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LG G2x users manually update to Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread

We’ve been complaining about it, we’ve been waiting for it, and it’s now here! G2x owners have been stuck on Android 2.2 Froyo since its release date last April. A pain, we know. But LG G2x owners can now manually update their devices to Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread via the LG Mobile Support Tool. (You will need a PC).

We last heard about this update in June, but the rumored dates came and went. This morning, we finally heard more news.

Sadly it’s not an OTA update, but the manual install is not as complicated as one may think. Two of our staff members (Angie and Justin) completed the process successfully and are now rocking some fresh Gingerbread on their G2x devices. Beware, root users, as it seems this update will get rid of root access. You may want to wait until developers take it apart and make a work-around for you.


If you’re still willing to manually update to Gingerbread, follow the instructions below.

1. Head over to LG’s Mobile Support site and download the drivers (if you haven’t yet).
2. Also, download the LG Mobile Support Tool (from the same site).
3. Run the LG Mobile Support Tool.
4. Connect your device to your PC.
5. Download the update (178 MB).
6. Follow instructions and let the tool do its magic!
7. That’s it! You now have Gingerbread.

lg-mobile-support-tool LG-app-analysis LG-app-download LG-app-update g2x-gingerbread-update-screen

As mentioned, two of our staff members have successfully done this without a single problem. You should be safe. Let us know how it works for you. Any issues? Are you liking the taste of Gingerbread?

The update software indicates that your user data will be wiped (not the data on the ‘external’ storage, but the data on the phone’s flash memory) but that wasn’t the case for me.Justin ShapcottAndroid and Me

Thanks for the tip, William!

Via: Phandroid

Source: XDA Developers

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  • http://Website Adrian

    MY life is complete!

    • http://Website nraudigy2

      This is just a test version, not official. Wifi issue is still there on mine.

      • Kobe

        It’s possible that your wifi issue has something to do with your router. My G2x had all kinds of problems, but never wifi. This update fixed most of my issues… and the phone is FAST now… faster than the Nexus S (which was the fastest phone I’ve ever used prior to this phone).

  • http://www.nexsoftware.net Justin Shapcott

    Note: The update software indicates that your user data will be wiped (not the data on the ‘external’ storage, but the data on the phone’s flash memory) but that wasn’t the case for me.

    • http://Website KenG

      Yeah, same here. It didn’t touch any of the apps or settings on mine. It was actually kind of painless, the worst part was downloading their tools and driver.

  • marcelopak

    if i download this update do i still get the original OTA from tmobile when available?

    • http://www.nexsoftware.net Justin Shapcott

      I don’t think anyone will be able to truly answer that until the update starts rolling out OTA. My gut instinct would be yes, though.

      • http://Website adrian

        sorry, i’m rather noob to this but, why would he need the OTA update if he just got the manual update?

        • http://www.nexsoftware.net Justin Shapcott

          If there were changes based on the testing that occurs on this version, they’d have a different version when releasing the OTA. Also, in the future if there will be further updates, we’d like to be able to receive those updates OTA.

      • marcelopak

        i hope so….i did update to this new version. but i want the camera app back…ingeneral..phone seems fast….

  • http://Website johnny cababe

    LG better not mess around with the 2.3 update for their Thrill 4G

  • http://twitter.com/allen099 Allen S.

    Whoa, it looks great, but if I go into settings > accounts, the screen begins blinking wildly!

    • marcelopak

      mine seems okay

    • OnIn2

      whoa…Don’t be telling us that. I’m in the middle of the update

      • marcelopak

        same here no issues. phone seems faster and nice with the black backgound

      • OnIn2

        Great Update runs to 4%, hangs…then tells me to remove cable, batter and re-power the cell reconnect USB, then it runs to 4%…

        • Angie Strickland

          Mine did the same exact thing. I just did what it said (unplugged it, took out the battery, put it back in, and hit restart) and it worked.

          • http://Website alex

            Mine did the same thing all I did was re download the drivers from lg website

        • OnIn2

          FINALLY, I kept getting stuck at 4%, restart 4+ times, changed from USB3 to USB2 port, Used the LGMobile update to reinstall the USB drivers several times.

