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HTC shares drop 6.5% from fear of US import ban

Blame it on Android’s massive popularity or Google’s lack of mobile patents, but Android is being attacked on all fronts. On one side, you have patent trolls like Oracle wanting to feed off Android’s success. Then you have companies like Microsoft, who would rather resort to lawsuits and lawyers to win, instead of building a better product. And finally, you have Apple, the company that has patented things like “slide your finger to unlock something”, the letter “i” and the words “app store”. If Apple had its way, we’d all have to pay a licensing fee for saying the words “magical” or “it just works”.

Earlier today, we reported that the ITC has found HTC guilty of infringing on some of Apple’s “patents”. Obviously, HTC is going to appeal the ruling, so this fight is far from over. But investors can sometimes be an easily-scared crowd. As a result of the ruling, investors are afraid of a U.S. import ban on HTC products. This in turn, drove HTC shares to the ground this morning, after a 6.5% drop.

With hopes of stabilizing its share price and restoring investor confidence, HTC has announced a share buy back program worth up to $760 million. Although this hasn’t worked that well, according to Financial Times:

The attempt to prop up HTC’s share price appeared to have little effect as the stock fell below HTC’s minimum purchase price of T$900 to close down 3.9 per cent at T$871. The sell-off highlights investor fears that the legal battle could have wider implications for the competitive balance between Apple and Google Android-based phonemakers like HTC, Samsung and Motorola.Robin KwongFinancial Times

Hopefully, HTC will quickly manage to turn around its falling share price, once investors realize the ITC ruling are nothing to be that much worried about. But more than anything, we hope Google will soon go on the offensive against companies like Apple, Microsoft and Oracle. Because frankly, we’re getting somewhat tired of playing defense.

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  • http://evocentric.blogspot.com waazzupppp

    Great little article, but unfortunately, you missed a key component… The judge dismissed 8 of the 10 claims in this complaint – meaning only 2 are allowed to go forward to be heard by the 6 person panel. This does not mean they have been found guilty of infringing – just that 2 of the 10 claims showed enough merit to continue.

    The stock panic itself is caused by the media hysteria about being found guilty on two patents when that hasn’t happened yet.

  • http://Website thetruth

    google go on the offensive against apple?google go on the offensive against microsoft? google go on the offensive against oracle?thats a laugh
    with what?
    The game right now is severly busted but thats not Apples/Microsoft/Oracles fault.
    Don’t hate the player hate the game.
    In a use em or losem patent world, i would use my patents too.

    • http://Website makhnooth kahba

      When google buys Nortel’s patents, all of the companies you mentioned will be on their knees begging for forgiveness.

  • http://Website gad

    if apple were give the chance we all would be paying for saying the word “Apple” or “Steve Jobs”.
    What a sad world…….PROFIT RULES

  • Drew

    Fuck Apple

  • http://Website mike

    Im going to patent the use of fruits in company names.WHOS BOSS NOW BITCH

  • http://Website Mark

    My dad almost bought an iPad yesterday at Sam’s Club. It took a very long evening to convince him to get a Galaxy Tab 10.1 instead. I do that to all my family members as well that are looking for a phone or tablet. Hate Apple with my last gut.

    • http://Website Jerkoffinyahands

      Wow, you betrayed your own father. He must be utterly disappointed now. He better got the much better iPad! You should leave your family once and for all, traitor.

    • http://Website Gee

      Nice job at taking your fan boyism too far. I would never do that to my dad. I bought him a EVO 3D two days ago but would never let him get a Honeycomb tablet over the iPad 2. Shameful.

  • http://Website belig1234

    @Mark : BiG PROPS! I do the same thing as u and i do all my oral at school on “why sould u get an android phone/tablet instead of an Icrappy shit”

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    As I stated before all of this will BLOW OVER and work out just fine. It’s always great to know the bottomline to anything but at the end of the day the ITC will realize how non productive this would be to technology in general and they will make sure everything gets worked out. Android as a platform might need to change some things and if so change can be great as far as the OS is concerned, HTC will be fine and definately not GOING ANYWHERE….

  • http://Website U.S. >>>>>>>> asia

    kill htc, kill em all- asian bastardz

  • http://zaarly.com Josh Coleman

    Wow! I did not that there was so much hatred between apple and android users. I am a Android phone user but I use a MAC for a computer. I just like to mix it up. I think its all preference so let one choose what they want to use.

  • http://Website Sam

    I agree that at the moment the iPad, iPhone and iOS may be better UI-wise especially since I dont at all like the system bar on honeycomb and the back and menu buttons on the Android phones but Apple’s business habits are disgusting. Sueing HTC because their software includes the ability to automatically recognize phone numbers and web address’s is ridiculous. So is patenting multitouch and Slide to Unlock. HTC’s slide down to unlock is much easier to do anyway. And despite all this Apple thinks it’s alright to blatantly steal Android’s notification system?

  • mike

    I would love to take a side here. Competition is good for markets and even for product evolution. Here’s the problem.

    Android is a bit of a mesh up. They took Linux and side stepped the GPhelL by dumping a jvm rip off that just runs on top of it to make an application layer to the system. (A pretty good jvm rip off I might add)

    The company that does something bigger, louder, and cheaper scores huge in the beginning.
    The company that does it right consistently stays in business.

    Google should just go back to web info services. They excel at this.