this update goes well, I just may look into getting a GoogleTV. It _does_ look promising…

  • Kevin

    Love my android, but I dropped Google TV for Apple TV.. it was already 99$ and could do things with my ipad “AirPlay” etc. NBA is on my apple TV and MLB and NFL I am sure at some point, also you tube, netflix..don’t disappoint, you can also access the Itunes store and order and rent content. .Sorry Android and Logitech. I am a Android mobile phone and Apple Computer/Tablet user.. best of both worlds in different sectors. …really