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HTC Status now available from AT&T

Those of you looking for the easiest and fastest way to share your life with hundreds or even thousands of friends on Facebook can find the HTC Status online or at your local AT&T store for $49.99 with a two year contract. (Or $399.99, if you’re not willing to sign your life away to AT&T).

If you don’t have the cash for the HTC Status, AT&T is also featuring a sweepstakes promotion. You could win an HTC Status by sharing news about the phone with your friends.  Simply visit the HTC Status share page on AT&T’s website, give them your email address and share the news with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks.  If five of your friends visit the site with your link, you’re automatically entered to win the HTC Status.

While many have shunned the HTC Status as a gimmick due to its slow processor and dedicated Facebook buttons, I do have to commend HTC for stepping out of their mold. They’ve delivered a great portrait keyboard phone for those who simply don’t want or need a full-featured smartphone with a dual-core processor or a screen so big it barely fits in your pocket.  The HTC Status is a modest phone for modest people who simply want a little more than the flip phone they’ve been holding on to for the past few years.

If you’ve had the chance to play with the HTC Status or have picked one up for yourself, leave us a comment below and let us know what you think.

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • http://Website SeeMe

    I’ve had ChaCha for a few weeks not in the UK and really love it. Upgraded from a 3 year old HTC Dash. Going from Windows Mobile 6 to Android is a big change for sure. The keyboard is very similar to what i had previously (main reason i chose this phone) but the performance is far better. Going from a phone that had to app market place to this is simply amazing. I filled the internal memory in less than two days downloading nearly 50 apps.

  • Drew

    No matter what, the placement of the Facebook button wants me to punch something.

  • http://Website Emily

    I love comments like this since it just shows how stupid people are. The throw out words that have no meaning and don’t even tell us why they feel a certain way. Way to go!

    I’m not a fan of this phone since I’ve had a portrait QWERTY before and it simply wasn’t for me. However, I did play with it a bit today at BestBuy and I can say that the hardware is quite nice. Best Buy even has one in a light purple for the women who want something that’s a bit more feminine.

    • http://Website kim

      You better stay away fom BestBuy…very unsafe, criminal areas around BB. You better shop safely at Target.

  • http://Website RockinEvo

    Good for those who are dedicated FB user’s, personally I can’t begin to c why I would need a phone like this since I’m not on FB and have no reason to begin now. Ok I put my 2 cents in I have a question for those who picked up the phone, is this really a good investment since there is a app already tied into FB

  • http://Website RockinEvo

    Just like ur name that stupid ass comment makes no sense

  • The_Diz

    Children who like calculators, and Facebook are rejoicing.

    • Ben

      Haha so true

  • http://Website McLiver

    the perfect phone for hood rats

  • http://Website Oscar

    Been using one for the past few days, and it’s really not a bad phone. Unfortunately, the tiny space for storing apps is dreadful. Even with almost all of them on the SD card, the updates for Maps, Facebook, Market etc, along with a handful of widgets, has completely filled up the 150MB of room. I’ve seen that damn Low Memory warning more times than I care to remember, and I sort of feel like I’m back in the days of the G1.

    Shame, as I would have recommended this phone otherwise.

  • SGB101

    this is android and not apple. if one android doesn’t suit you, you can find one tailored to your needs/

    so dont dis the phone if it is not suited to you, just pick another. not everyone chases spec’s.

    im not a fan of this phone personally but to some it will be the best thing since sliced bread.

    it is true what is said above, is the dedicated FB button really worth it, as it isnt as if FB app isnt excellent and if you have sense ui, FB is highly integrated in to the os.

    i just hope that this phone isnt pushed as the FB phone at the expense of others devices, as imo i think many users of this may get a bad impression of android form this device, once the FB novelty has gone.

  • http://Website john