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ITC finds HTC guilty of infringing on two Apple patents

This past week, HTC was dealt a minor setback when an ITC judge ruled HTC is in fact infringing on two patents held by Apple.  The case in question was first presented last year when Apple filed a complaint against HTC claiming HTC’s Android devices were infringing on ten different patents held by Apple.

Patent #5,946,647 (a system and method causes a computer to detect and perform actions on structures identified in computer data) and  #6,343,263 (a data transmission system having a real-time data engine for processing isochronous streams of data includes an interface device that provides a physical and logical connection of a computer to any one or more of a variety of different types of data networks) were both granted to Apple in 1999 and 2002, long before Apple’s iOS and Android were even a blip on the radar.

While many blogs and commenters have labeled this news as a doomsday scenario for HTC and other Android manufacturers, the initial ruling by the ITC judge is not yet final.  The ruling must first be reviewed by a six-member ITC panel that will decide if HTC’s products do in fact infringe on Apple’s patents.

Even if ITC rules in favor of Apple, HTC is poised to do everything they can to continue to sell their Android powered devices. In HTC’s official response to the ITC ruling, HTC’s Grace Lei expressed, “We strongly believe we have alternate solutions in place for the issues raised by Apple. We look forward to resolving this case, so we can continue creating the most innovative mobile experiences for consumers.”  Some speculate this could lead to even more Android fragmentation as manufactures recode the OS to work around Apple’s patents.

Show Press Release

Taoyuan, Taiwan—July 16, 2011 — HTC received notice of the ITC judge’s initial determination in the Apple vs. HTC case, ITC No. 337-TA-710. Apple originally asserted 10 of its patents against HTC in March 2010, and the judge ruled today that HTC infringed on 2 patents. HTC does not yet have access to the judge’s full opinion and analysis to determine the details of his findings.

“We are highly confident we have a strong case for the ITC appeals process and are fully prepared to defend ourselves using all means possible,” said Grace Lei, General Counsel of HTC. “We strongly believe we have alternate solutions in place for the issues raised by Apple. We look forward to resolving this case, so we can continue creating the most innovative mobile experiences for consumers.”

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  • http://Website Derek

    this is nothing more than using the courts to eliminate competition. Good for Apple, bad for consumers…even iPhone consumers. Because the only reason why iOS is being improved is because of the competition from Google and M$. Apple would love to sit back and sell millions of devices to their iFanbois year in and year out without having to innovate anything.

  • http://halmi.sk Rootko

    Stupid software patents, they should have been taken down a long time ago. Only ones that profit from such battles are lawyers…

  • http://Website Tony

    Apple is a patent trololololololololololol!

    If you read these patents they’re pretty damned vague and irrelevant as far as I or pretty much anyone else out there is concerned. Apple is doing this merely because they refuse to innovate anymore, are jealous of other companys’ success and are a bunch of greedy bastards. I hope the ITC votes in favor of HTC on these last two “patents” and I hope that if that isn’t the case, HTC fights Apple and doesn’t give in to that $15 per device bullshit.

  • http://Website Corey

    I wish that when Apple brought these companies to court for patent infringements the judge would make them watch this video… Nothing is original!

    • http://Website Alan

      Great video!!!

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    Who cares sprint will just give them money and then SPRINT AND HTC FTW THEY WILL RULE 2011

    • http://Website Tony

      I’m tired of this Sprint elitist bullshit.. you guys are using a gank-ass carrier that happens to have moderately good coverage, but not for people like me. Sprint is cheaper and you get what you pay for. I tried out Sprint and after a short while of dropped calls, drag-ass data and spotty network coverage, I returned the phone and went back to Verizon. Sure you guys have Unlimited data, but into the unforseeable future, so do I. When that changes it’ll probably be to a pre-paid carrier simply because thats really cheaper and I can be okay with paying almost half of what someone pays on Sprint to use their network.

      Secondly, Sprint won’t give anyone money, Sprint doesn’t have the kind of money to throw around, not that it would matter because Apple has more. If Apple gets their way, HTC will stop being able to import new devices, or even currently already here devices depending on how this goes. So no more new EVO 3Ds or even the ‘next’ EVO. Quit being a blind Sprint fanboy.

      • http://Website snowbdr89

        The now slowest networks unlimited everything is 99 a month so they are 20 bucks cheaper then vzw so look what you get for 20 more a month coverage and 3g everywhere compared to sprints piss poor coverage and dial up wimax so im more then happy to pay that extra cash and im sure the sprint idiots dont realize is sprint does roam of vzw’s towers. Dicks lil dick gets hard over that lame evo 3d sayin its future proof but what happens if sprint switches over to lte dick?

