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HTC Sensation’s bootloader unofficially unlocked

It’s been nearly two months since HTC first pledged to keep bootloaders unlocked, allowing for the installation of custom ROMs on their handsets. We knew the process wasn’t going to be an easy one, and unfortunately, little to no progress has been shown to the general public. A vague timeline was given at one point for the HTC Sensation, but the hacking and modding community wasn’t ready to just sit down and wait. Hacking team AlphaRevX has successfully designed full unlock, permanent root and s-off (unlocked bootloader) solutions for the Sensation.

The team is working to bring this to the public as soon as possible, along with a solution for the HTC EVO 3D, but no ETA has been given at this time. Going by the speed of how these things have worked in the past, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t take long at all. For the most accurate information regarding the progress of the unlock, always refer back to the origin of this information (a thread on the XDA Developers forums).

If you’re using a Sensation, or Evo 3D for that matter, and waiting for AlphaRevX’s complete s-off, which ROM do you hope to flash first? CyanogenMod 7? MIUI? Just a little less bloated Sense 3.0 ROM? Let us know in the comments below.

Via: Android Police

Source: XDA

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  • http://Website dennis p

    OMG cant wait!! waiting for Cyan 7.1 and miui

    • noriega713

      Those are the same roms I use also…lol

  • http://Website josh

    f yeah!!!!!! cm7 . oh how i have missed it.

  • http://Website @Alankrut

    Im going to switch to a stock android rom.

    And then run the benchmarks to see how fast this thing actually is

    cause we all know, the benchmarks with sense are terrible

    • http://Website kevinthebox

      Well, besides the Sense rom, I think it also has to do with the increased pixel count due to the qHD screen.

    • Dustin Earley

      Have you tried Qualcomm’s new benchmarking app?

  • http://Website Thaghost

    HTC is the best with updates…of all kinds.

  • https://plus.google.com/114356913647826586621/posts Bridget Olivier

    CM baby!!! Awww yeah!!!

  • http://Website Vineares

    MIUI 100%

  • http://Website skunk

    Definitely would put miui first from miui.us

  • http://@FiberOpticRLD FiberOpticRLD

    MIUI Lets Get It!!!!!!

  • http://Website matt

    haha this just proved that htc are not complete assholes who don’t care about their customers cough motorola cough.

  • http://Website k

    If benchmarks and unlocked bootloaders were important for you, you would’ve bought a galaxy s 2

    • http://Website Brooklyn

      Yup,because we all would love to purchase a phone not yet available to US carriers and pay an unreasonable amount of money to have it imported.

  • http://Website Steven

    CyanogenMod 7!!! Cant wait for Cyanogen to fix all the stuff that is wont with the evo 3D

  • http://Website Steven

    CyanogenMod 7!!! Cant wait for Cyanogen to fix all the stuff that is wont with the evo 3D

  • http://Website stone-cold sober drunk

    android sucks dick, iphone rulez

    • http://Website falcon eyez

      u mean .. u suck dick :D

    • http://Website FP

      Given the primary demographic of iPhone (girls and gay guys), seems like you would know








    • http://Website FP

      Dont you have some Will & Grace reruns to get caught up on?

  • http://Website minda

    cm7 bring it on!!!

  • http://Website bluenazgul

    Atm i hope ill get my Sensation in october with my dads t-mobile contract. And i hope that the Sensation will get official support form the CyanogenMOD team. I cant wait to get an dualcore CM supported HTC device.

  • http://Website john
  • http://Website liam

    I just want to ditch the stupid bloatware, maybe cyan7