          The solution for me was on the LG site click on the “Mobile Drivers” tab find the drivers that matched my device (T-Mobile android) download that zip file and run the exe inside of it. It appears that it over rides the LG USB driver I had previously installed to all my PC to mount the G2x and let me see the camera data etc. I %%assumed%% the install USB drivers on the LGMobile update did the same thing….but ass-u-me-ing it not always a good thing.

          1st boot after the update hangs at G2x for a scarey time.

          Off to play with Gingerbread

        • http://androidandme.com phil

          I am getting the same error 4% and hangs tells me to disconnect cable and battery…How did you fix this?

    • http://www.nexsoftware.net Justin Shapcott

      I don’t have that issue on mine.

    • http://Website Queen

      I keep getting that Model not supporting S/W update. Its stuck in the Analysis part…help!

  • http://Website Mark

    What about the G2??

  • http://Website Nick

    I don’t have any of the shown carriers on LG’s download site, which download should I pick then?

    • Angie Strickland

      I picked the third one in the T-Mobile section, because it seemed to be the only one that mentioned the G2x. However, I would recommend doing a bit more research before just going that route. Not sure what carrier you do have, but you should probably talk to them.

  • http://Website Moe

    I keep getting stuck on 4%. When i reconnect should I mount the phone to the PC or does it not matter? On 3rd attempt..

    • http://Website Moe

      Never mind, I’m good now. Just keep following their instructions. Even if it’s more then a few attempts. My phone was not mounted btw. Best advice I can give is to just try to remain calm throughout this process..


    • http://Website Bill

      I had this happen repeatedly on two different Win7 64-bit laptops. I switched the phone to a 32 bit Win7 box and it worked first time. Be sure to load the latest phone drivers using the update tool!

  • http://Website odemata

    Bricked my phone. got stuck at 4% and didn’t move for 20 minutes. screen stuck as s/wupgrade please wait…this sucks. I’ve dealt with so much crap waiting for this update for this to happen. not even a OTA update talk about sucks

    • http://Website chewyourfingers

      Yeah me too! What are you gunna do? I’m thinking about calling LG and getting a replacement!! LG is supposed to provide good software that isn’t going to brick your phone, the way i see it LG bricked my phone!

      • http://Website Angie

        DDid you not try unplugging and restarting like mentioned above?

      • ab

        Mine did the same thing…4% and nothing. Tried everything the site said about 10 times. I called LG and they said I could send it to them (at MY cost) and they MIGHT send me a replacement in 2 weeks!!! I called T-mobile and got my replacement the next day. Now I’m wondering if I make another attempt

  • http://Website heavy L

    Took like 10 minutes each for me and my wife’s update. Freaking finally looking better than ever loving the new features all decked out in that Gingerbread green accent and black status bar. Got my boy ready to get a G2x. As far as T-Mobile is concerned….I’m not surprised about no OTA update I learned how slow they were owning a T-Mobile Blackberry for 2 years! Cheers to you LG for finally shedding some light on us troubled G2x users!

  • Killa

    Just updated mine. Worked first try with no problems. The whole process took 23 minutes, 50 seconds (btw, I was tethered to my phone since I don’t have home internet). Reboot took about 6 minutes. It all moves much faster and haven’t had a problem with anything so far. I really hope they leave the camera app in the official release. I know I’m gonna miss it. It was freakin’ awesome with all the neat features it had and the way that it looked. Honestly, if I had a choice I’d go back to Froyo just for that. So except for that, thank you LG.

  • http://Website Jared

    after instalation my phone lost all phone/text/ data connectivity. phone will not register, also battery indicator has a (x) through it. Any workarounds?

  • http://Website THIS IS FRAGMENTATION


    • http://Website Frank C

      How is it fragmentation when its the latest 2.3 Gingerbread you big silly.