        • http://Website Richard Yarrell

          You are just ONE of many MISGUIDED SOULS who are feeling the CRUNCH on your bill over at verizon TELL ME HOW DOES IT FEEL TO PAY MORE FOR LAST YEARS DEVICES??? I guess if verizon had a bridge to sell here in New York so many misguided people will be lining up to purchase that bridge. We here on sprint don’t have to worry about the things you people on verizon worry about we get NEW TECHNOLOGY EVERY YEAR we have a brand here on sprint that is widely respected throughout the technology industry and because of that we bet the fastest update to our devices at the best prices. I don’t BLAME YOU for being jelous about carriers Yeah wimax might be SLOWER than LTE but I’ll tell you my 6 to 11 down and 1.5 to 2.5 up is doing just fine in my world because when I click on netflix/crackel/tv.com/ or any other application for content I can watch whatever I want and listen to whatever podcast I want all day long and have an extreme amount of fun. WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING OVER THERE ON VERIZON whatever it is your definately not rolling like we are on sprint that’s for sure. Not only do we have the EVO 3D AND PHOTON 4G but now we are expecting the Samsung Within very soon as well as the ophone in September/October so the way I see it the best DUALCORE DEVICES RESIDE ON SPRINT THE UNLIMITED NETWORK where you start off paying 69.99 plus 10,00 AFTER THAT ALL THE FUN STARTS choose your device which are industry leading abd sit back and let sprint do the rest….I feel for you MISGUIDED SOULS ON OTHER CARRIERS…Sorry I have to cut this SHORT I have a movie to watch on my EVO 3D netflix IS BANGING while I sit here at work….This is such a joy…….

          • WickedToby741

            Verizon has more 3G and 4G coverage than Sprint does and faster 4G plus I still have unlimited. Sure, you guys get better devices and Sprint is making all the right moves right now, but some of us are just willing to pay more for coverage. It doesn’t matter how much you’re paying for 3G or 4G if you can’t get it. I could get Sprint, but I’ve got crap for coverage where I live. Sure, I’d be saving money, but saving to do what, use wifi? I certainly don’t get good enough 3G here and forget about 4G. Verizon is the only carrier who has good coverage here (Alltel used to, but Verizon bought them). I’d have 3G and 4G with Sprint when I’m at school, but I also get faster Verizon 4G there. Better service is just a premium I’m willing to pay. I happen to value cell service over phone selection. What use is a powerful phone if I can’t utilize it? I’d rather have an aging device and be able to use it nearly anywhere. Just my opinion on the matter. Don’t knock us Verizon guys because we actually like our service here and prefer it over Sprint. You have your reasons for choosing Sprint, we have our reasons for choosing Verizon.

          • http://Website snowbdr89

            Trust me dick when i say this, even if sprint was free i still wouldnt switch im more then happy payin more for BETTER service and im almost sure you dont get speeds like you posted fatass. : )

      • http://Website Richard Yarrell

        Your totally stupid repsonding to the FAKE Richard Yarrell respond to the real one my friend. Sprint will never have to give money to HTC because this will not reach past the ITC. This will be settled out of court just like everything else…This has nothing to do with htc but more to do with android and it’s operating system we all know that HTC is the biggest THREAT TO APPLE AND HAVE MADE THE BEST PRODUCTS OVER THESE LAST 3 YEARS so APPLE will always target HTC cause they are who APPLE FEARS MOST. As far as preventing EVO PRODUCTS THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN MY FRIEND EDUCATED YOURSELF….

        • http://Website queen


  • http://Website Tom

    My huge ragin cock just got larger because of this post.I love you HTC for infringing random shit

  • http://Website rice is evil

    HAHA in your face asian crap. LONG LIVE Apple! Long live america, trash asia!

    • http://Website TGeezy86

      Asian companies produce Apple’s products, you stupid idiot. Apple only designs their products here in the States, most everything else is handled overseas.

      • http://Website rice is evil

        I LOVE how they prey upon the poor evil asian workers HAHA

    • http://Website Richard Yarrell

      Just another typical apple fanboy lost with the real world

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    Regardless of these patents these are not things created by HTC it is android and the lenox kernal that google might have to consider changes. Whatever will be will be but this going after HTC is simply a reflection of how INSECURE APPLE REALLY IS ABOUT THE PRODUCTS PRODUCED BY HTC AND ACTUALLY THEY SHOULD BE INSECURE. Htc has PIMP SLAPPED apple ever since the EVO 4G made way to sprint and they have just continued the ONSLAUGHT with the SENSATION AND EVO 3D these devices plain and simple MAKES APPLE LOOK USELESS with their little OUTDATED IPHONE. Regardless of what apple comes out with it WILL NEVER COMPARE TO WHAT HTC PRODUCES and the funny part is people haven’t SEEN ANYTHING YET……All you APPLE FANBOYS BETTER BE AWARE OF HTC and GOOGLE cause in a true school yard fight they would be KNOCKED OUT COLD……Now it’s courtroom time the only place APPLE HAS A SHOT because we all know they GAVE UP YEARS AGO PRODUCING PRODUCTS THAT MATTER…

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell
    • http://Website snowbdr89

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  • http://Website phoebetech

    Apple = Monsanto