• http://Website Bianca Hollander

    Hi, do they also have these with the G+ logo on?

    • Edgar Cervantes

      No, sadly it is only available with the Facebook button. Would be an interesting idea, though. Get on it, HTC!

  • http://Website JayMonster

    Dumbest device since the Twitter Peek. Even if you wanted to say this is for Facebook “enthusiasts” (read: the same people that repost the “Facebook will start charging unless you change your status to this” message). It simply is a bad design for that purpose.

    There would (in theory) be a lot of scrolling going on with an enthusiast. And those arrow keys are in a great position… when you are trying to navigate to a correction in a paragraph, but little else.

    It looks a lot like the old Motorola Q. Only they took out the dpad in the top center, which, if this was for “enthusiasts” would actually be useful for scrolling through news lists on this hunk of junk. And scrolling will have to be done a lot with that postage stamp sized screen.

    This is a product in search of a market. Young people aren’t going to want a limited piece of crap like this. Older people aren’t going to want that tiny display. Tech saavy aren’t going to touch it… non tech saavy will fear it as being too confusing. Who is left to buy it?

    The only possible salvation here is that within the 750 million Facebook users, there are a certain percentage that are idiots. And even if that percentage is a half of one percent, that is still a large pool of people, any of which is a potential customer.

  • http://Website Bill

    No sign up here. I am waiting for the first carrier that comes out with anyone of the following; Galaxy S2, iPhone 5, or Motorola Bionic. Don’t thing my old phone will make it till September.