  • http://androidandme Rick

    Followed your directions and it worked perfectly,thanks

  • http://Website Will S

    Mine updated just fine. Thanks for the instructions. I actually didn’t mind the original stock Android camera application, but I did notice that in the video camera mode, there is no option to choose to record in HD (neither 720p or 1080p). The highest setting for video quality seems to be something called “YouTube 10″ or something like that. Anyone figure out how to record in HD or is this something we’re going to have to wait for in the OTA? Overall, it feels faster in some places, but laggier in others. I can say for sure that the freakin’ browser keeps crashing, but it scrolls much more smoothly.

  • http://www.brandon-dean.com BrandonJD

    After having it for a few hours, I can say that at least for me and my phone, that the update didn’t solve the random shutdown issue (where the phone gets hot and wont wake up when the screen goes off, requiring you to take out the battery to turn the phone on again).

    The phone despite gingerbread is having the same issues as before, with no decrease in frequency. It started off pretty well, it went hours without an issue, but now its just like it was before, with it going into an unwakeable sleep whenever I do something more than just check email.

    If the OTA doesnt fix the issue, I will be DEMANDING that T-mobile gives me an alternative phone. I have been too loyal to them for too long to be stuck with a broken phone for two years, that they wont take back under the insurance I PAY FOR.

    • http://Website DavidTx

      Like BrandonJD, I’m already experiencing the same problems I had with the previous ROM: phone locking up requiring battery pull, yada yada. Worse, the update has introduced *new* problems. For example, my BlueAnt headset is no longer able to read the phone directory from the handset.

      From what I’ve read, this appears to be something that Tmobile slapped together in response to a Class Action Lawsuit that has been filed by a group of angry G2X owners. A true GB update should have included a new kernel with updated (and fixed) drivers. This update did not. It’s running the same old buggy kernel the old firmware had, so don’t expect the lockups and reboots to get any better.

      Don’t kill the messenger…

  • http://Website TG

    Did it today… AWESOME! Much better. Very clean. Polished. LOVE IT!

  • http://Website Tipapier

    Toujours rien pour la france:/

  • http://HELP TONY



    • http://xda Adam

      need some contact info to “I.M” you…

  • http://Website cb2000a

    The sad thing is I run gingerbread 2.3.4 on my OG Droid. GPA 16 is awesome….

  • http://Website Mike

    Just did mine out took 13 mins I was one of the lucky ones who got a good one with no probs so I don’t know if issues were fix I dont like the new camera app but ill deal with it I love the black notification bar

  • http://Website HD

    Great news finally!

    But just one Q: – Is the kernal (drivers) still based on Froyo?

  • http://Website PoNyCaR50L

    I am from Canada with Videotron, do you think I can still update with the drivers for the LG999 (i have 999)

    do you think I can do something wrong if I get Tmobile drivers not videotron (cant find it)

    • http://Website Harro

      Installed the T-mobile g2x drivers on a Wind Mobile phone in Canada. Ran the LG Mobile Support Tool and it says my phone is up-to-date. I’m guessing the American class action lawsuit maybe prompted the quick release of the gingerbread update in the states, but it won’t allow me to update to Gingerbread. Sad panda. Btw, it recognized that my model of the phone was from Canada.

  • http://Website CLayton

    I go through the process and it says that my phone is already up to date! WTF?! I’m still running Froyo. Anyone else getting this? I’ve tried a few times now with the same results…

    • http://Website Chris

      Same thing here. First time I ran it it told me to pull the battery and restart the process… I then got a server connection issue. Now says it is up to date at 2.2… wtf?

  • http://Website Will

    Just tried to update and it downloaded software, installed on phone, then asked me to remove battery. Now my phone is unmounted, will not recognize it, and stuck in the software update screen. Am I F-ED? Any ideas? Yes I downloaded the T-Mobile drivers before installing.

    • http://Website rich

      sounds like your f-ed sorry buddy.. same thing happend to me yesterday, talked to lg they couldn’t help me. then called tmobile and by 2 o’clock today had my “new” g2x.

  • http://Website solid

    so far so good… but i’m still having the wi-fi/4g issue… also, the camera is terrible!

  • http://Website pat

    I need help. Just tried to install gingerbread on my wifes g2x and is not working. The screen is stuck on s/w update

  • http://Website OneTwo

    I updated just fine. However losing root sucks because now I am stuck with all that bloat that T-Mobile added. I also dislike the LG camera app. I should of just went with a Custom Rom.. Lesson learned.

