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Leaked screenshot reveals Motorola Droid 3, Droid Bionic launch dates

Dual-core processors are among the hottest features an Android device can have, at least this year. While every other carrier has already released their expected dual-core Android smartphones, Verizon customers seem to be a bit upset they cannot yet get their favorite dual-core smartphones (aside from Droid X2 users). Two of the most anticipated devices coming to Verizon are the Motorola Droid Bionic and Droid 3. The first has been announced and delayed/improved, but it seems people have been waiting too long since it was unveiled at CES last January. The Droid 3 has not even been officially announced yet, and we’ve been relying on leaks and rumors to find out details. What is going on, Verizon?

The folks from Android Central got a hold of a nifty screenshot that reveals the release date for both smartphones. According to this leak, the Droid 3 will be released on July 14th (next week), and the Bionic will be launching next August 4th (about a month from now).

We know many of you have been waiting for these devices–especially the Droid Bionic, the first dual-core 4G LTE phone that Motorola’s been teasing you about for half a year now. While these release dates are not official, they sound about right. Let’s wait to see if we get our dual-core devices on Verizon soon! Are you guys still expecting the Bionic, or has the hype about it died already? What about the Droid 3? Are you guys going for either of these? Some of you probably aren’t willing to give up that physical keyboard!

Via: Android Central

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  • http://Website ZsiX

    Personally waiting for a dual core 4g HTC phone…after my droid x and the locked bootloader ill never buy another moto phone.

  • http://www.lament.us lament

    Hope this date sticks, because the day after is the day I can upgrade. :)

  • http://Website Garrett

    Did you guys forget about the Tegra 2 Droid X2? I don’t want it, dual core doesn’t make up for it’s lack of other features but whatever.

    • Edgar Cervantes

      Thank you for the reminder, it completely slipped my mind! My bad.

      • http://Website Garrett

        Not a problem. The X2 isn’t really worth anyone’s attention anyways. The fact that you forgot about this phone only speaks to its lack of features that interest anyone. It’s like they didn’t even try.

  • http://Website jed

    Motorola better have an LTE bionic ace up there sleeve, and an official release date forthcoming instantly, or the Samsung Galaxy S 11 (ideally LTE version) will not only steal any hope of block buster sales that Motorola no doubt hopes for, but also put Motorola in a catch up footing with not only Samsung, but also the dreaded and uh um (i) as in idiot phone who all apple heads are drooling for in Sept.

  • http://Website snowbdr89

    If the bionic doesnt have 8 cores 100 gigs of mem and a 75 mpixel cam along with a front, side, upper n bottom cam along with being a popcorn maker then no deal for me!!

  • http://www.kablowie.com Greg

    I’m just getting sick and tired of all the carriers playing coy with release dates. Bad enough that they’re selling millions of Galaxy S IIs over in Europe and we don’t have official launch dates for any U.S. carriers, because of all these dickweeds playing coy.

    Even when they announce phones like the MyTouch 4G Slide announcement last week, they still play coy by saying that it will launch “in July” instead of giving a real date.

    I want to walk through the marketing department at Verizon or T-Mobile, just swinging a golf club. So tired of this carrier coyness crap.

  • http://www.giquegear.com GiqueGuy

    Regardless of how many revisions Motorola puts the Bionic through, it isn’t going to make much difference if the phones already on the market (with similar specs) have an entrenched following. Much like the Samsung Galaxy S II is already doing. And the Droid III is ill-equipped to represent a compelling value proposition, unless you really don’t want a 4.3″ screen.

    I have enjoyed my original Droid very much, but Motorola’s summer dry spell caused me to buy an EVO 3d (which I love).