  • http://Website Matt

    well i guess I’m unlucky i got the update screen immediately and said i lost connection to my phone. guess I’m calling lg first thing!

  • http://Website deckrider

    I will never consider an LG purchase until they support upgrade via wifi or linux.

    Requiring windows to upgrade a linux kernel based device is either insanely stupid, evil, or both.

  • http://Website heavy L

    Hey guys a little update had gingerbread for three days now and it is beautiful. Love the UI, but has anyone been successful in finding a better camera app that takes full andvantage of the g2x’s capturing and recording abilities?

  • http://www.abunailee.narcthatcar.com EmeryLee

    Alright I’ve updated to 2.3.3 but still experiencing random reboots. Looks good but this issue has to be fixed soon. Nothing like getting a call while the phone has rebooted, wait, it doesn’t reboot it just crashes. Reboot technically means it comes back on. Come on LG and Google Android gotta find a solution for this issue. Otherwise, I’m going to have to carry a beeper again. LOL

    • http://www.abunailee.narcthatcar.com EmeryLee

      Woke up this morning to find that my G2x, which was plugged into the charger mind you, off. Thankfully, I don’t have depend on to using the alarm clock function of that phone to wake me up. Now if I’m traveling… that might be a different story. Come on LG and/or Android Dev gotta find out why this is happening. Early adopters paid too much for this phone for it to be acting like this. And then y’all wonder why Apple iPhones are so popular. Tried talking my wife into getting another Android after her current one and she’s deciding to go the Apple route. Don’t sleep on quality, because if you do, you’ll lose in the long-run, ask GM and Ford about that hard learned lesson.

  • bigkeivan

    My co-worker did the update but isnt so happy with it. the feature she used the most is no longer available with the update. The camera no longer has a panoramic option.

  • maddy

    wifi is not at all working…damn!

  • theetrueyoshi

    I have not done the update to my g2x because I have Trigger 2x Rom. I honestly Recommend Rooting and then dropping a rom onto your phone. The Increase in performance alone makes it worth it. Rooting and dropping a Rom isn’t hard at all. Ill drop some links for ya’ll.

    1.Super 1 click (Rooting)

    2.Android Candy for latest Roms/Builds

    Just follow the directions. take your time back everything up. and you’ll be g2g.
    contacts are hella easy to back up.if anything make a vcard pull it from your phone and import it to your gmail. simple hu… texts… best way is to use handcent (purchase required for backing up feature) pics… well that is all on your sd if anything make a foulder onyour comp and drag dcim into it or where ever else your other pics are saved. Apps Titanium back up. any questions feel free and ask ill reply when i have time hehe good luck have fun and if you choose to drop the rom I am sure you’ll love it.

  • Angel

    no matter what i do the software still saying my phone is disconected. phone is already on debugging mode. i downloaded the drivers a million times and nothing. have u guys had the same issue? also i used 3 different computers and the same problem….


    I LOVE G2X 2.3.3 BUT I CANT WAIT FOR 2.3.5


  • aeronoors

    It’s the great news that i ever heard!

  • Mikey

    Is it possible to do it without PC I really want this update …..

  • louloux

    tried the update a million times & including some of the advice on this page, got stuck on S/W please wait for it to update screen and nothing happened after reboot. had to have them send me a new one, it’ll be seven days and 20 bux and i only got this phone 2 weeks ago. frustrated as hell…

  • robbot

    just adding my experience. followed the instructions on page and update worked perfectly.

    installed usb driver on to my old xp laptop no issue. rebooted laptop.
    installed the lg update software with no issue.
    ran software. followed the update software wizard prompts. continued past the wipe data warning.
    update past the 4% marker pretty quickly. completed in about 10 mins.
    phone rebooted. it hung for about 3 mins on the “G2x boot screen”.
    phone buzzed and then login screen showed up.
    logged in and all settings and apps were there.
    very happy.

    thanks for the info!

  • russ

    How do I get to where I need to be on my phone to download new apps?

  • alyssa

    I dont have a computer! :( how can I get the update done?

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